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2 Oct, 2012

I Will Be Free (Floor Federation 12 Mix) - Baby June - I Will Be Free (Vinyl)

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Discounted Formula Samples 6. Apply for WIC 7. Ask Your Local Food Pantry 8. Ask Your Local Pregnancy Center 9. Start a Baby Registry Amazon Family Join Motherhood Perks The cut is also affected by the angle of the handle.

Picture a clock: If the handle represents the o'clock mark, the sharpest cutting area is between and Depending on the kind of job you're using the buffer for, by turning the handle, you can affect the intensity of the cut [source: Fitzel ]. For example, if the floor is very damaged or if you need to strip off a thick wax coating, a sharp cut will be much more effective.

If the floor has a thinner, softer finish however, a sharp cut may do more harm than good. But the clocking process isn't the only way to adjust the intensity of a floor buffer's cut. To learn about other methods and why they might be difficult if you're colorblind, read on. Just as different recipes require different cooking utensils, floors require specific buffing pads to produce the best, brightest and glossiest results. While these pads are available in a wide variety of textures, the two basic types are cutting pads and polishing pads [source: Mrs.

Clean ]. As the name suggests, cutting pads are more abrasive. These might be used for a floor with deep scuffmarks or scratches where a gentler pad wouldn't be powerful enough to level the finish to its optimal shine [source: Parish Supply ]. Cutting pads are usually made of natural fibers like wool [source: Fitzel ].

The rough surface of the cutting pad is what makes it so effective at its job, but it also makes the pad slightly more difficult to use. If you've ever been ice skating at a rink that's been in use all day, you might have noticed that it's hard to get up to the speeds you might achieve on a newly smoothed rink.

That's because a rougher surface creates more friction between itself and anything it touches than does a smooth plane. Just like you need a sharper knife to cut a watermelon than you do a piece of cake, softer floors and finishes simply don't require cutting pads to achieve a glossy finish, and a cutting pad can do damage if it's used on the wrong floor.

Polishing pads , which are less abrasive, are better for polishing soft waxes or finishes [source: Parish Supply ]. These pads are made of softer materials like foam rubber, which is smoother than the wool fibers of a cutting pad [source: Mrs. If you didn't want to read up on which pads work best on which floors, however, there's a cheat sheet: Floor buffer pads are color coded.

As a rule, the darker the pad is, the flatter and more aggressive its cut will be; harshest of all is the maroon pad , which contains additional abrasive materials woven into its fabric [source: Fitzel ]. While delicate jobs may require a bit more research into the appropriate pad, you can still identify basic classes of buffing pad using this rule of thumb. So we know that floor buffers can polish a floor, but what about cleaning?

Read on to find out about a floor buffer's role in cleaning and how tap water can ruin your floor. Just like you wouldn't get dressed without taking a shower first, a floor needs to be cleaned thoroughly before it's buffed. Some may be abrasive, cause dullness or may change the color of your flooring. Be sure to only buy a cleaner that is safe to use on your flooring or deal with the risks. You can easily find safe and effective floor cleaners for reasonable prices. Do research to compare prices and read reviews to determine the quality level.

To make the job easy, invest in a microfiber mop or microfiber cleaning pad to use in conjunction with your cleaner of choice. Microfiber is one of the most effective cleaning materials for a number of reasons. Microfiber can easily get in between tiny spaces because of its small fibers, which are 1. The material can easily absorb dust molecules and bacteria. In addition, microfiber comes in various color, which allows you to color code, reducing cross-contamination.

While hot water may be abrasive to some surfaces and possibly a safety hazard for you and your family, warm water can really make a difference. Some cleansers may not require the use of water, but if so, warm water can help loosen dirt and oil. On a final note, vinyl floor cleaners come in a variety of options. I find my floors are always sticky and that is honestly really disgusting to me. It is also safe for your vinyl floor and living in your home. In addition it has Greenguard Gold Certified.

I can attest to the fact that the Babyganics cleaner attracts dust. Ever since I started using it I feel like the floors just get dirtier faster. Babyganics Vinyl Floor Cleaner is chosen for its safety to babies and animals. If you have this problem and there are no children and animals in your house, then I would advise you to try using Cleaner Bona for vinyl floors. I have been using the Bona cleaner for years and it is phenomenal!

Best cleaner on the market. How can you stop the OdoBan from causing sticky floors? I have used it a few times and love the outcome but every now and then the floor feels horrible. OdoBan is a concentrate. The very first wide-scale record company promotional twelve-inch single according to Moulton considering his then position with Billboard at the time as disco product reviewer, and that most of the very limited inch records up to this point involved his own remixes , was Frankie Valli " Swearin' To God ", issued by Private Stock Records in June with a min running time.

