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2 Oct, 2012

Sleep Column - Static Gore (File, MP3)

It can run in strict mode and spew out sensible error messages, or be lenient and return Optional. Keep in mind that it's basic. It doesn't coerce data types every value it returns is a String and only returns leaf nodes. It handles InputStream s, so you can test it against some giant JSON document and see that it's much faster than it would take your browser to download and display its contents:.

I would suggest to use path instead of get as get throws a NPE, where path returns with a default 0 or "", which is safer to work with if setting up the parsing correctly for 1st time. I am using an Object mapper to convert this object but it is giving me a Json inside Json.. I faced this issue when I decided to use Jackson as the json library for a project I worked on; mainly for its speed.

I was already used to using org. I quickly found out though that many tasks that were trivial in org. The classes below will allow you to use Jackson as easily as you would the simple org. I wrote the whole thing in a few hours, so feel free to debug and suit the code to your own purposes. Finally for a one size-fits-all-most-likely for encoding and decoding your Java classes to JSON, I added this simple class:. Learn more. Asked 5 years, 10 months ago.

Great answer, a set of useful tools! How do you sync the audio with the video if they are recorded in separated programs? Jirico I produce an audio file mp3 from the audio recording program and I produce a video file mp3, flv from the video rocording program, I open up kdenlive, load both files into a new project put the video file on the video track and put the audio file on the audio track, sync up the two, cut to size and then export an new mp4 video file from this kdenlive project.

Hi Jern, I rather meant how to record my own face. You know, like in the popular video-blogs that many folks have today. It strikes me that I watch many of videos any day and the sound quality is superior, and definitely not all of these people are experts in this area.

Whoops, my bad. I just edited my response to be more appropriate. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Master your life. Read More. Yes, I Want. All Rights Reserved. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Get Special Gifts. We're a friendly, industry-focused community of 1. Hi, I am trying to a play a.

Thanks for any help! Answered by William Hemsworth 1, in a post from 10 Years Ago. Jump to Post. See example code and attachments. Thanks William!

I honestly think it doesn't now where to find the. Pandering to my infantile compulsions I paddled closer to catch one in my hand. I doubted seriously if anything could top what I had already recorded but, incidentally, I had noticed with my ears something strange yet infinitely alluring — the environmental noise-to-signal ratio in this area of the jungle was remarkably high, and it was entirely natural. I pulled my canoe up onto the bank of the river, switched on my light and ambled about deep into the forest until I was satisfied with an excellent stereo arrangement, set up my equipment and pressed RECORD.

Sleepy Jungle Slumber contains no fade-in or fade-out and can be seamlessly played on repeat without any sudden distractions. Digital stereo binaural recording.

Bitrate encoded at kbps for quality listening. This white noise MP3 sounds like: best for meditation , best for sleep , binaural , birds , constant , crickets , frogs , high-pitched , natural , no music , no people , rainforest , spacious. Healing Waves features soft secluded turquoise waves breaking offshore upon long ridges of sandbars, which then roll up and wash onto the glistening coast with positively relaxing vicissitudes of both impulse and impuissance.

Designed with a view of rest and recovery for tired bodies and aching appendages, for exerted minds and exhausted faculties, for wounded hearts and disenchanted souls, this silky smooth ocean soundscape relaxes and recuperates, recenters and re-equilibrates, revitalizes and refreshes the listener with a watery cradle of complete auditory zen.

To record Healing Waves a secluded low tide area was selected, surrounded by a stunning profusion of forests and rocky cliffs, far from homes and highways in an isolated bay.

Recording took place during the early evening twilight. You can hear the low rumbling frequencies of the distant breaking waves, which eagerly precede the final overspread upon the beach.

Every so often the subtle strike of ocean spray can just as well be heard lapping against the large foreground rock sitting off in the distance a little to the left of the microphones. This specific region proved to be perfect for recording the evening tide without any distractions. The result is a pure pristine recording that sounds very open, immediate, alive, and overflowing with the energy of harmonic ocean waves. Healing Waves is a natural soundscape digitally recorded using stereo binaural HRTF microphones and includes no sounds of animals, birds, people, voices, or traffic.

