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2 Oct, 2012

Wu Hu You - Various - Chine: Musique Classique Instrumentale (CD, Album)

Raga Mishra bhairavi. Raga Yaman. Raga Kirwani. Batish Publications, B38 v. Rajeev Taranath, sarod. Ramani, N. Ramnad Krishnan; vidwan; Songs of the Carnatic tradition. Nonesuch HB , Ravi Shankar Ocora C , p Rhythm on Indian drums. Sampradaya Real World , p Sarangi: the Music of India. Ryko RCD , Saxophone Indian style. Shankar, Lakshminaravana Raga aberi. Music of the World CDY, c Sharma, Shiv Kumar.

Rag Madhuvanti; Rag Misra Tilang. Nimbus Records NI , , p Shenai Nawaz. Shenai Recital. Shobha Gurtu. The Sitar of India. Argo ZFB 48, Soft and True. Music of the World T, The Soul of tabla. Interworld Music CD, c Soul of the Sarod. The Sounds of India. Columbia CS Mullick, tamboura. Subramaniam, L Rag Hemavati.

Nimbus, NI p Subramanian, Karaikudi Sambasivayer. Music of the World CDT, p Subramaniam, L. Three ragas for solo violin. Nimbus, NI , The Virtuoso Violin of South India. Lyrichord LLCT , ? Tabla Solo. Vanguard VSD , Tabla tarang : melody on drums. Smithsonian Folkways SF , p The ten graces played on the vina; music of South India.

Thumri: vocal and instrumental light classical music of North India. Ustad Sultan Khan, sarangi. Paro Shah, tanpura. Vadya Lahari: South Indian instrumental ensemble. Vijayalakshmi, vina; Manargudi A. Easwaran, mridanga; Mambalam S. Siva, nagasvaram; K. Vidyadhar Vyas, vocal. Bandopadhyay, tabla; Kunti Kichlu, tanpura.

Rounder CD , p Le Violon du l'Inde du Sud. Ocora C , West meets east Angel , Wonderwall Music. Apple ST , Cilokaq music of Lombok. Gamelan gong gede of Batur Temple. The Gamelan of Cirebon. Gamelan of Surakarta. Gender wayang of Sukawati Village. Gongs and vocal music from Sumatra. Indonesian popular music: kroncong, dangdut, and langgam jawa.

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Melayu music of Sumatra and the Riau Islands. Music for the gods. Rykodisc RCD , p Music from the outskirts of Jakarta: Gambang kromong. Music from the Southeast : Sumbawa, Sumba, Timor. Selections grouped by islands of origin: Sumbawa; Sumba; Timor. Music of Biak, Irian Jaya. Wor songs, usually sung by choruses Musical Treasures of Indonesia.

Philips PHI , ? Musikalisasi puisi. Balai Pustaka, Indonesian poetry set to music. Songs before dawn: gandrung Banyuwangi. Sumatra: sing sing so : songs of the Batak people.

Untukmu buruh: lagu-lagu perjuangan buruh. LKK Production, [? Vocal music from central and west Flores. Sung in Indonesian. Bali: Barong, the dance drama of Singapadu Village. Bali: Gamelan gong kebyar. Original et savoureux. On termine sur une superbe note introspective avec le folk contemplatif de Puzzle Shapes , le morceau titre. Origami Records. Still Here! Une tuerie. English German.

View all Genres. Grunge Indie Rock New Wave. Breakbeat Techno Trance. Easy Listening. Film and TV Music. Hello, can somebody help me find a chinese song. Thank you so much for this list! Not only it's full of great songs to listen to, it's always keep updating! Please I wanna have a personal discussion with the admin here. Send me an email Odotabraham gmail.

Howdy, everyone? I hope you have a good day. There are many good and beautiful Chinese songs released and reach it's popularity last year, such as Eric Chou's What's Wrong? Some of these amazing songs still popular until , but others are not anymore. Please note that in this list, we don't just list released song, but also or even songs which are still popular in Last Updated June 13, We have added the latest some popular Chinese songs and removed the songs which are not popular anymore.

Another popular Chinese song at the moment is a song from a famous Taiwanese singer, E. It's a nice song to listen, a slow-rap which will make you listen it,again and again, all the day. If you are interested in rap songs, this song is a must-listen song for you. SO is also a member of the popular rapper group, MJ Another songs of E. A way to get subtle harmonics without the tongue on the harmonica is to have the tongue on the roof of the mouth when playing, until you find a high whirring noise a bit similar to the sound of the Tuvan and the Mongolian throat singers.