The album cut was minutes in length. Although Private Stock distributed nationally, these 10 and inch pressings may have been limited to New York DJs only. Barrabas "Mellow Blow" became the first 33rpm promo to be released in July, [68] [69] [70] but eventually commercially only on an Atlantic 7" in September.

Warner-Spector 's Calhoon " Do You Wanna Dance, Dance, Dance" had a inch acetate from May, [71] [72] given out as a one sided inch vinyl promo in the same month, [73] and as a inch promo in July The first song found on a twelve-inch single commercially issued for public purchase from the disco era onwards was " Ten Percent " by Double Exposure on Salsoul Records in May The seven-inch edit had been released a month earlier but sales of this were slow.

A clutch of releases including Jakki "Sun This was issued with a promotional sticker stating "we have a very BIG single for you".

The sides were the same lengths as the versions on his Naturally album. The Jamaican reggae and US disco trend also hit London, reggae being popular along with uptempo forms of music such as Motown and northern soul, the seven-inch record being the primary medium in the early s for this material, with the UK following up a little later than the US with inch singles. The reasons were different, the UK jocks did not have the same need to extend records like the US pioneers who wanted longer records for the dancefloor.

Although the use of larger temporary singles primarily 10" started from the Jamaican influence and before such as the pre- Beatles band The Quarrymen with the one-off " In Spite of All the Danger " in , acetates were also used by the record labels to quality control the eventual product, and not for servicing single songs or exclusive remixes, and then not in the inch format.

The usage of the inch vinyl as a medium followed the US promos introduction but was initially seen as a marketing tool to help promote an artist more uniquely. It therefore was not exclusively used for disco songs but included pop artists, however it eventually came into its own in the later s with the lengthened versions of US disco songs being promoted in the UK.

Atlantic Records was an early front runner with two inch promo singles: Ben E. These early issues usually containing the original 7-inch edit, It took a little later for lengthened versions to begin appearing, with s UK club DJ Greg Wilson recalling promotional inch product being mailed out from August , Lalo Schifrin "Jaws" being his first one, which was in extended form.

Bush and the latter two acts had Gerry Shury production involvement, and these two releases were issued by John Abbey 's Contempo Records from 8 October , these songs having been previously released in either 7-inch format or as album tracks. The broad visual spacing of the grooves on the twelve-inch records made it easy for the DJ in locating the approximate area of the "breaks" on the disc's surface in dim club light without having to listen while dropping and re-dropping the stylus to find the right point.

A quick study of any DJs favorite discs will reveal mild wear in the "break points" on the discs' surfaces that can clearly be seen by the naked eye, which further eases the "cueing" task a club DJs tone-arm cartridge will be heavily weighted and mild wear will seldom spoil the sound quality. Many DJ-only remix services , such as Ultimix and Hot Tracks, issued sets with deliberately visualised groove separations i. Motown were one of the first to "eye cue" their 12" disco discs, giving DJs the track's BPM and info on the exact length of the various sections of the song - one of the earliest examples of a record company recognising how important the DJ was to become by making their product more user-friendly.

Following the lead of the US club DJs, using inch extended versions in the UK as a mixing tool was advocated particularly by James Hamilton of the Record Mirror music weekly paper, with him notably indicating the approximate BPM of late s disco tracks onwards. Increasingly in the s, many pop and even rock artists released twelve-inch singles that included longer, extended, or remixed versions of the actual track being promoted by the single.

These versions were frequently labeled with the parenthetical designation "inch version", "inch mix", "extended remix", "dance mix", or "club mix". Later musical styles took advantage of this new format and recording levels on vinyl twelve-inch "maxi-singles" have steadily increased, culminating in the extremely loud or "hot" cuts of drum and bass records of the s and early s. Many record labels produced mainly twelve-inch singles in addition to albums during the s, lots being mostly regular A and B-sides, not remixes.

Certain labels such as Factory Records , only ever released a handful of seven-inch singles. It was somewhat helped by the fact that Factory did not release a seven-inch version of the single until , five years after the single was originally released as a twelve-inch-only release. Besides, the seven-inch version that was released was not the original version released on twelve-inch, but a re-recording called "Blue Monday ".

Monitoring and management should be available via the cloud or an on-premises controller in a license-free solution. Register Here to participate in the no obligation free AP. Our representatives can provide a solution overview and help get you started.

Traffic, age, neglect, and cleaning with the wrong products can do a number on floors. You may be looking for the right vinyl floor cleaner, but the plethora of options can make it difficult to choose. Fortunately, we have reviewed 10 of the best vinyl floor cleaning products on the market.

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