Listen to this if you ever reach into the blender to dislodge a stuck icecube without unplugging it first. This white noise MP3 sounds like: best for colicky babies , best for concentration , best for meditation , best for sleep , binaural , chillax , constant , high-pitched , medium-pitched , natural , no music , no people , ocean , secluded , spacious , water.

Recorded in late August of Because the water level was low, I was allowed to explore areas of Victoria Falls that were usually under heavy rushing water — so instead of overwhelming brumes of mist soaking me to the bone, I could see the cliff faces with steep scary drops to the mighty Zambezi River underneath.

Nevertheless, loud roaring caterwauls of forceful moving water was everywhere around me, everywhere I turned. The falls were spilling over only half of the gorge while the other half was somewhat dry for the moment, and I hiked along the edge.

Just a few months after this recording took place, tremendous amounts of violent rushing water will be storming over my footprints. After a 40 minute hike along and through the myriad boulders and creeks, my arrival at the Smoke that Thunders was greeted by a man in khaki shorts who approached me with an exciting offer — and before I knew it, I was wading into the water with my recording equipment safe and sound in my Pelican waterproof case.

But it is literally right on the edge — on the lip of the edge — of the waterfall, and you jump into a pool of surprisingly unperturbed water. You can only do it in the dry season though mid-August through January or February depending on rainfall , lest you wish upon yourself a terminal freefall descent into a jaggedy rock grave — any other time of the year and the sheer volumes of water will be entirely too much for you to stand your ground.

My guide performs a running dive straight into the pool, pulls himself up and stands on the extreme verge of the waterfall. He hollers over the trumpeting cacophony of deafening white noise and signals for me to hop in.

My heart is pounding like a kettle drum. Heck , why not! He takes hold of my legs, and — I stoop my head to witness a bevy of beautiful double rainbows as soft squiggly rills of water trickle down my back and off into the Zambezi river chasm below. It was such an amazing sight to behold — and such a long, long, long way down. Certainly an electrifying experience for the more acrophobic-inclined.

The constant turgid sea of broadband brown noise produced by the aggregate activity of countless collocated swiftly cascading rivulets of water stretched wide across an entire mile — married the simultaneous explosion of stratospheric pink noise bursting from neighboring waterfalls of the immediate vicinity; and the sound was like the snarling yawn of ten thousand slumbering gods — vociferously soothing with a degree of enjoyable vitality: invigorating and mesmerizing, voluminously robust and fretlessly bassful.

I snapped up this photo afterwards. Includes no music and no sounds of voices or people, birds or animals, planes or cars. The full hour-length MP3 includes no fade-in or fade-out at the beginning or end, so it can be seamlessly played on repeat without any distractions or sudden change of volume.

This white noise MP3 sounds like: best for colicky babies , best for concentration , best for lucid dreaming , best for meditation , best for sleep , best for sound masking , binaural , constant , high-pitched , medium-pitched , monotonous , natural , no music , no people , spacious , the sound of one hand clapping , water , waterfall.

Winter is over and spring is in the air. The air is flowing with hazy white mist, the calm quiet midnight atmosphere vibrates with the deep spacious stillness of their hypnotic lullaby, and we hear the sweet accompaniment of the trilling of toads and chorus frogs that join in every now and then whose vocals sound similar to running a finger along the teeth of a comb.

They are collectively awakened by the thawing of the earth as they slumber in their winter beds underneath a thick insulating layer of leaves and soil, and for 62 minutes we are pampered with the regal ambience of their melancholic crooning.

Usually they will begin to stir and peep during the warmer and rainy nights of spring, and even when there are still a few traces of snow and ice sitting on the edges of their ponds, they are not at all deterred — they just slip themselves under the ice and either drift about freely or hang onto a straying leaf or stick or other floating debris.

By the middle of April the male peepers will stake out their positions around the periphery of these ponds and puddles as they sing their little hearts out to entice the female peepers.

