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2 Oct, 2012

Soundtrack For Visiting Another Planet (Original Version)

Given the popularity of the first series, a six-part sequel was announced ten years later — Planet Earth II — and its main theme was written by none other than Hans Zimmer. I want to hear the individual players; I want to hear the ebb and flow.

I thought that the commentary was so clever in the way that Attenborough winks at the scene. Jupiter , meanwhile, was also peopled by blue-eyed blondes, but these people could float in the air, and their women wore braids down to their waists. The Swedish philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg believed the universe was filled with other planets inhabited by humans though spiritual beings. He claimed to have been guided by God and an angel through spiritual tours of Heaven, Hell, and the cosmos.

Through the Lord, he was able to commune with spirits, not just of this world but also of others. Men of the Moon were described as dwarfs about the size of a seven-year-old boy, though stouter in stature and with thunderous voices. Mercurians resembled Earthlings and wore tight clothing.

They were also hungry for knowledge, able to read memories from approaching individuals, and counted Aristotle as one of their population. The inhabitants of Venus were divided into two groups, one peaceful and gentle, the other fierce thieves.

Martians resembled humans of various hues without facial hair, lived in perfect communes wrong thinkers being exiled , wore clothes made from tree bark, and were apparently the best people in the universe. The inhabitants of Jupiter were upright, soft-spoken, happy, and family-oriented people with an obsession with washing their faces and a tendency to walk on their hands. Finally, Saturnians were restrained, humble people with low self-esteem. They had little interest in food and clothing.

Rather than burying their dead, they would cover them with leaves. UFO contactee and alleged reincarnated Saturnian Howard Menger claimed to have been taken on joyrides through the solar system on a flying saucer. His interaction with aliens began at the age of 10 when a mysterious woman in the forest told him he was chosen and destined for great things.

He had intermittent contact during his service in the Pacific War, but after leaving the army he spent a lot of time helping visitors from Venus and Mars blend in with Earth clothing—the women apparently had trouble with high heels and rejected bras entirely.

Later he would remember he was actually the reincarnated spirit of a Saturnian man named Sol du Naro , who occupied the body of a dead one-year-old named Howard Menger at the end of a wonderful relationship with a Venusian woman.

He claims the beings and civilizations on Venus and Saturn vibrate at a higher frequency than those on Earth, rendering their bodies more tenuous and often invisible to us. He described beautiful suburbs with redwood trees on Venus, unfamiliar animals, and people walking around in pastel clothing.

He would also take a trip to the Moon after receiving a lunar potato containing over 15 percent protein from a contact in Philadelphia. He even reported a huge, crashed, bullet-shaped vehicle , said to be the remains of an exploratory vessel from another world. Back on Earth, later in life he recanted his story, blaming it all on a CIA mind experiment , only to re-recant back to his original story in the s.

It was the first science fiction film to depict humans traveling in a faster-than-light starship of their own creation. In , the picture was entered into the Library of Congress ' National Film Registry , being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". In the 23rd century, the starship CD reaches the distant planet Altair IV to determine the fate of an Earth expedition sent there 20 years earlier.

Edward Morbius, one of the expedition's scientists, warns the relief ship not to land, saying he cannot guarantee their safety, but CD Commander John J. Adams ignores his warning. Morbius describes how, one by one, the rest of the expedition was killed by a "planetary force" and that their starship, the Bellerophon , was vaporized as the last survivors tried to lift off. Only Morbius, his wife who later died of natural causes , and their daughter Altaira were somehow immune.

Morbius offers to help them prepare to return home, but Adams says he must await further instructions from Earth. The next day, Adams finds Farman trying to seduce Altaira; furious, he dresses down Farman and criticizes Altaira for her naivety around the crewmen and what he considers her excessively-revealing clothing.

She reports the incident to Morbius, claiming that she never wishes to see Adams again, though she later designs new, more conservative clothing to appease Adams. That night, an invisible intruder sabotages equipment aboard the starship. Adams and Ostrow attempt to confront Morbius about this the following morning. While waiting, Adams goes outside to talk to Altaira. He apologizes for his behavior and they kiss. When they are unexpectedly attacked by Altaira's pet tiger, Adams disintegrates it with his blaster.

When Morbius appears, Adams and Ostrow learn that he has been studying the Krell , a highly advanced native race that perished overnight , years before. In a Krell laboratory, Morbius shows them a "plastic educator", a device capable of measuring and enhancing intellectual capacity. When Morbius first used it, he barely survived, but his intellect was permanently doubled.

Afterwards, Adams demands that Morbius turn over his discoveries to Earth. Morbius, however, states that "humanity is not yet ready to receive such limitless power". Adams orders the crew to erect a force field fence around the starship to prevent further sabotage. It proves ineffective when the invisible intruder returns and murders Chief Engineer Quinn.

Morbius warns Adams of his premonition of further deadly attacks, similar to what happened with the Bellerophon. That night, the invisible creature returns and is outlined in the fence's force field.

The ship's blaster weapons have no effect and the creature kills Farman and two other crewmen. Morbius, asleep in the Krell lab, is startled awake by screams from Altaira; at the same instant, the roaring creature vanishes.

