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2 Oct, 2012

London Underground - Various - Deep Flow: The Deep House Selection Vol 3 (File, MP3)

Glen was playing in a band whose name I cannot remember, It was a sort of free form spontaneous jazz group, I think [ maybe the Hydrogen Jukebox?

I had just dropped out so to speak, a concept which would sound alien today. I was into having a good time. My flat was raided by the police but rather than arrest me for something they just said we will be back in 30 minutes and if I was you I would not be here, so me and my brother ended up 30 minutes later walking down the road to somewhere or nowhere.

We asked in a bar if anyone knew of anywhere to stay, and we were sent to Steve Pank's flat, who kindly put us up for about a week. That is how I met Steve Pank who I have known for forty something years. At the time if it was happening anywhere it was in Portobello Road, Steve had a magazine called "Albion" which I did some drawings for and later on I helped him run a club in a church hall, for which I did the posters and handouts and any other menial tasks.

This club never advertised who was playing because most of the people who came to jam did not tell their managers or record companies, even Steve did not know sometimes if anybody was coming to play or not. Some of the musicians and acts were very well known, and people just turned up to see whatever happened. The council eventually closed us down for making to much noise, or that was the reason given. One of the bands who played regulary was the Third Ear Band who Steve introduced me to them".

Can you tell me which was the real connections of TEB with the Druids? I was interested in druidism so I joined a group, Steve Pank was also interested so he joined also. TEB music like a lot of freeform jazz at the time was about being in the present tense, opening up the door to another state of being.

Some freeform jazz branched out into various kinds of indian or oriental music and created fusion music. Some of this music had spiritual connotations and meditation was also becoming popular. The TEB was a fusion between freeform jazz, indian music, meditation and folk music played on classical instruments.

It was probably the first band of its kind but it was still about getting into the present tense or another state of being. The Druid Order is about the same thing in another context, linking up with another state of being or going beyond time and space searching for reality.

So I guess although some of the connections are physical the real connection is abstract". What do you think about TEB experience? Some people asks me if TEB music was devoted to the black magic What can you tell about it? TEB has nothing to do with black magic.

If black magic is superstition then no they were not. Black magic is just going against the light, every habit and resentment which we are stuck in is black magic, every desire to get revenge or hurt those whom we thought or did hurt us is black magic, war is black magic if it is based on an illusion and personal pride.

Primitive people need a devil to blame otherwise they would have to take responsibility for their own actions. The second problem is that everything costs more in Hawaii because it all has to be imported; the third problem is that nobody has any experience with elevated tracks, meaning that several contractors screwed up and had to be forced to rebuild things; the fourth problem is that the economy boomed at the wrong time.

There will be some people with experience in building elevated tracks, allowing for both better contractors and better oversight. Hawaii spent federal dollars building interstate highways with a higher per-mile cost and lower average speed than subway systems. I think Musk is proposing, maybe even building as we speak, a reaaaly long hypertube from Hawthorn-LA … Open before Xmas …. Sometimes the city center is beautiful or historically significant to the extent that nobody wants to spoil it with an elevated line.

City center is usually more constrained — narrower streets, taller buildings, higher land values making elevated wide turns cost-prohibitive. The turn radii on the Loop are comically low. Evidently, with a state that routinely overrules NIMBYs in very brutal ways, China converged on the same mix of subways and els, just with concrete rather than steel viaducts, with an underground : elevated cost ratio of about 2.

There are several other concrete rail viaducts in NYC. The High Line is steel. The exposed rivets give it away.

Very good comparative analysis, and why I come to this blog. In this context I was a bit disappointed by the book I mentioned in a recent comment on this site, The Transit Metropolis by Robert Cervero. There are cities—New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Moscow and Toronto, for example—that certainly qualify as great transit metropolises but that are not included in this book , either because their principal transit investments date from a much earlier period eg. London , or their experiences are viewed as either extreme eg.

As you know, I have been particularly frustrated by Australian cities and transit planners being hung up on the way the Brits do things. And this insularity really does seem an Anglosphere thing, with obviously Canada escaping the curse by its French heritage. Also, having a decade living in Paris and a decade not contiguous in the UK, I always found it weird the way most Brits and Londoners were under the delusion they did these transit things better than across the channel, when the lived experience was to the contrary an opinion of one born and bred in the Anglosphere!

