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2 Oct, 2012

The Comedy Of Errors - Psychotic Sufferance / BoneAche* - Fragile Human Body Detruncation (CDr)

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Set the Language Close. Add to Folders Close. Please sign in to add to folders. Upgrade to Cram Premium Close. Upgrade Cancel. Study your flashcards anywhere! How to study your flashcards. Play button. Card Range To Study through. Health Psychologist. Ivan Pavlov inadvertently found that reflexes can be learned through.

In Pavlov's experiments, meat powder elicited salivation. Salivation in this case was the. CS; CR. A child who is afraid of the water is tossed into a swimming pool to teach him how to swim is an example of.

Peter has a phobia of dogs. This type of therapy is? Systematic desensitization. Behavior therapists prefer systematic desensitization over flooding as a behavior therapy to reduce fears because. Stimuli that increase the frequency of behavior are referred to as. The two types of reinforcers distinguished by Skinner are. When a behavior is followed by negative reinforcement, the behavior is likely to.

Any stimulus that, when presented, increases the likelihood that a behavior will continue is called a. Carl and his "amazing canines" are an act in the circus. Jumping through a fiery hoop is one of the acts. At the onset of this training. Carl reinforced the dogs for each movement toward the hoop. Eventually, they were reinforced as they neared the hoop.

This is an example of. Reinforcing successive steps towards a behavioral goal is called. The condition is weak bones, the cause is probably not enough calcium, and the treatment is drink lots of milk.

Jack, a young man, is treated at the clinic for an accident in which he hit his forehead. A hurried X-ray of his head reveals a fracture. What part of which bone was fractured to cause his loss of smell? The sides. A middle aged woman comes to the clinic complanining of stiff, painful joints and increased immobility of her finger joints. A glance at her hands reveals knobby, deformed knuckles.

What condition will be tested for? Rhyeumatoid Arthritis. At his 94th birthday party, James was complimented on how good he looked and was asked about his health. Janet, a ten year old girl, is brought to the clinic after falling out of a tree.

An X-ray shows she has small fractures of the transverse processes of T3 and T5 on the right side. Janet will be watched for what abnormal spinal curvature over the next several years?

Out of control during a temper tantrum, Malcom smashed his fist through a glass door. Several tendons were sliced through at the anterior wrist.

What movements are likely to be lost if tendon repair is not possible? If he does not repair his wrist he will be unable to form a fist or grab things. During an overambitious workout, a high school athlete pulls some muscles by forcing his knee to extension when his hip already fully flexed.

What muscles does he pull? He pulled his hamstrings. An emergency appendectomy is preformed on Mr. The incision was made at the lateral edge of the right iliac abdominopelvic region.

Was his rectus abdominis cut? No, because the cut was not in the correction region. Susan, a massage therapist, was giving Mr. Graves a backrub. What two broad superficial muscles of the back were receiving the bulk of her attention? The majority of the back is coveredwith the trapizus and latisimus dorsi so they would get the most attention.

Sanchez says that her 6-year-old son seems to be unusually clumsy and tires easily. The doctor notices that his calf muscles appear to be normal in size.

If anything, they seem a bit enlarged rather than wasted. For what condition must the boy be checked? What is the prognosis? The boy might have Duchesnne dystrophy of the muscles and it could be very dangerous if it moves to the respritory system. People with chronic back pain occasionally get relief from a tummy tuck. How does this help? Drugs are used to relax muscles during major surgery.

Which of the two chemicals described next would make the best muscle relaxant and why? Chemical A binds with the blocks Ach receptors on muscle cells. Chemical B floods the sarcoplasm of muscle cells with calcium ions. Chemical A would be the best choice because it would not stimulate the muscle and would relaxe it.

Chemical B would irritate the muscles. After surgery. Identify the division of the autonomic nervous system that is affected by anesthesia.

A brain tumor is found in a CT scan of Mr. The physician is assuming that it is not a sexondary tumor i. Is the brain tumor more likely to have developed from the nerve tissue or from neuroglia? Since the nerve cells are amitotic, the tumor is most likely a glioma, developing from one of the types of neuroglia.

