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2 Oct, 2012

Sovereign (Abe Monk Remix)

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Seventeenth-century French monk Dom Perignon is credited with being the first to recognize the ability of cork to contain sparkling wines. Yamaguchi was a prosperous and refined city, and its leaders, the Ouchi family, were aware that Xavier's journey to Japan had begun after the completion of his mission in India. They took Catholicism for some sort of new sect of Buddhism, and were curious to know of the priest's doctrine. Tolerant but shrewd, their eyes less on baptism than the Portuguese cargoes from Macau, they granted the Jesuit permission to preach.

The uncompromising Xavier took to the streets of the city denouncing, among other things, infanticide, idolatry, and homosexuality the last being widely accepted at the time. Misunderstandings were inevitable. The Jesuits attempted to expand their activity to Kyoto and the surrounding regions. This license was the same as those given to Buddhist temples , so special treatment cannot be confirmed regarding the Jesuits. Christians refer positively to Oda Nobunaga , who died in the middle of the unification of Japan.

But overall, he undertook no remarkable policies toward Catholicism. Actually, Catholic power in his domain was trivial because he did not conquer western Japan, where the Jesuits were based. With the passage of time, Xavier's sojourn in Japan could be considered somewhat fruitful as attested by congregations established in Hirado , Yamaguchi and Bungo.

Xavier worked for more than two years in Japan and saw his successor-Jesuits established. He then decided to return to India. For 45 years, the Jesuits were the only Christian missionaries in Asia, and then the Franciscans began proselytizing as well. Christian books were published in Japanese from the s on, some with more than one thousand copies and from a printing press was established under the supervision of Soin Goto Thomas, a citizen of Nagasaki with thirty Japanese working full-time at the press.

Liturgical calendars were also printed after until at least Christian solidarity made also possible missionary mail delivery throughout the country until the end of the s. By , at the height of missionary activity, there were about , converts. By the end of the 16th century, the Japanese mission had become the largest overseas Christian community that was not under the rule of a European power.

Its uniqueness was emphasized by Alessandro Valignano since , who promoted a deeper accommodation of Japanese culture. Japan was then the sole overseas country in which all members of those confraternities were locals, as was the case with Christian missions in Mexico, Peru, Brazil, the Philippines, or India, in spite of the presence of a colonial elite. Most Japanese Christians lived in Kyushu, but Christianization was now a regional phenomenon and had a national impact.

By the end of the 16th century it was possible to find baptized people in virtually every province of Japan, many of them organized in communities. Hundreds of churches had been built throughout Japan.

Accepted on a national scale, Christianity was also successful among different social groups from the poor to the rich, peasants, traders, sailors, warriors, or courtesans. Most of the daily activities of the Church were performed by Japanese from the beginning, giving the Japanese Church a native face, and this was one of the reasons for its success.

By , there were seventy native brothers in Japan, fully one half of Jesuits in Japan and fifteen percent of all Jesuits who were working in Asia. The War between Japan and Korea also provided Westerners with a rare opportunity to visit Korea. Under orders of Gomaz, the Jesuit Gregorious de Cespedes arrived in Korea with a Japanese monk for the purposes of ministering to the Japanese troops.

He stayed there for approximately 18 months, until April or May , thus being on record as the first European missionary to visit the Korean peninsula but was unable to make any inroads. The 'Annual Letters of Japan' made a substantial contribution to the introduction of Korea to Europe, Francis Xavier having crossed paths with Korean envoys dispatched to Japan during and The Japanese missions were economically self-sufficient.

The brotherhood grew in numbers to over by and in Controlled by the elite of Nagasaki, and not by Portuguese, it had two hospitals one for lepers and a large church. By , there already existed a feminine religious order called Miyako no Bikuni Nuns of Kyoto which accepted Korean converts such as Marina Pak, baptized in Nagasaki. By , it had ten churches and was divided into eight parishes, including a specifically Korean order.

