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2 Oct, 2012

Steindór Kristinsson* - Flute Machine EP (Vinyl)

B2 - Testcase. Hemlock Drop It On The One. Sing A Love Song. Wet Wool. Gost Zvuk 06 AB. A1 - Daunen und federn. A2 - Remove this later. A3 - Category. A4 - No money in this room. A5 - Dogheads clowns. Gost Zvuk 06 CD. C1 - Trimmed eyes. C2 - Stash box. C3 - I still hate summer. C4 - Aerial Gymnastics. C5 - December. Auxiliary LP A1 - Dyad. A2 - Laminar Flow. B1 - Cytosine. B2 - Ecdysis. C1 - Sea Of Static. What DO we have then?

Most of these appear to be rare tracks and 12 are, according to the press blurb, previously unreleased. His, almost trademark, sound, is instantly recognizable. In that sense, Popp has certainly made his valuable contribution to music. As to his development; the new pieces sound as recognizable as the older ones. You decide whether that is positive or negative. OvalDNA features pieces where you can hear the origin of the sounds i. There are aggressive sounds, there are soothing sounds.

Personally speaking, I have always had a weak spot for Oval ever since they made one of my all time favorite albums 94Diskont, so this CD sounds fine to me. You can create your own Oval and Popp can retire.

Popp has to wait till January though, which is when the CD becomes officially available. Waldron irr. Its indeed a varied bunch of music on this CD; at one point I was even thinking 'which compilation did I put on? Throughout this music moves in darker circles, of the more atmospheric depths of music made with synthesizers. But then occasionally a rhythm pops up and here we find Xambuca still lurking in darker corners, with a menacing, sine wave like synth, but the beat marches on like a fine Pan Sonic twin piece.

There is no list of instruments on the cover, nor a who's doing what here from the above mentioned list of names, but surely there have been various people involved - it almost has to be. I was thinking about some of the dark stuff that we know from a label like Cold Meat Industry at times, a touch of darkness to avoid that dreaded word 'gothic' - oops I said it , when there is a slight distorted guitar in some of these tracks.

Maybe throughout its a bit too dark for my taste, or maybe too gothic in some ways, I surely like the fact that this is all so highly varied, a criss-cross of the various shades of dark and darker. Quite nice, a bit long perhaps. Their music is about mixing rock, freejazz, worldmusic, krautrock, mathrock, etc. But if you mix without much vision, what you get is a tasteless soup. That is the case here if you ask me. Both musicians play a diversity instruments guitar, trumpet, kalimba, percussion, voice, drums, keyboards, drum machine, clarinet.

By multi-tracking and sampling they built their music, covering the sound works finally with guitars and drumbeats. They are successful in making a bunch of varied pieces. Not a dull moment in this respect. This multilayer unit for sure spread out much energy and enthusiasm. But this can not cover up the lack of musical originality. His compositions have been performed by reputed ensembles like the Kronos Quartet and Ensemble Modern.

In most of these works Makan seeks to maximize possibilities from his minimalistic approach. And he does this with success. It is music that immediately grabs you. Violin and percussion operate often almost unisono or along parallel lines. Especially the speedy sections are intriguing. What I also like about this as well as the other compositions, is that we hear a limited set of instruments, but a whole spectrum of details in the sound constructions.

Performed with verve by Alex Waterman cello. His playing is breathtaking , virtuoso and with a strong emotional appeal. Digital recorders. Guitar accessories. Studio accessories. GBP My Language. Wishlist Log in to view your wishlist. Items in wishlist:. Items in cart:.

Shipwrec Holland. Play All. Sort Artist. Items 1 to 50 of 88 on page 1 of 2. People also bought North Bend green transparent 2xLP. Roman has been plying his trade for well over a decade now but has really found his creative groove of late. North Bend arrives some 13 years after his debut album, Esemplastic, and its nine tracks find a producer fully confident in the kind of electro he's now producing. Rich in atmosphere and futuristic texture, North Bend is an album that demands your attention from the off and feels quite at home on Shipwrec.

Taking shape as a one track 12" for the latest in Shipwrec's Silk Screen Printed Series, "I See What You Did There" snaps and throbs in all the right places across its nine minutes but is tempered with a sense of emotive contemplation that lends it some extra depth. Lost In Compression EP 12". Table For Two EP 12". Acid Shores purple marbled vinyl 12". He goes in hard from the off, combining distorted techno kicks, punchy electro percussion hits and winding acid lines on the buzzing "Acid Shores".

There's a metallic intensity about "SEG", with pitched down drum-machine cowbells and throbbing electronics helping to drive the track forwards. Video: Navigating a Full Row of LPs Our friend Kyle came by and demonstrated one of the better ways of navigating a full row of records.

