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2 Oct, 2012

To Ginny

Harry responded with equal passion. The newly engaged couple finally pulled apart when Ron called out "Oi! I know you're my best mate, but you can't go snogging my sister in front of all of us. Ginny took Harry's hand and led him up to her room where they made some great memories together before they passed out from exhaustion. It was one of those remember forever days for the both of them.

Harry woke up the next morning at The Burrow snuggled nice and close to Ginny. Harry leaned over and softly kissed Ginny, who smiled but didn't open her eyes. Harry and Ginny dressed and went downstairs where they were greeted and treated to breakfast by the rest of the family. Weasley left a copy of The Daily Prophet on the table with the headline "Potter Engaged" on the top of the front page. Harry and Ginny had a laugh as they read through the Prophet's not so accurate retelling of the proposal.

After an enjoyable breakfast, the newly engaged couple went into the sitting room with Mrs. Weasley and began to plan the wedding. The planning session took until lunchtime, and they decided the big day was going to be August 11th, Ginny's 18th birthday. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Books Harry Potter. This is my version of how Harry proposes to Ginny. I hope you like it. I do not own any of the rights to any Harry Potter content. That right belongs to J. This is my first story so reviews and constructive criticism is appreciated and encouraged. Takes place in the summer of June 23 "Ah Harry! Weasley" said Harry "May I come in, I have something important to ask you.

Molly and I and the rest of the Weasley's already consider you a part of the family, I think it's time that we finally make it official. After the two disengaged, Mr. Weasley said "When do you plan on doing it? June 24 Harry woke up the next morning smiling to himself.

Harry entered and called out "George, are you here! June 25 Harry woke up at 11 and took his time getting dressed. June 26 Harry woke up the next morning at The Burrow snuggled nice and close to Ginny. The Proposal 2. Wedding Invitation 3. Wedding Preparations Harry's Birthday 4. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Your review has been posted. How're you feeling? Harry held up his hand with a vial of a noxious looking green potion in it.

She reached forward one hand and cupped the side of his face. She smiled at him. Harry chuckled nervously.

Now that we're both sober and conscious, I hope that you'll believe me. Harry slowly broke into a soul-brightening smile and leaned forward to kiss her deeply, morning breath and all. When he eventually came up for air, he leaned back with a glazed look in his eye and a goofy grin.

Shaking himself back to reality, he said, "We'll have to have an in-depth study of this situation later. For now, I think I should be handing this hangover cure out to our suffering friends.

As Harry moved around the bed to tend to the other naked and probably hung-over witch in his four-poster, Ginny glanced around the room. Her eyes falling onto her sleeping brother and his new boyfriend, a plan started to form. Her nefarious plotting was interrupted by a groan of pain from behind her.

Hermione very slowly sat up, eyes closed and a hand to her forehead. Hermione's hand blindly reached out for a moment before Harry caught it and pressed the vial into it. Trusting Harry implicitly, Hermione drank the contents without looking. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? The dictionary has been scrambled—can you put it back together? Login or Register. Save Word. Log In. First Known Use of gin Noun 1 , in the meaning defined at sense 1 Noun 2 13th century, in the meaning defined above Verb 1 , in the meaning defined at sense 3 Conjunction , in the meaning defined above Verb 2 13th century, in the meaning defined above.

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Aug 17,  · However, it's through Ginny that Harry meets Luna as Looney Lovegood, showcasing how Ginny doesn't think highly of the other girl. Luna talks a lot about Ginny and how nice she is but the friendship seems to be quite one-sided. Luna thinks of Ginny as a best friend but we rarely even see them together. Ginny should really treat Luna better.

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  3. Sep 11,  · Ginny was first seen in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone accompanying her mother to King's Cross Station to drop off her older brothers for a new year at Hogwarts. The following year, Ginny would join Fred, George, and Ron as a Hogwarts student. The young Gryffindor was a shy girl who had harbored a crush for Harry since her first year at.
  4. Apr 16,  · Bonnie Wright's real-life upbringing wasn't exactly parallel to Ginny Weasley's in the Harry Potter one, she grew up in urban London, whereas the Weasley clan lived in the Burrow. And while Ginny Weasley has a bunch of brothers, Wright only has one in real Cat Lafuente.
  5. Daughter of William Tiu, a teacher from Hong Kong, Ginny was one of the musically gifted and insufferably adorable Tiu sisters, along with Pat, Elizabeth Tiu and Vicky flakowalabemununalarmelniggbal.coed on Ed Sullivan & other variety shows, made at least one commercial (Kellogg's Cornflakes). Rode in the Hollywood Christmas Parade,
  6. Ginny turned around on the bed and rubbed one hand over Hermione's bare back. The coughing fit only lasted for a few moments before Hermione's eyes opened to see Harry standing before her. Confusion in her eyes, she looked over her shoulder to find a sheet-wrapped Ginny smiling at her.
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