Maybe, but it remains at least twice as expensive to use which is a major thing. All the big world cities have dense cores and less dense peripheries but only Paris had this extreme focus of the Metro serving only the centre. The newest line M14 has much wider station spacing.

Though I just checked on its predecessor, ie. My own position on the spacing issue is that I love the close spacing in intramuros Paris and always whinge about this when using the London Underground, or most other systems in the world. But I understand that it has consequences for both the city intramuros Paris and limits extension into the suburbs.

Thus, exclusively two-track irrespective of other transit design issues. Obviously the long narrow geography of Manhattan played a decisive role too. Re Els versus underground, one can understand a preference against the former but there is something a little irrational. Indeed there is something rather iconic about the M6 as it traverses the 15th and across the Bir-Hakeim bridge with the Eiffel Tower behind.

It also raises the issue of noise. Though the decision to convert a lot of lines to rubber-tired was more to do with increasing acceleration and deceleration, which was more important for Paris because of the short inter-station spacing.

In any case it was all too late to influence the American debate on Els versus underground I assume. My crap memory. But then, I hardly ever used it, even if going to Pigalle or nearby, one generally uses one of the radial lines. One is always aware when a train passes but perhaps it is not especially irksome… Perhaps your point about modern systems having equivalent acceleration is correct but I also recall that being challenged by someone especially for steeper grades.

At any rate, it was developed more than 70 years ago … however still kept for the driverless system used in Lille and then Paris-M14 and recently M1. The rubber-tired train fetish is documented to have been the actions of Michelin and French government support for Michelin. They exist so that Michelin can sell tires for them. This was imported into Montreal through the French-speaking connection. It was always obviously stupid, but Michelin was large and powerful at the time. Seriously that is the most ridiculous conspiracy theory I could have imagined.

And the system was exported to more than just French Quebec, including the Japanese even if in their usual habit, they re-engineered the precise system so they could manufacture it themselves. Do you think the Japanese were obviously stupid too? One thing that is true about Michelin is that the world tyre industry hated them for introducing steel radial ply tyres because it resulted in much longer lives for tyres. It caused a major restructuring of the industry.

Yeah, French cities removed their streetcars and replaced them with buses without anything like the GM conspiracy. They just figured buses were more modern. The light rail here is all new, like in the US but with higher ridership. Depending on how you count the one city that shut it down for two or three years to convert to light rail, France actually has two or three tram systems that never shut down. Miami is because the water table is essentially at ground level, making it extremely expensive to go underground for any purpose.

I am unsure if this is true in PR and Hawaii. One uniquely American form of transit you dont touch on is the downtown people-mover systems found in Miami, Jacksonville, and Detroit. Ive only been on the Miami one, but it is a great system, and I wish the concept had been more successful and replicated elsewhere. Right, thats why Im saying I wish it was more successful. What they need is the system to tie into parking garages outside the CBD, with the people-mover bringing you around a pedestrianized downtown.

My vague understanding is that the downtown people movers descend not from urban rapid transit systems but from the Disney Monorail, which is how they so frequently use monorail tech and at least in Detroit run in a one-way loop like at a theme park. Yes, like Miami, Hawaii also has the problem that going underground would all be below the water table and next tot he coast i. Looking at the cost of Crossrail, the actual tunnelling was fairly cheap, while the stations were very expensive.

Surely station costs will increase by less than double with four-track, while you need twice as many stations for two lines?

The station digs are bigger if there are more tracks. The express stations are twice as wide, and the local stations are almost twice as wide. I do have, however, an unimportant clarification:.

To give title to the example, from Menu click File - Change Title Enter Design Optimization title name in the box and click OK. Scalar Parameters window opens. Then close this window.

To create the geometry, first we need to define the keypoints. Input two keypoints as shown in the following table. Create Straight Line window opens.

Create a line joining two points. Since there are not any keypoints here and we can't be certain that one of the nodes will be here we will need to specify a hard point. Hard PT by ratio window opens. Select the line and click OK. Create Hard PT by ratio window opens.

