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2 Oct, 2012

The Case Of The Reptilian Roadhouse - Tone Tank - The King Of Surf Guitar Rap (File, MP3)

But the theory has now been linked to growing fears of World War 3 in a very bizarre video shared on YouTube by user 2CirclesArchive. According to the conspiracy video, time is running out for the Reptilians and a global conflict is a right distraction to keep their existence a secret. Not the West versus Russia. The peculiar claim follows news Russia has the ability to wipe out the United States in World War 3 in just 30 minutes, according to conspiracists David Meade.

Mr Meade, who is known for peddling the outrageous Nibiru, or Planet X apocalypse conspiracy, fears the US is ill-equipped for an all-out war with Russia. The Reptilian - Jeff. The Reptilian - Ryan. Annabel - Decisions, Decisions. Joie De Vivre - Vicodin Lite. The Reptilian - Eddie's Lane. The Reptilian - Gold Blooded. The Reptilian - Old Blooded. Innards - Goro. Innards - No Money, More Problems. Low Health Pan Sucks. Chimney Wizard. Sam Haircut. Thousand Year Lease.

The Paseo. Keif Puck. He means actual lizards. Thousands of years ago, you see, lizards came to Earth from the planets Orion, Sirius, and Draco. They were intergalactic usurpers and their plan was to interbreed with humans. Not sexually, thank God—by changing our DNA.

Once they had transformed most of us weak and defenseless earthlings into their slaves, they would rule. These Reptilians are not dull-witted things, like, say, pet-shop iguanas. These lizards are brilliant. These robots, integrated with human intelligence, may be used as a militant force if the government issues 'Marshall Law' in the near future. Anyone who resists control will be targeted, for any reason forced vaccinations, surrendering children, finances, homes, etc. Yet, government advises us they are invading our privacy Homeland Security because of possible terrorist threats.

Phones are tapped, cameras are positioned everywhere to monitor our every activity, private records are confiscated, and we hear about future use of microscopic chips people will have implanted to enable government to keep track of us.

Big Brother has arrived. Hints of this type of oppression are surfacing in Europe and who knows where else. One wonders how all this ever happened. Supposedly, according to Jordan Maxwell, who can document everything he says, it has been planned by the 'World Government' for a very long time. Concerned only with their welfare, they betrayed us and handed our future to the aliens. This explains Government's constant denial of UFO sightings, abductions, cattle mutilations, bizarre sex atrocities, insane terrorist behavior, wars, murders, and their corrupt politics.

But, thanks to many stout hearts, who refuse to be put into servitude, they have been exposed. Admittedly, I too was reluctant to embrace this scenario believing it was too outrageous to be true.

However, I have since had the opportunity to educate myself and I understand a lot more than I formerly did. In truth, pharmaceuticals are nothing more than legalized drugs that contain harmful chemicals. Did you know that fluoride and soy are poisonous? And concealed from the public for years, cigarettes contain addictive narcotics making them habit forming and high risk for lung cancer.

Age is not a factor. And were you aware that our Government started many epidemics? It will be a horrific revelation to many unsuspecting people. I believe the true intent of the Fascist politicians who are trying to forcefully legislate their unwanted Health Care Bill is for that purpose. If successful, they will gain control over who will live and who will die. How insulting to have proposed a page package of B.

My only hope is that they are all removed from office forever in the next election. Then let justice prevail in their lives. Sadly, the media is no longer a reliable source of world and local information. Most have been bought and report only what they are told. Fox News is probably the last reliable milieu. Glenn Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly, and most of their guests seem to be more credible in reporting the news.

There is much information to embrace and you should be selective as to who and what you can believe. The most important realization is that each one of us must take responsibility to resist the takeover and destruction of countries and humanity. The world is looking to us for direction. We are facing many dangerous challenges that require immediate attention.. What should we do to overcome the threat? Well, we should first r ealize that we outnumber the oppressors even if they hide in their underground sanctuaries or space havens.

Since they have been exposed, they no longer enjoy the comfort of remaining a secret, powerful entity. Their exposure has forced them to act more aggressively lately in hopes of their plans materializing before time runs out. True, they are very, very cunning. They have been observing humans for eons and will often outsmart us by arousing our anger and emotions.

They goad us into the action they desire us to take. But, they are afraid of us - the Sleeping Giant - should we finally awake and realize our power - our Spirituality. We are advised that there are other extraterrestrials who are friendly and concerned with our welfare.

Many are on the planet and are helping those of us who reach out. They are known as 'White Hats'. But, they will not do the job for us. We must clean up our own mess here on Earth. Again, you may inquire - how? For starters, recognize the dangerous Marxist individual we elected to the Presidency.

He's determined to undermine our country. He must be stopped. Then vote all the phony minions in Congress and the Senate out of office. Be prepared to take whatever action is necessary to resist them. They know we are catching on to them. As we loudly begin to say 'NO' to their demands and show them that we are not fearful, we will take back our freedom and country. Observing our example, the world will follow our lead and together we will oust the scum off the planet or drive them into the bowels of the earth where they belong.

Their underground hotels will wind up being their tombs when the time comes. Recently world-renowned Jordan Maxwell, an authority on religion, symbolism, and secret cults, has appeared on several video presentations. During one of these interviews, Maxwell expounded on a particular symbol. He wouldn't elaborate fully during the interview, stating that he was preparing a video that would address his concern. However, he did say that America is finished and will not survive the World Government takeover because throughout history most people have supported dictators.

These same people revel in the smut and vice within society. He was devastated that people accepted the ridiculous cover-up explanation government offered for the tragedy and had not protested more vehemently for the truth.

It is his opinion that 'the vast majority of people are lazy, materialistic, uninformed, selfish, and stupid' and he hasn't any hope for the country's survival. There are too few people that really care. I tend to agree with him. In God's name, when are people going to stand up for decency and defend their rights? When are they going to say - enough! Even when the truth is right in their face - they will turn away in denial. Where is their humanity?

A light hearted exposer of the Reptilians on the Earth and there controling ways on mankind from behind the curtins. The New World Order.

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  1. The King Of Surf Guitar Rap by Tone Tank, released 04 October 1. Tone Tank - King Of Surf Guitar Rap 2. The Case Of The Reptilian Roadhouse 3. Mala! 4. Arthur Brown.
  2. King of the Surf Guitar er det andre studioalbumet til surferockratisten Dick Dale, gjeven ut i Det inneheld både originale songar og coverversjonar. Dick Dale var i ferd med å bli ein av dei største rock and roll-stjernene i California i , då han fekk kontrakt med Capitol Records, som gav ut albumet hans Surfers' Choice på ny. Dei sendte han inn i studio for å spele inn nye Sjanger: Surfemusikk.
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  7. The Reptilians - Why Are They Obsessed With Bloodline And Ritual By David Icke I witnessed a "channeling" session this week in England, performed by a channel/medium I was very impressed with. As readers of my books will know, I am extremely wary of channeled information because while on occasions it can come from a high and enlightened.
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