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2 Oct, 2012

Temperance - Dinsmore* / Payne* - Dinsmore Payne (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Thank you. Jump to top of this page. I heard from Mr. This is the information from those who refer to this Web page, surprisingly the bender-player on "Uncle Dudley" is Robert Warford Bob Warford. Credit is not anything to find, by the information which is already have but, he is playing guitar on this album. According to the document, at least since these three songs have a credit of Robert Warford, it is no doubt that you are playing on these songs.

This album has been contained Pre-album studio demo as bonus tracks when it is re-released in CD. In this Garland Frady's solo album, Bob had been fully supported him by guitar.

He had been played guitar on all songs in this Red Rhodes's solo album. Uncle Pen Prairie Lullaby. He may use B-bender in guitar solo of "Born to Love You". This compilation album has been reissued with additional bonus tracks in He taught me that he played on this album. He has fully backup the debut album of Robb Strandlund. By the way Robb Strandlund himself is a StringBender player too.

There is the photo that is reflected with the StringBendor when he was joined "Rank Strangers", but a StringBender was unused in the album. We can listen their inter-play by Al Perkins's pedal steel guitar play and his StringBender play. Bob Warford told me as follows on this album. Al Perkins played steel guitar on all the songs. Bob Warford has been credited as rhythm guitar to only one song on this album. Side 1: 1. Bob says as follows.

Whittaker; Clark's -- George C. Agnew, George Foster, F. George Sr. Honey, R. Maxwell, W. Morse, Davis Richardson, M. Rowland, Major F. Hills; Chapman -- J. Gallogly, D.

Greiner, A. Havens, H. Goodwin, John L. Martin, Dr. Brown, Thea F. Elliott, O. Fitch, I. Fuller, S. Harmon, N. Judson, M. Lindsay, George D. Meiklejohn, J. Reynolds, S. Sturtevant, James W. Zibbell; Genoa -- Dr. Barnes, L. Ellis, H.

Smith, D. The final part of the booklet is excerpted from Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State. It includes a separate section on the city of Norfolk with a map and eight points of interest. Early days in Fillmore County and York County, Nebraska, are recalled through colorful tales, factual data and individual biographies in this page spiral bound booklet excerpted from the rare book: History of the State of Nebraska, originally published by the Western Historical Co.

The booklet contains biographies of many residents of the county in Clark, W. Carson, J. Chase, John F. Coulter, F. Curtiss, J. Edney, J. Eller, George W. Fifield, L. Fifield, C. Fort, William R. Gaylord, W. Henry, J. Hoffman, James Jacobus, J. Jenkins, Dr. Johnston, E. L Martin, John P. Maule, S. Oldham, R. Pinney, J. Porter, Clark Robinson, J.

Ruston, E. Sawyer, W. Strother, V. Stuart; Geneva -- Sherwood Burr, S. Camp, W. Cooksey, R. Dairly, John A. Dempster, Walter V. Fifield, T. Fleming, J. Hamilton, W. Hannes, Dr. Hart, Amos Herr, J. Jessen, C. King, J. Lewis, Robert A. McKee, M. Neeves, J. Platt, P. Putnam, W. Read, E. Shepard, H. Smith, G. Wintersteen; Grafton -- R. Blackburn, George E. Crum, Jasper Culver, H. Day, W. Hainey, J. McFadden, C. Miles, Arthur Murdock, R. Price, Capt. Warren; Exeter -- C.

Allen, L. Cobb, Eugene K. Fisher, S. Orr, Bradley A. Turner; Momence Precinct -- John W. Allan, John W. Andrews, Edward E. Bell, Frank O. Brakeman, Rev. David Broadwell, Stephen P. Buckmaster, Dr. Richard Carscadden, William G. Codding, Isaac Crable, Charles F. Day, Horton M. Detrick, John A. Eatherly, Albert E.

Finch, George B. France, Martin C. Frank, Lemuel J. Gandy, William W. Giffen, Lieut. James H. Hamilton, Albert E. Hendricks, Charles Hill, David I. Hunter, Nathan Johnson, John C. Kilner, Dr. William M, Knapp, John S. Knott, C. Langworthy, Robert E. Lundeen, Benjamin F. Marshall, Lieutenant James P. Miller, David T.

Moore pix of home , Lieut. Andrew C. Mosbarger, Dr. William H. Martin, Prof. Post, Joshua B. Lead, Josiah J. Richards, Andrew L. Sandall, Charles M. Sandall, Capt. William T. Scott, Samuel H. Sedgwick, Theron E. Sedgwick, Rev. Early days in the tri-county area consisting of Nuckolls, Thayer and Webster Counties, Nebraska, are recalled through colorful tales, factual data and individual biographies in this page spiral bound booklet excerpted from the rare book: History of the State of Nebraska, originally published by the Western Historical Co.

Topics included are: Nuckolls County: Physical description, Early history, "firsts," Pioneer Reminiscences, Indian Troubles, County organization and officials, Railroads, Statistics, Towns -- Superior local matters, mills, city officials , Nelson county seat, churches, newspapers, lodges , and Hardy.

Webster: Physical description, Early settlement, "firsts," General history, County organization and officials, Towns -- Red Cloud early history, the great storm, local matters, societies, newspapers , Guide Rock, Blue Hill, Amboy, and Cowles, The booklet contains biographies of many residents.