I find it a bit easier to find this on the blow notes than on the draw notes. Especially on the blow notes, if you find that little whirring sound by moving the tongue back and forth on the roof of the mouth, then try to locate the middle area of that sound. It will be a little different for each note. I just recently found this and I have not found a way to get harmonics with the tongue on the harmonica separating it into two parts.

Again using the tonguing, referencing again in the key of C, holding the low drone G note on the Scottish and Irish and Appalachian and Cajun tunes, basically I play a C harmonica, playing cross harp style in the key of G, playing a low G drone note for every high melody note. This low G note occurs on both blow and draw holes the same G note on hole 3 blow and on hole 2 draw.

I keep the tongue blocking the middle of the harmonica the whole song, so that just the drone and the melody note sound. For the third song, I quickly switch harmonicas, to a C harmonica with the 5th and 9th draw holes raised up a half step from F to F sharp, and hole 10 tuned down a half step from C to B. I also sometimes use the referenced again here in the key of C C Diatonic harmonica with the G drone notes played the same way, but playing in the key of C, with the 5th note of the scale, the G notes, as the drone, just as the Scottish bagpipers do when they occasionally play an Irish tune with the major scale.

This is a technique I learned from Sam Hinton, who was the first one to do it. I later then moved this technique to the key of G the cross-harp key , and retuned the harmonica to the Major Scale as described at the end of the previous paragraph, and the drone here is the tonic note, the 1st note of the scale.

I also sometimes play the harmonic minor tuned harmonicas with this same technique of holding the fifth note of the scale as a drone. I have had two major influences for playing solo harmonica. Sam was the first one ever to play the stride harmonica, with the bass and chord accompanying the melody. Harmonica players had played the melody with an accompanying chord which is played by holding the tongue on the harmonica, and then releasing it to let the air flow through to get the chords in whatever rhythm the player wants, but no one before Sam had put the bass in also.

It features studio recordings and live recordings, including a radio broadcast from when Sam was with a vaudeville troupe. Sam also inspires me in all other aspects of music and life. Sam has invented three major innovations for solo first position harmonica playing:.

I am currently extensively recording his repertoire, both solo harmonica, and his beautiful playing of the harmonica and concertina at the same time and occasionally harmonica and mandolin at the same time, as well as harmonica and banjo at the same time. Rick plays cross harp a lot, the 2nd position - for example the key of G on a harmonica that has the key of C printed on it.

He also often tunes holes 5 and 9 draw tuned up one half step — on a C harmonica this would be with the fifth hole draw F note and the Ninth hole F note an octave higher both tuned up a half step to F , yielding the Major scale, with the sharp 7th note, while playing in the cross harp position the 2nd position , in the key of G with the scale G, A, B, C, D, E, F , G. He also often plays in the 3rd position, yielding the Dorian mode - for example, the key of D minor on a harmonica that has the key of C printed on it, and he does this with a tuning of lowering holes 2 and 3 draw two half steps - on a C harmonica this would be with the third hole draw B note tuned down to A, and the second hole draw G note tuned down to F the scale for the Dorian Mode on a C harmonica is be D, E, F, G, A, B, C, D.

Rick also plays a lot in the first position in the key of C on a C harmonica , in this tuning, which yields a nice ii minor chord the D minor chord in the key of C. He favors low pitched harmonicas, usually from the key of G all the way down to the low D harmonica and he has created a low C harmonica as well.

Rick has recently designed a new harmonica, the result of decades of research and experimentation, the XL, for Hohner Harmonicas, that you can bend every note on. It is the first major innovation for Hohner Harmonicas since the chromatic harmonica came out in and it is altogether a new class of harmonica, a true fusion of the diatonic and the chromatic harmonicas.

Here are the main traditions I draw from for harmonica playing and some of the great players who have influenced and inspired me:. The Cajun accordion originally the German accordion is the same tuning and works on the same principle as the harmonica push and pull on the accordion, making two different notes for the same button, and blow out and draw in on the harmonica to produce two different notes in the same hole. The one difference is, the accordion has one higher note the 3rd in the scale than the harmonica, and it does not have the low root base note on the finger board, since it is available on the other side of the accordion to play.