Different groups of laymen supported Christian life in Japanese mission, e. These groups were fundamental to the mission, and depended on both the ecclesiastical hierarchy as well as the warlords who controlled the lands where they lived. The Jesuits in Japan had to maintain economic self-sufficiency because they could not expect stable and sufficient payment from their patron, the King of Portugal , the king allowing the Jesuits to engage in trade with Japan.

Such economic activity can be found in the work of Francis Xavier , the pioneer of Catholic missions in Japan, who covered the cost of missionary work through merchant trading. From the s to the s, the Jesuits covered all necessary expenses with trade profits and bought land in India.

Their officially recognized commercial activity was a fixed-amount entry into the Portuguese silk trade between Macau and Nagasaki. They financed to a certain amount the trade association in Macau, which purchased raw silk in Canton and sold it in Nagasaki. They did not confine their commercial activity to the official silk market but expanded into unauthorized markets. For the Macau-Nagasaki trade, they dealt in silk fabrics, gold, musk and other goods including military supplies and slavery.

Sometimes, they even got involved in Spanish trade, prohibited by the kings of Spain and Portugal , and antagonized the Portuguese traders. It was mainly procurators who brokered Portuguese trade. By brokerage, the Jesuits could expect not only rebates but also favorable treatment from the authorities. For this reason, the office of procurator became an important post among the Jesuits in Japan. Or browse results titled :. Here, "Love Me Sess" gets an official pressing in pristine remastered form.

Originally meant as a standard two sided release, the second tune ran into some issues and had to be removed. Contact Deep Jungle.

Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. If you like Deep Jungle, you may also like:. Eisai sported a cruel smirk, "Ah…I haven't played with prey in a very long time. Just thinking about it makes me ache with anticipation. Sora took a swipe at Naruto who ducked and sent a palm strike at the boy's gut making Sora step back a little before coming at the blonde again. They were being watched by their instructor Chiriku who was a bald man with dark eyes, and very thick eyebrows.

He wore the standard attire of the ninja monk along with the sash worn by members of the Twelve Guardia Ninja group and went barefoot. Chiriku was the fist person to determine why Naruto was treated soo badly within the village since he and Sora share the same burden. He wanted very badly to contact Asuma and demand to know why the man's father Sarutobi Hiruzen allowed Naruto to be assaulted when Eisai-sama brought him here.

It was simply awful. The calm man was almost brought to tears seeing the scars and bruises on the innocent child's body. Chiriku was brought out of his musings when he saw Sora go flying across the room and land on his back sliding back a little.

Looking over at Naruto he saw the blonde had his palm stretched out before going back into a standing position making the man smile. Sora snorted before taking the blonde's hand, "Yeah, well just you wait! One of these days I'll definitely best you! Sora grinned making Chiriku relax seeing the boy grin and bond with someone his own age. When Sora came here his heart was filled with one emotion.

Ninja Monks don't believe in vengeance, but sometimes its not all that easy to just disregard such feelings especially when a close loved one you used to know is involved. He promised he would keep the secret of what happened to Sora's father a secret to his grave and if things go his way then he will continue to do so. He watched both boys leave to wash up before going to the meditation chamber. Sora sighed as he had half his face submerged in the warm water blowing up bubbles before lifting it out of the water, "Pwua!

This feels awesome! Naruto gave him a questioning look as if not understanding what he was talking about making Sora sigh, "Why are you wearing that white thing? You can just take it off here y'know, its just us. The blonde blinked before taking the white cloth off the bottom half of his face revealing whisker marks, "Force of habit.

I wear a mask to cover the lower part of my face all the time while I'm in Konoha. Sora grumbled as he leaned back, "Yeah…I have to cover my right arm even if I'm here in the temple. Naruto said nothing as he simply let Sora talk.

He had a secret he didn't want to tell Sora yet not knowing how he would react so he's been keeping it to himself. Sora gave the blonde the most determined look he'd ever seen, "I…I want to become the best Ninja Monk that surpasses all the others!

Naruto closed his eyes before smiling, "I know you will. When you do, I'll support you from the shadows. Sora stood up, "Come on, let's go do that boring meditation stuff. If one would look closely through the steam of the bath one would see that the scars the young blonde boy had received from the drunken villagers was no more, and while the physical scars may be gone the psychological scars still remain.

