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2 Oct, 2012

Straight Spittin - Vo. Caliber - My Ghostwriter Sucks (CD, Album)

Out, beyond the moon Starstruck insights Beacons relating from Shout, scream for your life In atmosphere We defy the rise of smoke into the sky Down, under a wave Drew maiden breath Evolutionary Touch, reach out tonight Make statement by The way you move along I am significant Screamed the dust speck And I am magnificent Ego in check Intelligent beams of light Subconscious streams of night What we come from Where we're going Above, below Stretch, pierce through the sky Soaring above Skyborne candlelight Brush soft skinned veil We'll endure the nigh Til our names are dust and we return to light I am significant Screamed the dust speck High and magnificent Ego in check Intelligent beams of light Subconscious streams of night What we come from Where we're going Above, below Never forget where we came from Where we're going It's hard to believe all the lifetimes We've shared No one conceives of the future But if I close my eyes is the world still there?

Tag-Along Stay the Same He introduced himself In a classroom miles away Commented what I'd drawn I just didn't know what to say First time we raced along On a track and field midday He challenged me to fall But instead it came to be Faster than anyone With laughter and energy It captured the essence of Something real Moving on to better things I'd rather it just stayed the same Sending off our separate ways Moving on to other things We talked the night away About nothing much at all Weekends and holidays It was perfect for awhile We thought we'd live forever Or at least until the end But promises fade by letter I'll never be fooled again Faster than anything With sorrow and empathy It's missing the essence of Something real Moving on to better things I'd rather it just stayed the same Sending off our separate ways Goodbye to my best friend End.

The debut album for The Ghostwriter. An amalgamation of hard rock and esoteric tunes specifically made for head-banging, pulse-pounding, nostalgia-driven action. This album took over 2 years and hundreds of hours of cumulative work to complete.

It is not perfect. I offer it to you in good faith so that those without the means may still give this music a home. Feel free to stream and listen as many times as you'd like. Play it really loud. Tags bit hard rock rock alternative rock compact disc post-grunge vinyl Detroit. Anonymous bedroom producer destined for mediocre things.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Jul 13, go to album. On Bandcamp Radio. Curtis and his little sister Donna Hannah Levinson go into the story when the door blows open as they pass. They go to the bookstore, pull down the book and notice all the pages are blank. So the characters from that book are wandering around and only they can see it. How do they get them back in the book? And Curtis is smarter than he gives himself credit for. Such services are sometimes offered by what is referred to as essay mills and frequently transacted through online interfaces.

Although academic ghostwriting involves the sale of academic texts that are written on demand, it cannot be equated with plagiarism , since it does not involve an undisclosed appropriation of existing texts. As opposed to cases of plagiarism that stem from a copy-and-paste reuse of previous work, essays and assignments that are obtained through ghostwriting services as a rule have the originality of their text confirmed by plagiarism detection software packages or online services that are widely used by universities.

Universities have developed strategies to combat this type of academic services, which can be associated with academic fraud , that are offered to students and researchers. Some universities allow professors to give students oral examinations on papers which a professor believes to be 'ghostwritten. With medical ghostwriting, pharmaceutical companies pay professional writers to produce papers and then pay other scientists or physicians to attach their names to these papers before they are published in medical or scientific journals.

Medical ghostwriting has been criticized by a variety of professional organizations [30] [31] representing the drug industry, publishers, and medical societies, and it may violate American laws prohibiting off-label promotion by drug manufacturers as well as anti-kickback provisions within the statutes governing Medicare. It is permitted at some institutions [ clarify ] , including the University of Washington School of Medicine , [35] [36] [ verification needed ] while it is prohibited and considered a particularly pernicious form of plagiarism at others, such as Tufts University School of Medicine.

Professional medical writers can write papers without being listed as authors of the paper and without being considered ghostwriters, provided their role is acknowledged. The European Medical Writers Association have published guidelines which aim to ensure professional medical writers carry out this role in an ethical and responsible manner.

Some websites, including blogs , are ghostwritten, because not all authors have the information technology skills or the time to dedicate to running a website. Nonetheless, the style, tone and content is modeled on that of the credited author. Many website ghostwriters are freelance but some are freelancers who work under contract , as with radio presenters and television presenters.

Occasionally a "house pseudonym", or collective name is used by the author of the website. Some celebrities, CEOs , or public figures set up blog websites—sometimes as a marketing, public relations, or lobbying tool. However, since these individuals are typically too busy to write their blog posts, they hire discreet ghostwriters to post to the blog under the celebrity or CEO's name.

