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2 Oct, 2012

The Woodlouse Song

Common names for woodlice vary throughout the English-speaking world. A number of common names make reference to the fact that some species of woodlice can roll up into a ball. Other names compare the woodlouse to a pig. The woodlouse has a shell -like exoskeleton , which it must progressively shed as it grows.

The moult takes place in two stages; the back half is lost first, followed two or three days later by the front. This method of moulting is different from that of most arthropods, which shed their cuticle in a single process.

A female woodlouse will keep fertilised eggs in a marsupium on the underside of her body until they hatch into offspring that look like small white woodlice curled up in balls. The mother then appears to "give birth" to her offspring. Females are also capable of reproducing asexually. Despite being crustaceans like lobsters or crabs , woodlice are said to have an unpleasant taste similar to "strong urine".

Pillbugs woodlice of the family Armadillidiidae , also known as pill woodlice can be confused with pill millipedes of the order Glomerida. They live in very similar habitats, and they can both roll up into a ball. Pill millipedes and pillbugs appear superficially similar to the naked eye. This is an example of convergent evolution. Pill millipedes can be distinguished from woodlice on the basis of having two pairs of legs per body segment instead of one pair like all isopods.

Pill millipedes have 12 to 13 body segments and about 18 pairs of legs, whereas woodlice have 11 segments and only seven pairs of legs.

Many members of Oniscidea live in terrestrial, non-aquatic environments, breathing through trachea -like lungs in their paddle-shaped hind legs pleopods , called pleopodal lungs. Woodlice need moisture because they rapidly lose water by excretion and through their cuticle , and so are usually found in damp, dark places, such as under rocks and logs, although one species, the desert dwelling Hemilepistus reaumuri , inhabits "the driest habitat conquered by any species of crustacean".

A few woodlice have returned to water. Evolutionary ancient species are amphibious, such as the marine-intertidal sea slater Ligia oceanica , which belongs to family Ligiidae. The woodlouse eggs hatch after an incubation period of just a few days exposing the woodlouse babies. Due to the fact that the baby woodlice take a number of months to fully develop, the mother woodlouse will often stay close to her young until they are adult woodlice. View all 28 animals that start with W.

Share This Article. Related Animals Beetle There are more than , different species. Cockroach Dated to be around million years old! Insect There are an estimated 30 million species! Kingdom : Five groups that classify all living things. The way each nuance of sound carries on a hot, still day. Memory triggers, emotion triggers. The feelings of recent seasons wash through me, a sharp intake of breathe brings the near past back.

Glass rushes and smashes into the back of a recycling truck by the restaurant next door, as the engine idles and memories sidle and pounce. Waves of how it felt to be me the last time I heard this sound in this way, the last the time the passing of traffic and the singing of birds drifted languidly up and hung in the air, the last time the air touched my skin in this way, the last time the duvet enclosed me in quite this way: in the warm, still, morning air bringing melancholy and mourning, that nameless yearning, triggered by intrusions of the past but still looking to the future.

The unknown future, full of options and choices, uncertainties and journeys and…. A myriad of possibilities — if only I could leave the comforting embrace of this soft duvet as the world outside wakes up and rises. I was a bit of a rush job. The song began life as a song I made up to entertain myself on a rare straight and less-interesting bit of road, while on a cycling adventure in New Zealand. There were some incredibly bumpy, corrugated gravel roads, rocky and bumpy tracks, and the bike had a very hard saddle.

Then the song got longer on a later cycling trip around Cornwall, with similar issues. I was challenged on Facebook to a 7 day monochrome photo challenge, and found I was enjoying the discipline of doing a specific creative thing every day, with simple defined boundaries — so I kept going for days! I have plans now for continued challenges to keep me motivated.

First up is 50 days of Tenacious Triffids I may extend it, but would prefer to find another simple theme for the next 50 days. That will be on alternate days, with the in between days being a drawing or painting inspired by or based on photos from the monochrome challenge and following challenges. There was an earthquake a couple of days ago, near Swansea. It was incredibly mild, but the sofa suddenly wobbled beneath me in a very particular way that immediately felt different to the usual vibrations of passing traffic, or storms shaking my in-the-roof flat.

I like it on the acoustic mandolin too, but here it is with the electric, just to maximise the pointless melodrama. We went out for a stroll, ended up up a mountain That mountain was Cadair Idris, the chair or seat of the giant Idris, in Snowdonia in North West Wales. Share this: Twitter Facebook Tumblr.

Like this: Like Loading A Woodlousey Journey This story concerns a woodlouse. And they did. But a way had opened up. The sky blazes into colour as the sun sets, taking with it the light of summer. This hemisphere sinking into darkness, the night spreading inexorably, eating more of each day as September slips by. Someone suggested Believer by Imagine Dragons, which I had no idea about. As a recording artist, Joe has released seven acclaimed albums, four of which have topped the UK Jazz chart.

Last year, he released two albums, The Heat Is On! They used to have a big band on the bandstand there and our college big band was booked for the week, probably because we were cheap and available.

Landlord leaves as family grows up. Developer plans 51 homes in field at edge of village. Getting to the point. Time Traveler for wood louse The first known use of wood louse was in See more words from the same year. Dictionary Entries near wood louse wood lock woodlore woodlot wood louse woodman wood meadow grass wood meal See More Nearby Entries. Statistics for wood louse Look-up Popularity. More Definitions for wood louse. English Language Learners Definition of wood louse. Kids Definition of wood louse.

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Jan 09,  · Identify – Woodlice by Amy Collins January 9, This activity was created as part of a Gratnells What’s In My Tray CPD workshop for secondary science teachers and technicians to support practical work and delivery of the curriculum.

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  1. Mar 12,  · Listen to The Woodlouse on Spotify. Lina Nyberg · Song · Music Duration: 5 min.
  2. Jun 13,  · Marnie & Me performing their very silly song at Teignmouth Festival. Summer Hold onto your socks else you might laugh them off!!!:) For more info. vis.
  3. An original song to the tune of '5 Little Ducks' all about woodlice. Twinkl» India» English Speaking Schools» Pre-Primary» Age » Topics» Sciences» Life Processes and Living Things.
  4. May 05,  · 5 Little Woodlice Song (Sing to the tune of ‘5 Little Ducks’.) 5 little woodlice under the bark, Comfy and cosy in the dark. 1 woodlouse crawled out of the door, He waved goodbye, and that left 4. 4 little woodlice under the bark, Comfy and cosy in the dark. 1 woodlouse crawled out of the door, He waved goodbye, and that left 3.
  5. There are 30 species of woodlouse in the UK in an array of colours from brown and grey to pink! How to identify The common woodlouse has smooth, shiny, grey 'armour' (an exoskeleton made up of segments or 'plates') with yellow patches and lighter grey edges.
  6. A male woodlouse courts a female by waving his antennae and licking and tapping his potential mate. After fertilizing her from one side, he will move over to her other side to copulate again. The fertilized eggs are held in a pouch under the body until they hatch, then they emerge from the pouch to appear as if the female is giving live birth.
  7. Dec 28,  · One woodlouse, many woodlice. Woodlice are a crustacean and have a long outer skeleton body and fourteen limbs that are jointed. There are at least species of woodlice and some, Armadillidium, can roll into a spherical shape as a defence, though most woodlice can not do this. Woodlice have many other names, including: armadillo bug, boat-builder, carpenter, cafner, .
  8. Woodlouse, Bridport. likes · 15 talking about this. The creative adventures of the Woodlouse (John Butler). Songs about life with a healthy sense of the ridiculous, plus storytelling, stories.

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