The rows are full of LPs and it gets a bit tight. If you do want credit towards the sale we would be happy to write you out a slip. We just get too busy during sales to look at records happily busy. The Update for next week will be published Wednesday Nov. B1 - Ekman - Kronkel. B2 - Ekman - Vast Los. Inofaith - Dawn Is Late. Inofaith - Twelve Hours. Inofaith - Nocturne. Out of stock. Steindor Kristinsson - Madame Claude. Steindor Kristinsson - Flute Machine. Steindor Kristinsson - Take Two.

Former Descent - Epic Alienation. Shipwrec SSPS Dance Macabre. Nuage Sombre. Without You. Add to cart. Image 2 Image. Brutal basslines stand, arms folded, in front of snapping snares, distorted notes b Following his acclaimed North Bend album of , Chris Roman, known as , is back on Shipwrec with the third in their series of single sided odysse This album fits seamlessly into the Toggle Navigation 0 items.

New Back in stock Browse all Recommended Upcoming. Funckarma Reasch ep Funckarma still going strong! Inofaith Dawn Is Late Ep Recommended by: Clone Inofaith searches carefully for his own sound, and takes on the experiment with his debut Ghostek Easy Changes ep Recommended by: Darko Esser After a stunning debut ep on the Belgian label Other Heights, Ghostek makes further explorations to his deep and dark side on the adventuristic Shipwr Funckarma vs Onionboy Rusty Kokon ep Funckarma goes in league with Onionboy Darko Esser , both delivering a track of their own, and a remix of each other's.

Felix Lenferink Forlane ep Felix Lenferink, one of the many aliases of the prolific Steve Mensink, operates on the highly fertile intersection where House meets Bass music. Doubleheart Roca ep The sonorous shape shifting form of Neil Landstrumm is back, this time coupled with Glasgow's groundbreaking JD Twitch to once again form Doubleheart The Grinder Recommended by: Clone klen Split release of the two Dutch labels Shipwrec and Fremdtunes, casting off for uncharted waters, setting sail to proudly introduce a fresh new name to Remix] Electro Electronix Bass.

Drvg Cvltvre American Psychosis [Part two] Following on from the first part in April, Shipwrec proudly serve up a second instalment of the American Psychosis project by pioneering Dutch produce Ochre Isolette Isolette touches on ambient and downtempo as well as lushly melodic electronica, in all its glory.

Ekman Synaptic Feedback Loops Recommended by: The Exaltics Koehler Pervert Ekman once gain keeping the Dutch west coast spirit alive with 4 dramatic and haunting acid voodoo tracks certain to draw a new generation to the beau Bintus Acid Shores Shipwrec are opening with some acid cheer.

Disco top Various Artists Paerels II.

Somewhere between early-era The Orb, The Future Sound Of London, and Legion Of Green Men you’ll find this transportive musical sprawl—a breakaway from the norms of everyday experimental electronics. Psychedelic Motel is a place where peculiar bits and bytes are melded to organic instruments with modular, Subotnick-like detail. Utrecht-based duo At The Psychedelic Circus are new [ ].

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  1. Steindór Kristinsson – Flute Machine EP [Ship09] Open in Lightbox. Mastering for vinyl. May 21 ; Posted By: admin; Comments: Comments Off on Steindór Kristinsson – Flute Machine EP [Ship09] Skills: Mastering; Search. Social Monkey. Search.
  2. Vinyl and CD 1 – 90 of Prev; 1; Next; Jump to; Genre. Show. Cat# Artist Steindór Kristinsson* Flute Machine EP (EP) 2 versions: SHIP Netherlands: Sell This Version: 2 versions (EP) 2 versions: SHIP Netherlands: Sell This Version: 2 versions.
  3. Nov 18,  · Tri Angle Bi Post no. 6 - Vessel announces new album and Evian Christ releases "King and Them" on vinyl. Steindór Kristinsson - Flute Machine EP. Lucy & Silent Servant - "History Survivors" EP. Blog Archive (1) February (1) () Author: Red Cup.
  4. Steindor Kristinsson Flute Machine ep Steindór Kristinsson, well know for his work in Einoma, comes with his first solo Ep. Dark scapes, advanced beat programming (E.O.G. style!) and orien.
  5. Music, Sound Design and Mastering. Recent Projects. Music; Sound Design; Mastering; Contact; To Top.
  6. DM vinyl A1: Criminal Asylum - DM vinyl B1: Criminal Asylum - DM CD Track 1. Steindor Kristinsson - Flute Machine. Steindor Kristinsson - Take Two. Add all tracks to a playlist; Ajlavmjuzik Stratasoul; Ajlavmjuzik;.
  7. Steindor Kristinsson - Madame Claude. Steindor Kristinsson - Flute Machine. Steindor Kristinsson - Take Two. Add all tracks to a playlist; Shipwrec Former Descent; Vinyl CD Styles All Artists All Labels Shipwrec Special Collectors Exclusives and hot news.

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