It may take a few nights of intense singing, but in due time these considerably selective females will become attracted to certain males. The male peepers with tiptop voices draw in the most females — although with thousands of them singing all at once, it is difficult to single out just that one perfect voice. Early mating this time of spring allows their newborn tadpoles to mature before the sweltering heat of summer starts to dry up their puddles and ponds.

Once the youngsters are mature, they will spread out over the land to feast upon insects at night, and rest during the warmth of the day. If the weather becomes cool, the singing takes a temporary interlude until the next warm spell. By early June, the singing ceases altogether except for the one or two odd loud mouths. On the same nights that I first hear these peepers, my windshield can always be found covered with bugs which are also just rewakening. People often wonder how it is that these tiny little creatures can make so much noise but, in direct relation to its petite size, the spring peeper is apparently one of the loudest animals on Earth!

The male spring peeper has a special sac attached to his throat that allows him to sing — using this sac, he squeezes air over the vocal cords and proceeds to amplify the sound by extensively inflating his throat into a large balloon-like bubble, and this produces an ear-piercing high-pitched peeping sound that can be heard for almost 2 kilometers away.

Spring Nocturne is a non-looped natural soundscape composed of an hour-long on-location digital stereo binaural field recording. There are no other sounds of birds, insects, people, cars, planes, wind, rain or water. No layering effects were used. This white noise MP3 sounds like: best for meditation , best for sleep , binaural , constant , frogs , high-pitched , natural , no music , no people , spacious.

I mean, we were discussing politics and homemade chicken pot pie in the dining room while simultaneously engorging ourselves with homemade chicken pot pie. Everyone was inside their homes in quiet apprehension except for me. Birth of a Supercell is a non-looped natural soundscape composed of an hour-long on-location digital stereo quasi-binaural field recording. Contains no sounds of birds, animals, people or voices. This white noise MP3 sounds like: best for concentration , best for meditation , best for sleep , best for sound masking , binaural , dripping , high-pitched , medium-pitched , natural , no music , no people , rain , spacious , water , wind.

Please direct all juicy goodness inquiries, sales, copyright, website to chateaudewhitenoise gmail. White Noise. Here's what people are saying about White Noise MP3s.

6 hours ago · " The second one said, "Ring me fast. the static though. com is a free MP3 search tool to download any songs in mp3 format that are in kbps high quality. com - FREE white and pink noise. Search for sound effects from our audio library.

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  1. Explore releases from Sleep Column at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Sleep Column at the Discogs Marketplace. Sleep Column: Paranoid Incubator ‎ (File, MP3, ) Wall Noise Action [WNA] Russia: xCrymore / Sleep Column - xCrymore / Sleep Column ‎ (3xFile, MP3, ) Wall Noise Action [WNA] Russia: [WNA].
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  3. Explore releases from Nascitari at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Nascitari at the Discogs Marketplace.
  4. Oct 11,  · _78_go-to-sleep-go-to-sleep-go-to-sleep_cahn-spielman-mary-martin-arthur-godfrey-arch_gbiaa_04_ct_flakowalabemununalarmelniggbal.co3 download download 39 Files download 13 Original SHOW ALL.
  5. @Jirico I produce an audio file (mp3) from the audio recording program and I produce a video file (mp3, flv) from the video rocording program, I open up kdenlive, load both files into a new project put the video file on the video track and put the audio file on the audio track, sync up the two, cut to size and then export an new mp4 video file from this kdenlive project. – tatsu Apr 5 at
  6. Apr 30,  · Audio reviews and ratings, video reviews, Audio buying guides, prices, and comparisons from CNET.
  7. Streams are the way of generalizing file, network, data compression, and other operations which share a common set of functions and uses. In its simplest definition, a stream is a resource object which exhibits streamable behavior.
  8. FREE Sleep Music - Stream & Download - Sleep Music embedding Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, Hz, Hz & other Solfeggio Frequencies.
  9. Definition and Usage. The play() method starts playing the current audio. Tip: This method is often used together with the pause() method. Tip: Use the controls property to display audio controls (like play, pause, seeking, volume, etc, attached on the audio).

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