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2 Oct, 2012

Olivier Angèle* - Boxing The Time (Vinyl)

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Supply and Demand. Folk rock , jazz rock , neo soul. Dream pop , indie pop. The Information. Alternative rock , alternative hip hop. The Philosophy of Velocity. Neotraditional country. He also drew early attention to the dangers of dioxins, the potential of solar energy and recycling as a practical means of reducing waste.

His most important decision was to publish the Pentagon Papers. The self-proclaimed Messiah from South Korea led the Unification Church, one of the most controversial religious movements to sweep America in the s.

The U. Known for her electrified hairdo and outlandish wardrobe, the zany housewife-turned-comedian made her comedy club debut at the age of Famed for her self-deprecating jokes, Diller enjoyed a long career in clubs, movies and TV. Scott died Aug. The incident shattered the image of the invincible cop and changed police practices. Charming audiences with his improvisational agility, he was principal pops conductor for several major symphonies, including the Pasadena Symphony and Pops and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

The chief art critic for Time became known for blasting art-world darlings such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jeff Koons, artists he felt exemplified the triumph of the marketplace and celebrity. With his powerful voice and beguiling style, Martin was one of the last of the big-name singer-actors from the golden age of Hollywood musicals. He toured for years with his wife, dancer-actress Cyd Charisse. The painter of dazzling geometric abstractions established a national reputation in as one of four Los Angeles-based Abstract Classicists.

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She also was the sole astronaut appointed to the Rogers Commission to investigate the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. The country music trailblazer was one of the first women to have a significant effect on country music. Her No.

The designer of classic Ferraris was responsible for the Ferrari and , the Dino and the Daytona. He transformed his family business from a boutique manufacturer of hand-crafted designs into a high-volume producer that maintained the aesthetics of Italian automotive design. His unyielding belief in the right of Jews to all of the biblical land of Israel often exasperated U.

A rare author and screenwriter whose works appealed to highbrow readers and mainstream movie-goers, Ephron wrote fiction that was distinguished by characters who seemed simultaneously normal and extraordinary. Known for his colorful portraits of athletes in motion, the wildly successful American artist became an artistic fixture at such major sporting events as the Olympics and the Super Bowl.

Neiman was also a longtime contributor to Playboy magazine. He elevated the status of film directors and molded a generation of movie makers and reviewers. King, who became an icon of the civil rights movement, was found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool in Rialto. Authorities are investigating his death as an accidental drowning. I loved the book, but could not get through this video.

In the ss there were a series of films about the legacy of the Nazis. One of the first was the Quiller Memorandum where George Segal worked for a secret agency trying to stop a Neo-Nazi revival in Berlin.

By far the best of the lot and the most menacing was The Boys from Brazil released in Kohler stumbled upon a plot by old followers of Adolf Hitler that included war criminal Dr. Josef Mengele Gregory Peck to murder 94 men across various countries around the world. Kohler is killed for his snooping, which gets Lieberman involved. Olivier plays a great Liberman. Peck as Mengele is imposing and evil. The story goes through twists and turns, and really has to be seen.

Considering the cast, I really thought this movie would deliver more than it did. Laurence Olivier, of course, did a terrific job as Lieberman; however, I was not impressed with Gregory Peck as Mengele. Which I guess really shouldn't surprise me..

I don't think I've ever seen him play a nasty heavyweight. It stayed pretty true to the book but it just didn't have the same This is one of those movies where you have to keep repeating It's Fiction, It's Fiction.

Otherwise you're yelling at the screen. And the notorious Josef Mengele does whatever he wants and goes wherever he wants. Oh, and deep in the jungles of Paraguay he cloned Hitler and helped unleash almost little Hitler clones throughout the western world. But the environments that all these little Hitler clones need, to really be effective, correct Hitlers, has to be just right.

Not to worry though, Mengele and his super secret Nazi organization are taking care of that too. Only an elderly Jewish Nazi hunter and a young Jewish Nazi hunter have figured out what's going on.

And fight to stop it. As I said, you have to suspend disbelief as you watch this movie and keep reminding yourself its fiction. But it could have been a lot better fiction with a better director, better cinematography, and different actors.

Gregory Peck as Josef Mengele? The entire time, you're saying to yourself "That's Gregory Peck! The great James Mason got paid for just showing up. And even Lawrence Olivier as the old Nazi hunter isn't that believable. This could have been a really good movie.

But it's not. That aside, the story line is unique. You won't watch this movie a second time, but you won't turn it off either. One person found this helpful. This was a fantastic show that depicted the extreme arm of the Nazi movement and the influence they carried around the world but especially in South America.

