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2 Oct, 2012

Hmm Ta Ta

Further updates v4. Beginning with the current v3. In addition to adding all-new features, the following software is updated, replaced, or otherwise made obsolete by this patch, and will be automatically moved to a backup folder if detected: - TA v3.

However, they are required for most mods. If the patch is uninstalled, it will restore your game folder to its original state. Simply install the original game GOG. To play online, simply install the GameRanger or WarZone clients. Use the Replayer program to rewatch all your online games, which are automatically recorded no configuration is needed.

The megamap is similar to the minimap, but it covers the entire game view and features far more interactivity and graphical feedback. Anything you can do in the main game view, you can also do on the megamap! You can select and control units, build structures including via line building , and check map data such as line of sight, radar, sonar, weapon ranges, etc. Other new features introduced in v3.

This version also fixes more long-standing Total Annihilation v3. To learn more about these new features and fixes, consult the Features and Version History sections below. Remember, while nearly complete, this is a beta patch. TA Demo is updated for the patch. This replaces all previous versions of TA Demo 0. To return to full map line of sight, click "Back to my view". To unlock from their camera position, double-click their resource bar again or click "Back to my view".

Some long-standing bugs of the original game have finally been fixed. Select units more quickly and accurately. Build units more efficiently. Navigate the game more smoothly with miscellaneous interface enhancements.

Have fun in single player or multiplayer when cheats are on with improved commands and cheats. In fact, don't set compatibility modes as they artificially limit your game resolution.

Players can no longer cheat online by using the developer mode command. This song was released by composer Jeremy Soule as a kbps MP3 file on his official website in and is the only clean copy of the song ever released to the public.

It also does this for the 3D Replayer. Find More Posts by N Find More Posts by joey Find More Posts by Psycros. Find More Posts by Swallagoon. Like during the primaries people would not-.

We lose sight and I then watch how they perform their debates. I mean, it was encouraging. I just I'm fine. The only thing that scares me is that folks will change the rules.

That's what scares me, you know what I mean? There will be a counter Because, I'm sure as inspired as I was watching them, there are other people who are inspired to do other things. I'm obviously very excited.

You know, think it was, you know, tremendous our own Ocasio-Cortez, obviously, extremely I mean, who can not be? I want to have a conversation with her about Twitter one day, but that's all good. That's okay. She look like she know what she doing. You know what I'm saying? Don't need advice from me. You know? Get off Twitter, but I'm just saying, you know what I mean? That's great. It's great. Give them hell. Give them hell, you know what I mean? I think for so long I mean, it just so infuriated me when Maxine Waters was out there and people are attacking Maxine Waters.

I'm like, dude What are you doing? You know, I mean, no disrespect, I mean I guess we're here, so I'm going to call people out. You know, Cory Booker talking about the politics of radical love and how it would have been with Shuttlesworth. Negro, no you wouldn't of. Did you know what these people were doing? They were the Maxine Waters of their time. I mean, Maxine Waters was the Maxine Waters of that time, too, but, do you understand what I'm saying?

This wasn't polite. They were polite as we view it now. But, certainly the powers that be did not view them as polite. They were not Well, King is such a well-dressed polite loving young man.

It's not what they said. They said what they say about Maxine Waters and the people that were in Corey Booker's position and were in, Nancy Pelosi, who said something similar, position at the time, they said about the same thing. What I mean is that the powers that be were not like, "Wow, I'm really inspired by this radical love. And so to have people now, like Representative Ocasio-Cortez, actually giving it to fools, I mean, you're like, "Yeah.

Tell them. Because I think one the things that we lose sight of and this was always sort of one of my critiques of Obama is, obviously part of politics is compromise and reaching across the aisle but the other part is you gotta give people something to vote for, man. You gotta inspire people. I mean, this cat, Eric Levitz, who writes for New York Magazine, he wrote this great piece on why Merrick Garland , the nomination of Merrick Garland was such a tragedy. And a part of it was, listen, say what you want about Trump, he gave them Kavanaugh, he gave them something to fight on.

And so it's like for us, it's like, oh, we're fighting over Merrick Garland. Another middle age moderate white guy, okay so this is what we're gonna fight on. I think that actually goes back to your point about who will make the best presidential candidate going forward. One of the things that Eric said, he said, "Man, you nominate a black woman, you know what I mean. Or some other sort of path breaking justice, you know what I mean, and give folks something to fight on, this is what this seat means.

Who knows what happens then? Who knows? That's bottom line. I was like, "Just please don't apologize. They're wrong. It should be burned-. And she didn't and she didn't and came within 50, votes of being governor of Georgia. That's not small. These are not small things. That Gillum line, you know what I mean where he says, "I'm not saying he's racist but all the racists think he's racist.