As with nonfiction ghostwriting, the blog ghostwriter models their writing style, content and tone on that of the credited author. This goes for social media as well. Many public figures have ghostwriters at least partially handle their Facebook and Twitter accounts, among others. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is an example of a well-known composer who was paid to ghostwrite music for wealthy patrons.

In the early years of film, David Raksin worked as music ghostwriter and orchestrator for Charlie Chaplin ; even though Chaplin was credited as the score writer, he was considered to be a "hummer" pejorative film industry slang for a person who purports to be a film score composer but who in fact only gives a general idea of the melodies to a ghostwriter. The practice is also common in television, as composers listed on cue sheets are entitled to music royalties every time an episode or theme score appears on television.

A investigation by The Hollywood Reporter revealed that it was especially prevalent among animation companies such as Saban Entertainment , DiC , Ruby-Spears Productions and Hanna-Barbera , which often listed company executives as musicians for the purpose of royalties. Musical ghostwriting also occurs in popular music.

When a record company wants to market an inexperienced young singer as a singer-songwriter, or help a veteran bandleader coping with writer's block or a lack of motivation to finish the next album , an experienced songwriter may be discreetly brought in to help.

A ghostwriter providing this type of service may be thanked, without reference to the service provided, in the album credits, or they may be a true 'ghost', with no acknowledgement in the album.

Legal disputes have arisen when musical ghostwriters have tried to claim royalties when an allegedly ghostwritten song becomes a money-making hit. In , Darryl Neudorf was asked to work on a project for Nettwerk Productions involving a newly signed artist in their repertoire named Sarah McLachlan. This recording, the album Touch , resulted in garnering the interest of Arista Records.

She signed a multi-album contract with them and two of the songs that Neudorf worked on with her became commercial hits in Canada. In , Neudorf was invited back to work with McLachlan on her second album, Solace. In , he filed a lawsuit against McLachlan and her label, Nettwerk , alleging that he had made a significant and uncredited contribution to the songwriting on Touch , and alleging that he wasn't paid properly for work done on Solace.

The judge in this suit eventually ruled in McLachlan's favour on the songs; though Neudorf may have contributed to the songwriting, neither regarded each other as joint authors. I think the sheer depth and uniqueness of the sounds surpass what is currently on offer when it comes to virtual instruments. Ghostwriter sounds great and very distinctive. Comprising over multisampled instrument patches, Ghostwriter is aimed at the "cinematic" composer, be they working in movies, games, TV or music.

It's intended to be a source of high-quality 'alternative' bread and butter sounds, so we're talking guitars, basses, drums, keys, etc, rather than crazy synths and electronic tones.

The vibe throughout is epic, organic and big; Wilson has true insight into the tasteful use of ambience and distortion, and both are used extensively — and quite brilliantly — in most of the recordings and patches.

The latest version of the Play engine helps here, with its vast roster of convolution reverbs and a superb new amp simulation effect with 80 presets — not to mention the SSL channel strip and EP-1 Delay. Guitars are by far the best represented category, taking in a staggering array of acoustics and electrics with plenty of keyswitched articulations to aid in creating realistic performances.

The diversity of patches in the Bass section belies the fact that only three instruments were used to make them all. Of the drums, the Mono Amp Kits are the grimy highlight, while the Keys folder is full of splendidly twisted and gutsy pianos, clavs, celestas and more.

And although we wouldn't call it a headline, the folder of male and female 'Oohs' and 'Aahs' is sure to be useful for those panoramic movie moments.

Ghostwriter delivers a beautiful collection of instrumentation in an excellent interface. It's not really one for the dance music producer seeking fuel for their latest banger, but if deep, fascinating sounds, capturing all the energy and soul of the electric and acoustic instruments from which they were elicited, appeal, then this is a must-hear. Our review will reveal if Ghostwriter keeps its promise and let you create music, film, game and television compositions at the highest level.

Short test. What can you expect? This is also where producer and solo artist Steven Wilson and studio owner Doug Rogers produced the sample library tested here today.

It comes with a variety of different sounds, with a focus on sound for music, film, game or TV compositions. The gigabyte library includes 8 DVDs with multi-sampled instruments. Each instrument comes with several presets. To install you need an iLok, which is not included. In the Sample Browser, you can choose between bass, drums, guitars, keyboards, vocals, and other sounds; for my taste there could be more vocals.