Enter a ratio of 0. The keypoint is created. This element has 3 degrees of freedom translation along the X and Y axes, and rotation about the Z axis.

Element Types window appears. Click on Add button. Library of Element Types window appears. From left column select Beam and from right column select 2D elastic 3 and click OK.

Real Constants window appears. Set 1 is added to the Real Constants window. Then close the window. During the optimization, the width and height will change for each iteration.

As a result, the other variables must be defined in relation to the width and height. Enter geometric properties as:. Element Sizes on All Selected Lines window appears. High oil prices, great optimism in the industry and heavy investment spending are all set to boost demand for stand space at the Offshore Northern Seas show from August Covering key market sectors, the reports are already widely used by operators, contractors, analysts and national bodies as a definitive reference on the oil and gas industry.

Including macro-economic, geo-political and energy mix analysis to aid strategic, business model, marketing and investment planning. OTC Houston promises to be even better than the very successful and busy show in with a similar daily technical program of presentations. The innovative breakfast sessions will again be held to make best use of the day.

Are current UK tax and regulatory practices friendly towards this transformation? Are changes required before independents can profitably exploit. Are changes required before independents can profitably exploit fields in the North Sea thereby maintaining a healthy UK service industry? In conjunction with the Global Perspectives range of reports, over the course of Infield Systems will launch the Regional Perspectives Report Series.

This range of studies look into the key aspects of seven geographical regions and highlight the following;. The Offshore Northern Seas Shows in and were very successful with 33,and 35, visitors, over 1, Exhibitors, plus delegates and several thousand of the local population joining in many events. This major study from Infield Systems gives a comprehensive overview of business prospects in this exciting deepwater region.

The overall approach is to provide the industry executive with the detail necessary to develop an understanding of the opportunities based on a country-by-country view ranging from border disputes to corruption and economics.

Existing West African offshore activity is outlined together with the technology in use and proposed for future field development prospects. The Offshore Northern Seas Show in was very successful with 35, visitors, 1, Exhibitors, delegates and several thousand of the local population joining in many events.

The show in will see the 32nd ONS and is anticipated to be very well attended with many special events to mark the event including the festival. The harbour side rennovation is planned to be complete. More information on ONS08 will be posted on this website as it becomes available. OSEA otc04 houston otc houston links otc houston otc houston otc houston otc houston otc houston otc houston otc houston These are cost, safety, the environment, technology, resourcing and competiveness.

There will be a focus on leadership issues between companies and stakeholders. The slogan for Offshore Europe is currently being decided. In-depth executive surveys on a national, regional or international basis. Key Example -Detailed evaluation of key aspects of offshore pipeline markets including competitive assessment of key players - International Contractor offshore northern seas offshore northern seas offshore northern seas The Offshore Northern Seas Show in was very successful with 35, visitors, over 1, Exhibitors, plus delegates and several thousand of the local population joining in many events.

The show in saw the 31st ONS and was, as anticipated, very well attended with many special events marking the event. Whether it is looking at local content issues or detailing the local infrastructure developments these reports will provide the level of detail needed by those interested in a specific region of the offshore oil and gas industry.

These are operating worldwide and play a crucial role in the supply demand scenarios that drive the offshore oil and gas field development schedules. Offshore West Africa Report.

This range of studies look into the key aspects of seven geographical regions. OSEA otc03 houston otc04 houston otc05 houston otc06 houston otc07 houston otc08 houston Infield will also have all the latest editions of its aclaimed Global Perspective Market Reports for review and some of the authors will be available over the course of OTC 09 to discuss their content.

The technical program is as yet undecided but you will be able to download a pdf file from the official OTC Houston website. This file details the schedule, the speakers and the presentation titles for the four days of the OTC event. ONS otc houston otc houston otc houston otc houston otc houston otc houston The exhibition is expected to cover more than , square feet, plus expansion into the Reliant Stadium as in Further help to refine your search for product and companies is available on the official OTC Houston website.

Each report is over pages long with chapters concentrating on regions and sectors. Pipelines and Umbilicals Report pdf download Pipelines and Umbilicals Report Pipelines and Umbilicals Report Pipelines and Umbilicals Report pdf download Pipelines and Umbilicals Report pdf download Pipelines and Umbilicals Report pdf download Pipelines and Umbilicals Report pdf download Pipelines and Umbilicals Report pdf download pipeline sector database countries.

