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2 Oct, 2012

Immortally Condemned - Suffocation - Souls To Deny (CD, Album)

View Catalogs Online. Safe Shopping Guarantee. Buy a Gift Certificate. Customer Reviews. Contact Info. Privacy Policy. Send Feedback. Forgot Password? Sign Out. Email Subscriptions. This though, is a minor issue compared to the beastly performance given by the vocalist. If the mix on these vocals had been slightly more explosive this might have been marked about all the technical death metal albums released in the past few years.

The award going suprisingly, to Cannibal Corpse this year for their stunning comeback. Take nothing away from the band though, Suffocation are here to break faces and take names. It's been a long time, has it not? This was a nessecary record for both Suffocation and death metal genre in a broad sense.

It challenges a past legacy without even attempting to rewrite it. The vibe, the musicianship and the intelligent construction that existed in the early years is alive and well on this release. I've been a big fan of Suffocation for awhile now, and when this album came out I had to go get it, even being sketchy about a new Suffocation album minus Doug Cerrito. The first song "deceit" is really nothing special and just seems generic and uninspired from start to finish.

The second song "To Weep Once More" im not sure if this is done on purpose or what exactly, but im positive the opening riff is taken from one of their older songs, I cant remember which one exactly, but its pretty much copy pasted into this song. I actually like the title track to this album, it has some pretty badass riffs that stand out at certain points.

Finally "Tomes of Acrimony" which appearently the lyrics were written by Keith DeVito the guy from Pyrexia I suppose, its really nothing diffrent from at the beggining then about a minute into the song some baddass riffs come in.

Id say the title track in this last one Tomes of Acrimony are the strongest points of this album. Overall with this long break they took, Without Doug Cerrito, and appearently this album was self produced so minus Scott Burns, Im pretty disappointed with this release. I really wanted to like this album, none of these songs really have any riffs or solos that stand out at all, it just seems like a big generic and uninspired mess to me.

If you are a big fan of Suffocation's older stuff I doubt you'll find this release as appealing, on the other hand, some may enjoy this, who knows. While this is certainly Suffocation coming out of my speakers I cannot help but feel somewhat let down by Souls To Deny. Maybe it is the fact that they sound exactly as I remember them, as ludicrous as that may sound. I suppose I expected 8 years, give or take, to push them in somewhat of a new direction.

I would not want them to completely abandon everything that made them the band they were, but to just give me another album of exactly the same thing is not what I wanted either.

You have been out of the running for a lot of years guys, this is not the time to get conservative, but rather it is the time to show us that you can still be innovative and relevant. Maybe this sound is just showing its age. With fresh Death Metal bands like Decapitated releasing an incredible album like The Negation, it is quite possible that there is no place for a reunited Suffocation.

There in lies the problem with "comeback" albums. When a band sticks together, the good ones at least, they progress they get better and remain relevant in the genre, but when a band has been out of the loop for several years and then tries to return the results are almost always bad in one of two ways.

The first possibility is that they try to pick up where they left off and end up releasing an album completely derivative of what they used to be. The problem with this scenario is that in the time since their break-up, a number of knock-offs and wanna-bes have sprung up, and by the time their "comeback" album comes out people are so sick of that sound they do not want any more of it.

Even if it is coming from the band that started it all. The second possibility is that they simply do not have it any more, and they release an album that is neither up to the standard of their past work, or an album that does little in the way of expanding their music in a respectable manner. I believe "Souls To Deny" falls in the first category. This album is by no means a bad album. It is an effective combination of past work.

There are some quality songs on this album "Deceit" comes to mind as well as "Tomes of Acrimont" which has an awesome intro. This album is a logical continuation of the more technical approach that began with "Pierced From Within" and was explored further on the "Despise The Sun" EP. Perhaps my biggest issue with this release is Mullen's vocal performance. To my ears his performance doesn't have near the energy of past albums. I always considered Mullen to be one of my favorite death metal vocalists, but for others this may not be such a big deal.

Overall, I think this album is a fine Suffocation album if it were still However, by releasing a very conservative album like this, that is remaining well within the realm of their prior established sound, I think they have done themselves a disservice. None of this is going to matter to a lot of people. A number of individuals are going to be just so thrilled to have Suffocation back it won't matter. It's kind of like Morbid Angel. Because they are Morbid Angel they get a free pass to release completely boring Death Metal albums.

Much in the same way if this album were released by any other band it more than likely wouldn't be a blip on the radar, but it is Suffocation, why do you think I gave it a 79? Should there be another album I look forward to seeing if Suffocation can reestablish themselves, and prove that they are still as relevant today as they were when they began.

Ahh yes, Suffocation. The band who single-handedly took death metal to a new level of violence with their early's efforts and then cemented their crown as the reigning kings of brutality with the timeless masterpiece Pierced From Within. With their first studio effort in 9 years after a recent reformation, there was a lot of weight on their shoulders to deliver an album that lives up to the legacy of those old classics 's underproduced flop Breeding The Spawn notwithstanding , but i'm glad to say that they've risen to the challenge and thrown down a gauntlet of their own.