Later, while Adams tries to persuade Altaira to leave, Ostrow sneaks away to use the Krell educator. He is fatally injured, but with his dying words, Ostrow tells Adams that the great machine was built to create anything from thought alone. He says that the Krell forgot one thing, however: "Monsters from the Id ". Their own base subconscious desires, given free rein and unlimited power by the machine, brought about their quick extinction.

Adams asserts that Morbius' subconscious mind created the creature that killed the original expedition and attacked his crew; Morbius refuses to believe him.

After Altaira tells Morbius that she intends to leave with Adams, Robby detects the creature approaching. Morbius commands the robot to kill it, but Robby knows it is a creation of Morbius's subconscious mind and shuts down rather than harm him to stop it. The monster melts through the almost indestructible Krell metal doors of the laboratory where Adams, Altaira, and Morbius have taken refuge. Morbius finally accepts the truth.

He confronts and disowns the creature, but is fatally injured by the backlash resulting from the confrontation; the Id monster vanishes. Before Morbius dies, he has Adams unknowingly initiate an irreversible chain reaction within the Krell reactors—a planetary self-destruct device—saying that everyone must be million miles out in deep space within 24 hours. Adams then comforts Altaira by saying that this tragedy will serve as a reminder that, ".

An Earth expedition headed by John Grant is sent to the planet to retrieve Dr. Adams and his daughter Dorianne, who have been stranded there for twenty years. From then on, its plot is roughly the same as that of the completed film, though Grant is able to rescue both Adams and his daughter and escape the invisible monster stalking them. The film was shot entirely indoors, with all the Altair IV exterior scenes simulated using sets, visual effects , and matte paintings.

The starship was surrounded by a huge, painted cyclorama featuring the desert landscape of Altair IV; this one set took up all of the available space in one of the Culver City sound stages. Principal photography took place from April 18 to late May Later, many costume and prop items were reused in several different episodes of the television series The Twilight Zone , most of which were filmed by Rod Serling 's Cayuga Productions at the MGM studio in Culver City, including Robby the Robot, the various CD models, the full-scale mock-up of the base of the ship which featured in the episodes " To Serve Man " and " On Thursday We Leave for Home " , the blaster pistols and rifles, crew uniforms, and special effects shots.

Robby also starred in the science fiction film The Invisible Boy and later appeared in many TV series and films. According to a "Behind the Scenes" featurette on the film's DVD, a close look at the creature shows it to have a small goatee beard, suggesting its connection to Dr. Morbius, the only character with this physical feature. Unusually, the scene in which the Id Monster is finally revealed during its attack on the Earth ship was not created using traditional cel animation.

Instead, Meador simply sketched each frame of the entire sequence in black pencil on animation stand translucent vellum paper; each page was then photographed in high contrast, so that only the major details remained visible. These images were then photographically reversed into negative and the resulting white line images were then tinted red, creating the effect of the Id Monster's body remaining largely invisible, with only its major outlines illuminated by the energy from the force-field and blaster beams.

Net Soundtrack. Net Search Register Login. Music From Our Planet [Miniseries]. Music By Steven Price. Track Listing 1. This Is Our Planet Get this album or track at:. Get this album or track at:. Rate this Album. Click stars to rate.

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  1. Forbidden Planet is a American science fiction film, produced by Nicholas Nayfack, directed by Fred M. Wilcox, that stars Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, and Leslie in Eastmancolor and CinemaScope, it is considered one of the great science fiction films of the s, a precursor of contemporary science fiction cinema. The characters and isolated setting have been compared to Music by: Bebe and Louis Barron.
  2. Side C: Another Girl, Another Planet / Happy Birthday / Girl From Ipanema / Born In The USA / Dedicated To The One I Love / Waitress In The Sky / I Just Don’t Give A Damn / Unsatisfied Side D: Black Diamond / Gary’s Got A Boner / Go / If Only You Were Lonely / Sweet Home Chicago / Be My Lover / Hear You Been To College/5(11).
  3. Our Planet (Soundtrack) Original Soundtrack; 42 videos; , views; Last updated on Apr 11, ; Play all Share. Loading Save. Sign in to YouTube. Sign in. This Is Our Planet | Our Planet OST.
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  5. Nov 12,  · The album includes the series’ mesmerizing and captivating main theme song, “Planet Earth II Suite,” composed by the Academy Award winner, as well as original music .
  6. Jun 25,  · Truman Bethurum almost doesn’t fit this list because he never did get to visit another planet, but he really could’ve been a contender. In , the night shift maintenance mechanic finished work at AM and drove out to a hillside called Mormon Mesa to look for seashells from the ancient sea that once covered the area.
  7. Directed by Norman Taurog. With Jerry Lewis, Joan Blackman, Earl Holliman, Fred Clark. The weirdest alien of the galaxy pays a visit to Earth.
  8. referencing The Thing - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, LP, Album, Ltd, RM, Cry, WW I hope for an original to compare with someday, but as is this isnt bad. It gives a nice and clean yet smooth presentation and gets across the right feel the music wants to convey for the most part.

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