The first edition of this Global Perspectives Market Report, published by Infield Energy Data Analysts , provides an in-depth analysis of the global offshore pipelines and umbilicals sector. Pipelines Online identifies major offshore pipeline, control line and umbilical projects for the current year and the next four years into the future.

Bundled line systems comprise of a single outer casing pipeline which contains differing configurations of export flowlines, injection lines, control lines and umbilicals. Due to their nature, bundled line systems are laid in one or more sections of varying lengths. The Control lines data set is comprised of hydraulic, electrical, chemical and optic fibre control lines and umbilicals.

As of March The following countries have entries within the Infield database under the following regional groupings record field. The fields data set identifies shallow and deepwater fields globally, those which are currently producing and those that are being planned or considered for development from the current year onwards.

This data set uniquely identifies the ownership percentages for each field on the Infield Offshore Energy Database. You can easily quantify company strategies for each world region, country and even examine their move into deepwater and future prospects.

This data set provides the company names, addresses, telephone, fax, email and web address for the manufacturers of subsea trees, fabricators of steel jackets and the yards where the hulls of ship shaped vessels are either built or converted and the yards where other types of floating facilities are built. Infield provides a group name to help simple analysis of manufacturer or fabricator for the global activity and of its subsidiaries.

This dataset contains the company names, addresses, telephone, fax, email and web address where known of the field operators and participants in offshore field developments and operators of pipelines where it is different to the field operator. This is quite common practice in the Gulf of Mexico. The address is the local office from which the project is operated.

Piggy-Back Line Systems comprise a primary line employed for export of the hydrocarbon flow away from the field with a secondary smaller diameter flowline carrying injection water, injection chemicals etc. The system is laid as if it were a single flowline. Infield uses the pipelines data set for the referential integrity of the Offshore Energy Database as each end of the project is tied back to the start and end facility within the Offshore Energy Database.

This data set identifies both fixed and floating surface facilities, ranging from the massive gravity based structures down to small 15 tonnes caissons in the Gulf of Mexico. Semi-Submersible: A floating production facility and Guyed: A piled platform with additional tethers. The Single Point Moorings Dataset or SPM identifiy all of the systems employed for offshore loading, offshore storage and onshore loading at the shore terminal.

The data set identifies each and every manifold, template, satellite well, templated well and plem. The first record in the data set is a shore reference for offshore pipelines. The rest of the data set identifies the point at which the hydrocarbon export lines from offshore fields terminates on the shore at a separation and process facility.

This data set identifies offshore drilling activity and provides the reservoir and geological aspect to the Infield Offshore Energy Database. This file enables the Infield Research Team to identify new fields at an extremely early stage of development.

As such it is an internal file, but clients can access this information upon request. This report examines the renewable energy business sector by sector, the technologies for its commercial exploitation and forecasts capital expenditure to International Governments have pledged to generate a significant proportion of their energy supply from renewable sources.

The Infield database covers every single offshore field around the world with the range of data held for each field and its associated facilities as shown in the examples below. The first edition of the Global Perspectives Specialist Vessels Market Update published by Infield Energy Analysts, provides an in-depth, independent analysis of the global specialist vessels market sector; through to The report covers all of the major supply and demand drivers and analysis on key market sectors.

The Reynolds number determines whether a fluid flow is laminar flow (R less than ) or turbulent flow (R greater than ). The Hydraulic Diameter may be used to determine the flow regime of a flowing fluid by calculating Reynolds Number using the Hydraulic Diameter.

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  1. The Underground has its origins in the Metropolitan Railway, the world's first underground passenger in January , it is now part of the Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines; the first line to operate underground electric traction trains, the City & South London Railway in , is now part of the Northern line. The network has expanded to 11 lines, and in Locale: Greater London, Buckinghamshire, Essex, .
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  8. The London underground railway system—the ‘tube’—was designed and largely constructed in the Victorian era. Tunnels in many cases are deep and small in diameter, passenger loads are increasing and modern air-conditioning systems are rarely used—in fact air-conditioning underground can of course lead to local heat gains, depending upon.
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