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2 Oct, 2012

Im Always In Trouble - The Lennerockers - Far From The Charts (CD)

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Favorite Artists by miedragonlord. Master Release - [Help] Release Notes: optional. Submission Notes: optional. Poor Boy Blues. Paul Kennerley. Gospel Medley. Track Listing - Disc 2. Teenage Boogie. Webb Pierce. Freddy Fingers Lee. Gunning for the Dog. Pullman City Blues. Put Your Cat Clothes On. Carl Perkins. Midnight Rider.

Crazy Arms. Hillbilly Rock. Ole Slew Foot. Huey P. Get Along. Tennessee Whiskey. Pink and Black. Therman B. You Gambled. Pupillary distance PD or interpupillary distance which is the distance between the centers of the pupils.

How do you find the PD on a prescription? Pupillary distance is not always listed on your prescription but can be obtained by using a ruler and a mirror. How do you measure pupillary distance? Stand in front of a mirror with a ruler.

Hold the ruler against your brow. Looking straight, close your left eye then open your right eye. Kinda cool in a creepy kind of way. We then had to discuss our results with our peers… All responses from 30 students were pinned to a board and compared.

We then had to choose which of our own drawings provided the most contrast and you can see number 1 and number 3 had the most contrast so I used these two I later chose to do number 4 as well.

We then had to use these drawings above to develop them into CD covers and the final designs had to strongly reflect the initial graphic responses. After brainstorming many different ideas, I decided that whatever I was going to do, it was going to be in 3D probably due to the fact that I enjoyed my Vodka Bottle project in Cinema 4D so much — that is the beauty of University, you get so much creative freedom!

I knew that I wanted to do something like that and I got inspiration from his two pieces that are shown below. After a bit more brainstorming I came to the concept of using one word to describe the type of music that the band played. I would then use that word as the main piece on the front cover. I chose the word Smooth for the calm music and the word Rough for the heavy metal music and the word Digital for the electronic music. It took a total of 10 minutes to figure out without any tutorials, just playing with the buttons.

Below you can see the design process I used to create the first CD cover. You will notice the visual consistency between the three CD covers as we were required to have this between both designs, there were meant to be all from the same publisher.

We also had to have all legal requirements on the CD jackets. The album title was given to us and for the smooth song it was called Mad World, the rock one was called Attitude and the electronic one was called Equinoxe. The first Smooth cover took a day to complete and the attitude one took about half as long as I was more familiar with what to do and the digital one took about 3 hours.

Below are the final designs, try to compare them to my visual responses up above. You will notice in the Smooth design, I have used the colours blue and green with an ocean type feel check out the Jellyfish.

In the Rough design you will notice I have used angry red colours in a grungy chaotic mess that reflects my original musical response. The text was purposely made hard to read to reflect the chaotic nature of the music.

In the Digital one I have used an in-your-face, high energy, bright coloured design which reflects my original music response. You will notice the circles on the back cover, kind of popping as like in my original drawing. Constructive criticism is welcome as always , please be as harsh as possible. What is your favourite? You can read more of about my University work by visiting the university category page.

Amazing work! They really bring out the visual contrast as well as the contrast between the music they represent! Superb work! Great looking end product there Jacob. I prefer the first two to the last, but they all have a good balance to them. Daniel, Thank You Daniel, at least my computer and bedroom have been unpacked so it is ok however I still hate having boxes everywhere else.

Did you not like the other two? If not, the reasons? Soumya, Well welcome to the commenting field. I am just asking as I love to hear feedback. Stevo, At first 3D sounds very daunting but if you do a little bit of research and play around with it a bit, it can bring great results and it stands out in the crowd too because not everyone can do 3D. Is there something not working with the digital cover that is working with the other two?

Just curious. I like the colour combination and the overall look and feel of the first two more than the last one. Love your work. These designs are awesome. You have an amazing ability to create simple yet effective designs in all your work. This project made me question for a minute why I dropped out of Visual Communication Design but then I remembered I completely sucked and hated the drawing.

It came to my attention when I saw your CD covers on your portfolio, the three with the same overall style. Now it all makes sense. I generally use this same creative process, but in a more messy way, heh. I should be more organized. I like the first two. May be the type colors. Yet, I think the three of them look great. Congrats in moving to a new house!

New environment and lets expect newer and fresher inspirations for your design work. Daniel Richards last blog post.. Rifki, You are right about the Smooth and Digital covers being legible, I actually tried to make the Rough CD not so legible to reflect the chaotic nature of the music but maybe this was not a wise decision as you have pointed out.

Maybe separating the letters more and adding orange around the letters would make it a more effective CD jacket. I will wait till I get feedback from the university as well and then I will experiment more. I appreciate your honest input. Thank you. Lauren, Silly me, I should link up all the words to the articles you have written about them, I will do that after commenting here. Thanks for the reminder and coming here to comment otherwise I would have forgotten!

Thanks regarding the font choice, I can see the digital and rough cough covers still need some work so once I get feedback from the Uni I will experiment more.

Soumya, Thanks for your feedback, it is appreciated. I am thinking if I made the digital text a bit smaller and I added colour to the face of the letters that would make it work better. I will have to wait till I get feedback from the Uni then I will experiment more. Vincenzo, You are welcome. You should really check out Zara3D if you liked the guide, it is really useful and easy to use too. Jess, I am glad that this post brought out some silent readers and thanks for the compliments.

To be honest in the first semester of when I started Vis. The drawing class was the absolute worst class, who in their right mind would make someone draw a self portrait of them self 50 times? Anyway enough of my rant.

In , Trouble released "The Distortion Field" with vocalist Kyle Thomas, who had previously replaced Wagner from to In , Wagner, Olson, and former bassist Ron Holzner (who played bass in Trouble from until ) formed The Skull, who were initially set to pay tribute to Trouble's older, doom material but eventually opted.

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  1. Lennerockers, The - Far From The Charts CD 1 ; Keep The Heat Up High: LENNEROCKERS: Indigo Blue Denim Jeans: LENNEROCKERS: Kathrin: LENNEROCKERS: Another Word For Heartache: LENNEROCKERS: I'm Always In Trouble: LENNEROCKERS: Been There, Done That Diese Cookie dient zur Anzeige von personalisierten.
  2. (/LENNEROCKERS) 15 titres avec livret de 20 pages LENNEROCKERS CD: Lennerockers Far From The Charts - Bear Family Records Pour profiter de toutes les fonctionnalités de Bear Family Records, nous vous conseillons d'activer Javascript dans votre navigateur.
  3. May 27,  · Listen to I'm Always in Trouble - Live on Spotify. The Lennerockers · Song · Music Duration: 4 min.
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  6. Nov 06,  · The official videoclip, released with the album "Rustin' And Rollin'" - Lennerockers at their best! You can order the CD at:
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