Location-Fire Temple's Meditation Room. Naruto and Sora sat down lotus style before Chiriku who sat in the same position. The room was dark and candles were lit all around them creating a circle. Both boys had their eyes closed as they relaxed their minds like Chiriku asked them too. Speaking of which the man was staring at them both with a proud expression, Sora may complain about certain things but he took his training seriously, and while Naruto never complained about the ninja monk's way he was determined to become a Sacred Monk's Guard.

There are a total of Five Sacred Warrior Monk's that are spread throughout the nations. The Sacred Warrior Monks are very powerful warriors that their power equals that of a Kage making them individuals not to be trifled with. Chiriku couldn't help but feel saddened by the fact that Naruto was determined to become one at such a young age, but he knew why the boy wanted to be one.

It wasn't just because of the kindness that was given to him by Eisai, the boy wanted to be strong enough to protect something or someone. For such a small child to have the look of a warrior so early in his young life made his heart feel such sadness. Unknown of the older Monk's conflicting thoughts, Naruto's mind went elsewhere to meet his companion.

Opening his eye within his mind he arrived at a grassy plane that was surrounded by a lake with lit up candles that were floating in the water. Hearing the soft breaths of his companion he walked towards the noise and sure enough he found his fox companion sleeping while leaning its head on its folded arms making the blonde smile.

He decided to leave his companion to sleep but was stopped by his voice. Kurama sighed seeing the brat give him that puppy eye look, normally he would dismiss such a thing but this boy's puppy dog eye trick was just too powerful to ignore, "Do whatever you want. Feeling a sense of accomplishment he stood up and walked over to the fox before jumping up on it landing on its head, sitting down on it lotus style with a pleased expression, "Your body temperature's really warm.

I'm impressed. Kurama bellowed out laughing at the blunt way his host explained how he broke some stupid brats arm, "Did the brat cry and wail? Kurama snorted, "So you did take my advice and started showing why those weak-willed fools should never mess with you ever again. Naruto nodded, "Yep. If their willing to use violence against me then I'll retaliate and defend myself.

I refuse to be weak anymore. Kurama closed his eyes remembering how he had first met his jailor, it was right after that monk Eisai brought him to the Fire Temple after he received a vicious beating from those drunken idiots.

Kurama stared down at the boy before him who looked lost and confused about the world and himself. What I saw disgusted me to my very core," he frowned, "I came across a young blonde child being mercilessly beaten by grown men, so I killed them and brought the child back to the Fire Temple so he could rest and heal. Should be interesting. However I want to know the reason why the boy was getting beaten by grown men?

Remember what happened last time? Aijin had a dark look in his eyes, "To force a child into something like that…it reminds me of Gaara. I go and see the boy everyday whether the Rasa likes it or not. His eyes show kindness sadness, and loneliness.

Aijin had a sad look in his eyes, "Your not wrong. He was truly someone I looked up too. When I was reincarnated into this body and regained all of my memories Bunpuku found out and wasn't really all that bothered by it. In fact…he said he was happy for me. Aijin frowned again, "I can only imagine the pain he must've gone through being kept at that village and now young Gaara is forced to carry on that pain.

I've gone there everyday to see the child, it seems my visits puts him at ease. Kana sported a serious expression, "Yes…I'll go first then. I'm sure you've heard about the civil war going on within Kirigakure, correct? For what reason I do not know. It would appear he's been put under a Genjutsu, but not just any normal one…a powerful one enough to effect both Yagura and Isobu-the Sanbi.

Abe narrowed his eyes, "So it's the same one…the Uchiha aside, I've discovered something interesting. Abe's look became serious; "There are a group of individuals who wear black cloaks with red clouds on them.

Eisai narrowed his eyes prompting Aijin to ask, "You've got that look again…what are you thinking about? That fool has no idea what will really happen. Their exam is coming up soon. Eisai chuckled in amusement, 'I wonder what their guards will think when they meet Naruto for the very first time?