Each category has several sub-sections that are easy to navigate. On top of that there was the emotional story of how she fell in love with the young gorillas against a background of her relationship with her husband, who was working with her, the civil war which was brewing up and the terrible tropical diseases which practically killed them both. It provided the escapism of a great travel story mixed with a personal odyssey and an insight into the fascinating world of gorillas.

In Through Gypsy Eyes , which I ghosted for Kathy Etchingham, there was the superficial story of her relationship with Jimi Hendrix, but behind that was a story of a young girl who ran away from home at fifteen and ended up at the heart of the music industry in London during the Swinging Sixties.

Again it was a Greek tragedy filled with great heroes being brought down and gave an insight into where the giant rock music industry of today started. It is essential for the ghost to make the subject feel completely comfortable and confident in his or her company. If they think the ghost is going to criticise them, judge them or argue with them they will not relax, open up or talk honestly. The ghost must be able to coax them off their hobby horses and persuade them to answer all the questions which the eventual readers are likely to ask.

When Colonel Mark Cook asked me to ghost his book Promise of Hope , about the re-building of an orphanage in Croatia and the effects the experience had on his family life, he was worried, having read Sold, that he would come out sounding like Zana.

I assured him that my goal was to make him sound like a public school educated Ghurkha Colonel enjoying a mid-life crisis, not a fourteen year old Birmingham girl who has been white slaved for eight years in the bandit-ridden mountains of North Yemen. If a ghost fails to catch the voice of an author the project is doomed.

A ghost must also be able to see the structure of a book from early on in the process and then be able to package the concept so that an agent can sell it. He or she then needs to be able to guide the subject into providing the right material, keeping them on track and clearing up any inconsistencies in the telling of the tale.

How the ghost gets paid will depend largely on how speculative the project is when they first become involved.

Precision Writtens isn’t just a one man show. When you work with us, you’re getting a whole team of writers. In technical terms, we represent the best rap ghostwriters for hire out there. Combined, our writers have over a years of experience and have been influenced by all stages of Hip Hop. However, we take issue with the term ghostwriter.

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  1. Jan 25,  · Enter: flakowalabemununalarmelniggbal.cor. This underground MC is trying his best not to give his country a bad rap, although with any area there’s going to be the good and the wack. Let’s see where he fits in. On the opening track “Straight Spittin,” all the right ingredients seem to be there: tight beat, some nice lines, respectable flow, etc/
  2. Feb 03,  · Provided to YouTube by Elektra Records Straight Spittin' · Flipmode Squad (Starring Busta Rhymes, Rampage, Spliff Star, Rah Digga, Baby Sham & .
  3. An Australian band made up of Midnight Oil's drummer Rob Hirst, Hoodoo Gurus bass player Rick Grossman, Midnight Oil's guitarist Martin Rotsey, Diesel drummer Lee Moloney and DC (Beau Young).They have released a number of albums over the years while working with their own bands.
  4. Explore releases from Ghostwriter at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Ghostwriter at the Discogs Marketplace.
  5. Author and ghostwriter with 19 books to my credit, specializing in business and personal finance. view profile. Articles related to ghostwriting How to work with a ghostwriter. You are going to need to trust your ghost completely because you will be telling them everything, just as you might tell your doctor, your therapist or your lawyer.
  6. Jan 01,  · Ghostwriter Lyrics: "Mad Skillz" "On the real" / "I'll probably make more money off your album than you" (Repeat 3x) / "Mad Skillz" "On the real" Check it / .
  7. Nov 07,  · How to hire a ghostwriter. Hiring a ghostwriter won't be easy, but if you put in the time and effort to find the right ghostwriter for you, it'll be worth it — and you'll even emerge at the end of your collaboration with a beautiful book. Without further ado, here's how to hire a ghostwriter .
  8. May 24,  · Dave Hogan/Getty Images. Artist: Lil Kim Song: "Crush on You" Ghostwriter: Cam'ron. We know Cam'ron is a skilled MC. But who knew Killa Cam was also slinging rhymes on the side? Turns out the Harlem rapper originally wrote "Crush on You" for Lil Kim's Junior M.A.F.I.A comrade/fellow Lil' person, Lil Cease. "What happened was, Un [producer Lance Rivera of the famous Jay Z stabbing .

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