It shows how the treasures of war were meticulously saved so as to be utilized at a later date to see the rise of the Nazi movement once more. The acting is absolutely fantastic with a cast with some of the greatest leading men and character players that filled Hollywood studios and foreign companies as well.

I have always been a great follower of World War II and this takes that tragic period of history to a scary, well planned and organized scheme that many thought was really at work in the upper echelon of the Nazi military complex. This is a fascinating movie and the acting and story line make it well worth getting. I read the book first, written by Ira Levin, then saw this film. Extremely entertaining with three giants of classic Hollywood.

Rui S Great, I see that the truck brings the trailer. I'm looking forward to see that big set, Mate. Do you have a album of the Sd. Why it was an abomination? I like that armored car.

James C No I didn't bother re-shooting it as I disliked the result so much. If it had been priced more in line with other typical Italeri boxings like their Puma kit that I also did, I wouldn't of minded so much. Very dishonest marketing by Tamiya.

In comparison, I found their is poorly molded, the fit of that angular hull was not the best and the fit of the rear axles to the chassis was just sloppy as hell. Tamiya included a metal barrel which given it's basic shape was a bit unnecessary, as well as a standing commander figure to pose outside of the vehicle and then quadrupled the price!

I agree that it's a cool looking vehicle, and If you can find the original Italeri boxing, I'd recommend it as it includes the overhead aerial frame, but I would not recommend the Tamiya re-issue as your not getting anything for the inflated price and they did away with the aerial frame. Given the overall quality, I'd also avoid the later and much more expensive Italeri re-boxing as well I'm a fan of Tamiya engineered kits in general as you know your getting quality But your not getting that quality with these re-released Italeri kits, but your still paying Tamiya prices.

Rui S I see, and I agree To pay a lot more just for a nice boxart??? Tamiya shouln't overprice it. Zach Wilson exceptional precision. James C Thanks Zach. Rui S Looks great. Would like to see details. James C I've got some close ups from the original album backed up somewhere.

Just need to find them again. Neuling You really brought this old kit to life. Good paintwork! Lode Schildermans James, nice paint and detailed. I like it. James C Thanks guys. It looks better attached to the half-track with its top up in this album: Sd. Rui S Great camo and weathering. James C Thanks.

Neuling I agree with Rui. Lode Schildermans Not my favorite kit, but you always turn it into beauties. But it was a simple enjoyable build, and a good test bed to practice the camo pattern on. There are more recent and accurate kits of this vehicle by both Trumpeter and Dragon. Project: ISU Rui S like this one for exemple. James C Thanks Rui. This one got on top of me and I did not intend it to look so beaten up. Nathan Dempsey Nice work James. I remember selling many of these at the old hobby store.

Its great to see it built up. James C Thanks Nathan. Neuling Menacing looking vehicle. Good work! Lode Schildermans Very nice weathering. It sure does look as it has some miles done. James C Cheers Lode It was way too heavy handed on the weathering with this one and toned it down a LOT after this build.

Rui S Nice paintjob. Lode Schildermans The russians knew how to build tanks. This one fired a lot of shells apparantly. Nicely done. Rui S I like the weathering. Olivier Why last attempt? Are you unhappy with the outcome? By the way what is this red thing amongst the crew in picture 1? James C Thanks Rui Olivier - Yes, I was never happy with the final result of how the crew turned out, and overall I just didn't enjoy the process. The crew member in the second row is supposed to be eating an apple.

Perhaps I should have painted it green instead. I made another attempt to do the crew figures on the Patrol boat build but I ended up just binning them. A12 Matilda II Mk. The "Silver Grey" looked far too close to the "Portland stone". On this build I figured Tamiya's call outs were better I'll let you guys be the judge. James C A tricky masking job Olivier This one is stunning but I believe the Mk. II is more 'historic'. James C Thanks Olivier And yes, you are right.

I don't particularly like either builds now Something that I will definitely work on though. Spanjaard Excellent.

Quite a challenge James C Good luck with it and post some progress pics. Rui S Well I like all your models. Spanjaard looks great in my opinion! Tomaz Klemencic Very nice Stug, nicely painted and weathered! Olivier James. It means five stars. James C Olivier, wow

Angèle Dubeau offers a unique revisit to Ludovico Einaudi’s music, “changing its texture, rethinking its character, while bringing a new sonic dimension.” After three critically acclaimed albums in the Portrait series devoted to Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt and John Adams, Angèle Dubeau delves into another distinctive minimalist universe.

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  7. In this film, Josef has pulled of the medical experiment sensation of all time, and Olivier is on his trail. It makes for amusing viewing, these two elderly gentlemen with their fake accents, aided and abetted by a sinister James Mason. Ironically, a younger Bruno Ganz also turns up, he of the unparalleled Hitler in "The Downfall".

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