You can also look online for possible instruction sites. Basically though, you take the covers off the harmonicas, take the reed plates off and put a thin piece of metal under the reed. You carefully file a little bit off the 3 end of the reed with a good sharp file or razor blade the end that is not attached to the comb , to raise the pitch to get it in tune or to tune to a higher note.

To lower the pitch, you file near where the reed is attached to the comb. You may have to go back and forth to get the note in tune. Notes can be tuned up a half step, sometimes two half steps and at the most occasionally three half steps. Again, it is good to practice on old harmonicas. Always check the note you are tuning and remind yourself are you raising or lowering the pitch to get the harmonica in tune or to change the note itself. See question 1 above in this harmonica questions section.

I know nothing about the business. Available for purchase online at : www. You can download a full list HERE. There are many, many more wonderful musicians, and there are many deep traditions of the bowed, plucked, wind, and percussion instrument families, and many in these first three families of instruments are listed here below.

These instruments are used for traditional music, classical music, folk music, and modern music and compositions there are also many other older instruments used by the many Minority groups in China. Chinese music is some of the deepest and longest running traditional music on the planet. I have for decades been very inspired and influenced by many of the beautiful and incredibly expressive Chinese music traditions, particularly by many great players of these five instruments:.

The 18 string and the older 16 string ones have metal strings, and the 21 to 25 string ones have metal strings wrapped with nylon. Traditionally the older instrument had 13 strings made of silk, and that one is the ancestor of the Japanese Koto.

I am especially inspired by the playing of these five artists:. I am especially inspired by the playing of these artists:. Traditionally the strings were made of horsehair and were tuned a fifth interval apart, as well as sometimes a fourth interval apart, and it was used to accompany singing. Around it became standard to tune the two strings a fourth interval apart.

It is the ancient ancestor of the Western German harmonica. Unlike the German harmonica, where the breathing in and out produces two different notes and the German accordion, where the bellows pushed in and pulled out produce different notes when the same button is held , the notes on the sheng are the same with in and out breathing.

Traditionally it had 17 notes and more recently it has 21 and 24 notes, and most recently 36 notes. Toggle navigation. Piano Guitar Harmonica Other Questions. Piano Related Questions 1. What is your concept of fading songs out at the ends of songs? And how do you do the fades? Is there any sheet music of your recordings available? What is your view of music theory? Do you give workshops? What materials do you make available at workshops? How do you learn music? Which piano do you prefer? What songs do you work on for the piano?

What is your concept of composing? When did you begin playing? What is stride piano? Also contains insights, "how-to"s, and musical tips.

What do you do if a note or notes go out of tune on the piano during a set?

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  1. The Very Best of Chinese Music by VARIOUS ARTISTS Audio CD $ Only 6 left in stock (more on the way). All twenty-four tracks on this album are beautiful, calming and greatly evocative of Chinese culture. certes, et même des airs anciens issus du répertoire classique, mais l'harmonisation visant à rendre cette musique plus /5(38).
  2. Feb 01,  · Check out Classical Chinese Folk Music by Various artists on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Buy CD + free MP3 album $ mais l'harmonisation visant à rendre cette musique plus "écoutable" aux oreilles occidentales dénature le style premier de ces musiques dont l'écriture n'obéit pas aux /5(38).
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  4. Buy a CD or Vinyl record and get 90 days free Amazon Music Unlimited With the purchase of a CD or Vinyl record dispatched from and sold by Amazon, you get 90 days free access to the Amazon Music Unlimited Individual plan. After your purchase, you will receive an email with further information. Terms and Conditions apply. Learn more/5(32).
  5. NOTES:Wu Wenguang, qin. DOUGLASS COMPACT DISC CX Musique classique. Ocora C , p DOUGLASS COMPACT DISC CX Musique classique vivante. Ocora C , p DOUGLASS COMPACT DISC CX Nan-Kouan: musique et chant courtois de la Chine du Sud. Ocora C, pPERFORMERS:Ballads sung by Tsai Hsiao-yueh with the Nan.
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  8. There are many good and beautiful Chinese songs released and reach it's popularity last year, such as Eric Chou's What's Wrong?, A-Lin's A Kind of Sorrow, Jay Chou's Won't Cry, and so on. Some of these amazing songs still popular until , but others are not anymore. So today we will make a special list for you about the top 10 popular Chinese / Mandarin songs in that you should put.

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