Amy, a high-strung teenager, was suddenly startled by a loud band that sounded like a gunshot. Her heartbeat accelerated rapidly. When she realized that the noise was only a car backfiring, she felt greatly relieved but her heart kept beating heavily for several minutes more.

Why does it take a long time to calm down after we are scared? You would expect to find damage to her. After having a stroke, Rich can speak and understand what has been said to him, but he now has great difficulty understanding the context in which something is said.

Rich also misunderstands sarcasm and jokes. Rich has most likely suffered a stroke to. Which part of the brain views the world from a wide-angle view and is particularly effective in assembling pieces of the world into a coherent picture by seeing overall patterns and general connections?

Which of the following parts of the body would have the largest area represented on the primary somatosensory area? You are sitting in a very uncomfortable desk that is overly small and has a slight crack in the plastic that pinches your back when you move. An elderly acquaintance of yours has suffered from partial blindness in one eye since she had a stroke. Apparently the stroke damaged her. People with facial agnosia cannot. The evolutionary specialization of an area of the occipital lobe for facial recognition may be due to this skill being important in.

The importance of socialization may have played a large role in the evolutionary specialization of an area of the occipital lobe for. As the spinal cord joins the brain, it widens into the. Weeks after an automobile accident, a friend continues to have difficulty maintaining balance and coordinating movements. You should suspect that damage may have occurred to the. Which of the following is a network of fibers and cell bodies that lie inside the medulla and brainstem and is associated with attention, alertness, and some reflexes, such as sneezing and coughing?

The hypothalamus is a grape-sized structure in the forebrain that. The limbic system includes the. Incoming information scatters all over the brain and converges again as it goes out through the spinal cord to muscles and glands. The brain is a vast information-processing system that keeps track of the external world and responds to current needs. A glandular secretion that affects body functions and behavior is known as. People with hypopituitary dwarfism have.

If too much growth hormone is secreted at the beginning of the growth period, it can cause. Jasmine is experiencing jet lag after a long flight, that is, her body is having difficulty adjusting to the time difference so that she feels sleepy when she should be awake and vice versa. By altering metabolism, which gland can have a sizable effect on personality with overactivity of this gland causing excitability and nervousness and underactivity of this gland causing one to be lethargic and sleepy?

Overactivity of which endocrine gland or brain structure leads to tenseness, nervousness, and excitability?

The parts lost were the body, rood, bed, matrix, and cuticle of the nail. First, define each of theses parts. Then, tell if this nail is likely to grow back. The nail will probably not grow back. Body=the visable attached part, Root=under the skin area, Bed=the stratum basle of the epidermis, Cuticle=the skin around the bottom of nail, Matrix.

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  1. Nicole has difficulty maintain relationships because she goes back and forth from being a best friend to hating people in her life. Her romantic relationships are always characterized by incredible loving passion alternating with episodes of horrible fighting, and sometimes she becomes violent.
  2. Psychotic symptoms be present for at least 6 months. b. That a mood disturbance be present with psychotic symptoms. c. That the individual be aware of his or her psychotic symptoms. The right half of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa. c. The human brain has a hemisphere that is dominant for language and a.
  3. In an attempt to rid the body of the excessive humors thought to be causing psychological disorders, physicians throughout history have used treatments such as: Bloodletting You have been asked to give a report on the mental hygiene movement and its foremost crusader Dorothea Dix, who campaigned for more humane treatment of the insane.
  4. Nov 01,  · A CSI agent finds a body in which rigor mortis has ceased. She concludes that the person has been dead for over ____ hours. The smooth endoplasmic reticulum that is involved in the storage of calcium is known as the: sarcoplasmic reticula. The contractile elements inside muscle cells are grouped into structures called: /5(1).
  5. Feb 24,  · Phase 2 of the body's reaction to stress. The SNS continues to elevate body reactions (like heart rate)and hormones are suddenly released. The body's reserves can get used up at this point prompting the next phase.
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  8. the part of the nerve cell that carries information away from the cell body to other neurons is the. axon. the "all or nothing event" refers to the fact that the process of ___ identifies the traits basic to human nature. factor analysis. Bob is narrow minded and rigid which the 5 factor model calls. neuroticism. Patty is outgoing and.

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