Speaking of Naruto, said boy was currently taking a break from training by sitting down lotus style on the ground of the same training ground he used before. He was currently in deep thought as he meditated, his first thoughts were on the Nara family. Yoshino was a strong woman, the type of woman who doesn't hesitate to set someone straight or go down without a fight.

Shikaku is the strategic type just like Shikamaru but the man's combat abilities are not to be trifles with, Naruto knows that much. He had to admit there were times where he believed Shikamaru had almost gotten him with a few moves, and the only reason he didn't is because the blonde had been watching the way Shikamaru plays very carefully. He still didn't understand how he was able to observe and copy Shikamaru's playing style then use it as his own without the Nara even noticing.

Maybe its something he should discuss with his father about. Clearing his mind of all thoughts he refocused on meditating but then snapped his eyes opened seeing he was being watched by something hiding amongst the trees. Turning his head in the direction where he was being watched he merely sat there and stared waiting to see what his observer would do. After about 2 minutes of having a stare down the figure finally decided to show themselves.

Needless to say he was surprised when the observer turned out to be a black wolf cub with piercing blue eyes. Naruto blinked not moving a muscle as he waited for the little one to reach him. Once the cub finally reached him the little wolf sat on its hind legs still staring at him. The blonde stared right back, waiting to see what would happen but the cub still made no move and simply stared.

Taking a chance he slowly raised his hand up inching it towards the cub, he hesitated for a second before advancing forward again rubbing its head. He smiled when the little one closed its eyes accepting the warmth on its head with a content look on its face. The cub opened its eyes again prompting Naruto to stop petting it.

He was surprised when the cub jumped in his lap before curling up into a little ball growling softly. He chuckled, what a cute little cub. It was still in the afternoon and the blonde had nothing planned so he wanted to sit there a little while longer and meditate seeing as how the cub in his lap was in no hurry to leave anytime soon anyway. That plan went out the window when the little one started moving in his lap making him open his eyes.

Looking down he saw the cub was staring at him, he didn't understand what the cub wanted but it was obvious the little one wanted to explore. Before he could start walking away the cub jumped on his shoulder then perched on his head wagging its little tail.

Shrugging his shoulders Naruto walked back into the village with the little one perched on his head. Taking out his book he started reading where he left off. As he stared out into the horizon a thought came to him, "Would I be able to see this again?

Or will I die unable to see or feel anything anymore? Becoming a monk at such a young age, enduring the hatred that's spread in your village, and then saving it from destruction by the Fallen Warriors.

I respect you second only to my father. The wolf cub perched on the blonde's head eyed the humans that were glaring at his human. He didn't like it very much but until they actually tried doing something to the blonde he decided to just leave them alone…for now. Naruto was none the wiser as he kept reading on in his book interested in seeing what would happen next.

He was just about to flip he next page when he heard a crashing noise to his right, stopping he saw a woman with light brown eyes without pupils and brown hair which is tied into a bun with a red ribbon in it.

Strands frame both sides of her face, hanging over her ears from behind them. She is fair skinned, and slight wrinkles are visible near her mouth. Her attire consists of a dark teal elegant dress, which sports an aquamarine coloured gem below the collar.

He noticed she had dropped some flowers and bent down to pick some up, not wanting to let her do it alone he decided to assist. Putting his book away he walked over to the crouched woman seeing she had dropped yet another flower on the ground and sighed.

He swopped down and picked it up for her then moved onto the next one and picked them up, before he realized it he had a handful of flowers in his arms. He was brought out of his musings when the woman smiled at him tenderly, "Thank you so much for helping me, young man.

Bless your heart. Naruto bowed to her respectfully making her giggle, "Ara, such manners. You don't see that everyday with someone of your age.

under aCC BY license, and from forallx: Lorain County Remix, byCathal Woodsand J. Robert Loftis, and from A Modal Logic Primer byRobert Trueman, used with permission. Lincoln was either born in Illinois or he was once president. flakowalabemununalarmelniggbal.coious Monk played gigs with John Coltrane.

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