Biographical sketches include: Nuckolls County: Superior -- A. Beal, L. Beal, W. Latham, William Loudon, C. McHugh, T. Padden, R. Simonton, Dr.

Snodgrass, S. Timerman, H. Williams, H. Young; Nelson -- N. Atkinson, J. Barber, W. Bergstresser, D. Barker, J. Campbell, J. Cook, E. Dowland, W. Ellis, Thomas Fickes, O.

Follmer, M. Fogel, R. Gourlay, S. Hammond, Robert Hollingworth, O. Ingersoll, A. McReynolds, Theodore J. Moelle, P. Moorhead, J. Ritterbush, Thomas L. Selby, J. Shank, Dr. Stokes; Hardy -- Samuel A. Cyr, D.

Griffiths, Thomas L. Comstock, G. Montgomery, Capt. Scott, A. Simonton, L. Spurck; Sherman Precinct -- S. Roberts, A. Nesbitt, C. Woodward; Bohnart Precinct -- Rev. Kuppenbender, Enoch Owens, J.

Thayer County: Hebron -- William M. Barger, Winslow H. Barger, Benjamin F. Berkey, Bethscheider Brothers, Dr. Thomas D. Bristol, T. Cadwallader, Albert F. Clemons, Noah B. Coffman, Charles B. Coon, Erasmus M. Correll, David S. Dusenbery, Richard Ellison, Rev. Erlach, Stephen L. Evans, Morris S. Ferguson, H. Garzee, Jacob Hendershot, John W. Hughes, David M. Moyer, Edward S. Scoville, Benjamin R. Smith, Thomas J. Thompson, W. Thompson, William L. Thompson, M. Weiss, J. Abbott, Solon B. Carpenter, Isidore Ebert, James H.

Enslow, C. McGrew, Dr. Samuel Morrow, Dr. Padden, Hugh M. Ross, Dr. James Thomas, George Weisel, W. Wirt; Hubbell -- L. Dobyns, Joseph Pickering; Carleton -- S. Chambers, James F. Green, Henry B. Wallace, John B.

Wiley; Belvidere -- Frede. Early residents in Edgar County, IL, are recalled in this brand new spiral-bound booklet. The page book is an excerpt from the hard-to-find book: Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Edgar County, edited by H.

The 11" x 8. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover. Excerpts concerning the history of the county are available in a separate booklet. Attention Genealogists: This booklet contains biographies of many county residents of yesteryear.

Some are brief, but others include ancestors, previous residences, children, in-laws, affiliations, war records, and business activities, in the course of which they often shed light on the businesses, churches, professions and institutions, and on the events of the day. Pix denotes a photograph. The biographies include: Charles H. Adams, Henry A.

Adams, Harvy H. Adams, Gen. Milton K. Alexander pix , William H. Allen, Robert R. Appleby, Mrs. Aimee Archer, John A. Ashby, Frederick R. Augustus, Larz A. Augustus, Ora H.

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Dinsmore / Payne “Dinsmore Payne” $ Dire Straits “Money For Nothing” $ Dub Narcotic Sound System “Bone Dry” $ Eaglebone Whistle “Eaglebone Whistle” $ Elijah “Elijah” $ Elm Street Group “Freddy’s Greatest Hits” $ Faith “Faith” (Sealed) .

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Dinsmore Payne on Discogs. Label: United Artists Records - UA-LAF • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Southern Rock, Blues Rock4/5(5).
  2. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Dinsmore Payne - Dinsmore Payne on AllMusic.
  3. Dec 08,  · Natchez Trace, an Album by Dinsmore-Payne. Released in on United Artists (catalog no. UA-LAF; Vinyl LP). Genres: Southern Rock, Blues Rock. Featured peformers: Rick Dinsmore (vocals, guitar), Ernie Payne (vocals, guitar, writer), David Briggs (keyboards), Kenny Buttrey (drums), Tommy Cogbill (bass), Johnny Gimble (aka_text fiddle role_id aka_text), Kelso Herston /5(4).
  4. Explore releases from Rick Dinsmore at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Rick Dinsmore at the Discogs Marketplace. Explore Dinsmore* / Payne* Dinsmore* / Payne* - Dinsmore Payne ‎ (LP, Album) United Artists Records: UA-LAF: US: Sell This Version.
  5. Mar 06,  · From 's Contemplation (View) The Oldest Man: The Hot Dog Vendor from The Carol Burnett Show (full sketch) - Duration: The Carol Burnett Show Official Recommended for you.
  6. Dec 23,  · Artist: Coon Elder Band Patterson Album: Selftitled Label: Mercury Records Catalog#: SRM Format: Vinyl, LP, Album Country: US Released: Genre: Folk, World, & Country Style: Country, Bluegrass Format: FLAC (tracks+.cue) Bitrate: lossless Duration: • Bandleader Coon Elder was a regionally popular figure in from Memphis, mixing swampy white soul .
  7. The album called "Natchez Trace/Dinsmore-Payne" to be released this year has the credit of Bob's name. However, Bob talks as follows. "I remember hearing about the Dinsmore-Payne album long ago, and learning that I was listed as playing on the album; however, I never played with or for them, and I don’t know how my name get on that album.
  8. Album has just posted on his blog. Quality MP kbps. Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. Dinsmore Payne - Dinsmore Payne My Vinyl Attic - Jay and the Americans - Wax Museum () 3 weeks ago Fuji Puzzle Box. Orchidopexy 3 weeks ago Kara-Mel.

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