That was worth it. Part of me was like, "Oh man, he's gonna lose over that. Some things, no, I mean that. I mean, you look at somebody like Obviously she doesn't share my politics, but Heidi Heitkamp. It was worth losing for.

This is not at all cost, all cost. It was, Kavanaugh was worth losing for, it was worth it. It's actually in many times the people who lost, who made me feel the most optimistic weirdly enough. I think this is an interesting one and it's one I think about all at lot.

Does voting make a difference? Who asked that? You should have to stand up, that's weak, they wrote it on the card, right? But if you had to stand up and ask that, would you Oh, there it is, all right, okay. I appreciate it, okay, all right. I appreciate that. Actually, I want to talk about why it makes a difference, even though I'm being sort of comical. I respect where that comes from. I thought the same at one point. There are I think two problems here.

The first problem is I think in our mind, voting has assumed outsize importance in the work of politics. It's important to vote.

It's not singularly important to vote. So we get ramped up about voting but we don't talk about everything that you got to do after that. We don't have a kind of Then everything becomes, particularly in presidential years.

So everything gets put on Hillary or Bernie Sanders. Or Hillary or Well, I mean, it ain't gonna be Hillary or Trump here but it's gonna be Hillary or Bernie and that's it. As though if you vote for one that's the end. That's a declaration of who you are. I talked to this Greatest story out of Chicago, Barbara Ramsby and said that she was going this with a lot her students in the primaries.

And the thing was, "Well, I don't want to support Hillary 'cause I don't want to support It's the lesser of two evils. And this is me right here, right? I don't go to vote to feel inspired about the world.

A lot of times I'm preventing evil. That's what I'm trying to do, I'm trying to not, I'm trying to hold certain things It's important to hold certain things at bay. But if your work is just holding certain things at bay and not doing work to hopefully one day to have a process where you can actually feel inspired, feel good, feel represented.

Then the work is kind of incomplete. You aren't doing the whole work of it. I think, you gotta understand, listen. Eric Holder and Jeff Sessions ain't the same, that's not the same person. I mean, no matter how you feel about your critiques of Obama, your critiques of Hillary, you can have those critiques, you should make them, some of them are in this book, you should make them with all the force that you can.

But at the same time, you should understand that those are not the same people. And let me make this beyond symbolic, if you are living under a police department, say in Baltimore, in Chicago, they're not the same, it makes a difference. The election made an actual difference. I just know this to be true having talked to certain folks. For those of us here who feel that it's mysterious that we haven't heard anything from the federal government in terms of the killing of Eric Garner.

It made a difference. It made an actual difference, it mattered. I think of voting as hygiene. I'm taking out the trash, dude. I'm sweeping the floor, I'm vacuuming. It's important to clean-. You understand what I'm saying, you should be clean. You should be clean, you really should take out the trash, you actually should. Is it inspirational to take out the trash, no, no, no, no. But you really should do it, it's civic maintenance. When you look at the cross tabs, I mean, to me the tell about voting and the power of voting, is the fact that the most powerful people in society all vote.

And trying to get people to vote, is hard. It is a difficult thing particularly when people are not acculturated to it. They haven't voted before. And you say like, "You're gonna vote? CHRIS HAYES: And it always makes me laugh about voter fraud, because if you ever actually tried to get people to actually vote, the idea that you could pull off a voter fraud conspiracy is insane. We just gotta find 1, people we could convince and get them all out I mean, some of that changed in Florida, thank God.

It's just not true, it's not true. There is an effort where folks shut down precincts or put it all the way on the counter or you need this type of a Failed to load latest commit information. View code. The hidden markov models of TA proteins as well as three different types of transmembrane proteins with similar structures and compared their likelihoods as TA proteins. Using these models, TAPPM achieved high prediction accuracy area under the receiver operator curve values reaching 0.

Then I found out I wasn't eligible since I'm on Medicare. Now how do I get the "excess contribution" out of the account? There's nothing there. And since you are on Medicare, you will never be able to contribute to an HSA again, which means that the value of your HSA will never be anything other than zero.

So, while you do have an excess contribution to carryover, you have no way to pay it off but no penalty for not paying it off. If by some chance, the value of your HSA was not zero by December 31, , you will have some small penalty to pay, but since the fair market value of the HSA is now zero, for every year to come, the penalty will be zero.

I imagine that you made distributions out of that money that you contributed when you weren't eligible - you will need to contact the HSA administrator and try to return the "mistaken distributions". View solution in original post. Get the latest stimulus news and tax filing updates. Okay, I understand that, but what do I tell T Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for.

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Oct 20,  · This is a beta version of the TA Unofficial Patch, a comprehensive update to Total Annihilation intended to replace v as the de-facto version of the game as well as make all old custom enhancements obsolete. Hmm, just tried to un-install the patch, took my away with it. Also interesting a TA zero executable has been created in.

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