The past masters of extremity have delivered 8 songs which will once again secure their place on the blood-soaked throne of death metal. To Weep Once More Sorrow fills my weeping eyes Plauge and famine revived Reaping the benefits of life's tomb Insolent your fate To weep once more To seal our fate, look at what we've done to this holy place Fought through the centuries of time Religious undertones befall the earth A god of everlasting peace Yet lives are lost to you Is there such a place as this Supposed equality amongst all beings To serve the allmightly one Plauge Souls To Deny Souls, souls to deny Oppressed to a promised place To desire a place for you to die, unbeknownst to you thoroughly denied.

Expectations of a fruitful way to live, ungodly not to be achieved by you. Evil lies, death denied cursed to walk this pitiful existence To be taught a certain way to be, let down by the powers consuming me Souls, souls to deny Oppressed to the promised place God has abandoned you pain and misery a gift to you.

How do I deserve all this despite this unholy place Infliction of desires purging thoughts realized Souls, souls to deny Oppressed to a promised 4. Surgery Of Impalement To dissect the mind impaled of visions a delusional state from which one neglects Incise the flesh with delicate precision as to not disrupt such artistry To dominate a feild of iniquity undeserving of many.

One must realize a painful demise deeds of tranquility. Inflicting misery, an instrument of morbidity thrust deep on you. Conflicted desires will transpire justify what's right. Impaled upon a structure dear to you Blood soaked hands drip insistently Organs deemed venemous to you Surgery of impalement The blood drips from my hands Your flesh is warm upon my face Impaled with a collection of sickness To desire that what you recieve Impaled upon a structure dear to you Blood soaked hands drip insistently Organs deemed venemous to you Surgery of impalement 5.

Denied a response from a lifeless tomb Precious births Destruct to a plauge that infects the earth now regret the spawn unnurtured and feared to be dead by dawn Curse the consumed, born a salve reformed a distorted spawn of a masochist Deformities cripple and mold So you breathe but don't exist Internally decompose, skin erodes and exposes the skeletons damn the genes incestuously cloned to prey upon the innocent.

Report this album or account. Time Well by Cloakroom. Relapse Alumni. Mareridt Deluxe Version by Myrkur. MYRKUR explores deeper into the mysterious and the feminine with 11 tracks that further progress her vision with gorgeous melodies, dark folk passages, choral arrangements and superb, horrific beauty.

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If you like Souls To Deny, you may also like:. I was not into death metal for a quite long time, but elements of psychedelic, space and prog, blended with death metal, just what I needed and was looking for.

Thank you guys for giving me so much fun listening your music. Planetary Clairvoyance by Tomb Mold. Dank, cavernous, maddening, like staring into the gaping maw of an endless void. Between this and Blood Incantation, was an insane year for death metal. Crippling intensity. Relapse Sampler by Relapse Sampler. Souls To Deny by Suffocation.

Mike and Terrance played bass on this album due to Josh Barohn being ejected from the band before the recording process. A music video was made for the song "Surgery of Impalement." The title track was featured on the soundtrack to Uwe Boll's film Alone in the Dark (2CD release by Nuclear Blast).. Recording information.

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  1. Nov 22,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Souls To Deny on Discogs/5().
  2. Apr 27,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Souls To Deny on Discogs. Label: Relapse Records - RR • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Death Metal/5(31).
  3. Souls to Deny is the fourth album by the death metal band Suffocation marking the end of a six-year hiatus. This is the first album featuring former guitarist Guy Marchais (ex-Pyrexia, ex-Internal Bleeding) and marks the return of original drummer, Mike did not have a bassist during the recording; bass guitar tracks on the album are played by Terrance Hobbs and Mike Technical death metal.
  4. Immortally Condemned: B4: Tomes Of Acrimony: Companies, etc. Recorded At – Full Force Studio; Mastered At Suffocation: Souls To Deny ‎ (CD, Album, RE) Relapse Records: RR US: Sell This Version: Recommendations Reviews Add Review [r] Release/5(4).
  5. Most fans cite "Effigy Of The Forgotten" and "Pierced From Within", which I bought as a great double CD package as the band's best from the first wave of death metal that ran from the late '80's to early '90's. Then Suffocation took a nearly 10 year hiatus before reforming with the great comeback record "Souls To Deny" in /5(59).
  6. May 29,  · Suffocation - Souls to Deny () Album Photo by grooove. Format: CD. 11 likes. 27 Suffocation Album Photos.
  7. CD Album Brutal Death Metal Relapse Records 9 / 1: Deceit 2: To Weep Once More Subconsciously Enslaved 7: Immortally Condemned 8: Tomes of Acrimony Total playing time: Frank Mullen - vocals Guy Marchais - guitars Terrence Hobbs - guitars, bass Mike Smith - drums, bass "Souls to Deny" уже.

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