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2 Oct, 2012

First Joy - Boris Carloff - Good Stuff EP (Vinyl)

Inkworks produced half a dozen different series of the Charmed franchise. It's not a typical monster series, but there's enough to make it worthy of consideration. The set is only 11 cards in size and may be limited in distribution to the UK.

Cine Libro Para Cromos, Spain, ? There is probably a large binder also offered to place the stickers in. Some of the few images seen so far feature zombies and voodoo witch doctors.

Since the title translates into "movies", the subject matter could be very diverse, but if the wrapper is any indication, it is horror oriented.

It features vampires, bats and zombies. The horror cards have tan and red borders while the sci-fi cards have black and green. The 27 card set also includes famous quotes on the backs from the movie featured on the front. Only 40 sets were reportedly made. Two cards are devoted to each actor, one with monster make up on, the other without. Much brighter than the 21st Century copy-cat sets.

Instead of commentary on the backs, actual story excerpts from the pulps is reproduced. Plans for the 8 x 10" factory set was cancelled, although there are two 8x10" promos for Tarantula and Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. The 25 card set is made up mostly of various pulp covers with new titles saying "Classics Illustrated" on them, but several are computer drawn as well. A total of 1, numbered sets were made.

They are all blank back cards with no copyright info. See Movie Posters. Clive Barker Fantaco, 50 factory card set of artwork line doodles by Clive Barker based on his horror novels. There is also a "delux version" with four additional cards It's another sci-fi movie with borderline horror elements.

The aliens were portrayed as scary during most on the movie, but then turned out to be benevolent. There is also a 48 card set by Prime Press and a 24 card set from Wonder bread with the same images. Coleccion Monster Company uncertain.

Made in Murcia Spain , circa early s. I've only seen the paper thin album with interior bluelined images of 28 stickers. The art appears to be recycled images from Monstruos Diabolicos , but repainted to fit inside a thinner rectangle.

There are four other tell-tale differences: the corners are rounded, the edges are straight instead of perforated like stamps , the title of each creature often appear at the top of the card instead of at the bottom, as it was always listed in the first series and no numbers are assigned each card as they were originally.

The date mentions a promotion that ends in , and number of stickers is 28 plus an unpictured 29th. There may have been more in the set, since the album was meant to be returned once filled to win certain prizes. Retail uncertain. The all Chromium 90 card set featurs dramatic art of the warrior battling monsters, creatures, and other savages.

Six other series were also produced including two by Rittenhouse , but the first series remainds one of the most popular. Although the card set seems to have no official connection to the series, Haglund poses and acts like his TV persona, theorizing about aliens and other bizarre creatures that are said to exist.

Several levels of chase cards were also offered. Also featured 3-d glasses to view the art. See Mars Attacks Parody Cards. Creature Features-- card game See Ghoul Agency. There is also a color album to stick them in available. It was sold as a complete set of 19 cards and 1 sticker, mailed together in a retro style wax wrapper. Creepy Darkhorse, 50 card factory set providing classic Creepy magazine covers on the front, and information about each issue on the back. However, the series skip numbers up to , giving the impression another two series are planned.

Six of the cards are unnumbered and feature classic ads and promotional art. Usually given away in mini-sets of 3 or so with video orders. Creepy Freaks Stickers Dannon Yogert, 4 different stickers of colorful weird creatures.

They were stuck on the inside of the four-pack yogart boxes. The sheets were originally given away with chocolate dipped Terrabusi cookies. There are stickers total. The cards are not perforated and would have to be separated by cutting. They are numbered 1 - 4 and feature different monsters of the Outer Limits, drawn in color. The backs are simple text. It states "series one", but no other series are known as of yet.

The backs made puzzle photos. See more of the set. This set is more professionally made than the first, and is more often seen in high grade. These have a gold picture frame border. The backs contain a vampire graphic and short text.

Dawn of the Dead Fright-Rags, A series with a base set of 81 cards and various inserts, including a puzzle back set of 9 stickers. The fronts feature full color images from the George Romero sequel to "Night of the Living Dead".

Various subsets made, but 72 in the base set. Dinosaurs Attack! Topps : This is a clever take off on Mars Attacks, only this time, it's the Dinosaurs who rip apart the puny Earthlings.

Since even the grass eaters now crave human flesh, I consider it a monster set. Wonderful art and fun text. A wonderful all art set, but massive overproduction has kept even modern prices low. Check out the fan site to the series. Available at our Gift Shop. See also the history of the set.

Dino Attacks Comic book cards Four bonus cards from the Eclipse comic, that were cut out of the back cover. They were numbered bonus A, B, C, D.. The backs had no color. Disgusting Disguises Topps, , Oversized series of 24 die cut cards and 27 stickers featuring masks and wounds, bandages, eye-balls and the like. Norm Saunders painted these. Hyde on flimsy perforated cardboard that detaches from the magazine.

The facts contain goofy "factoids". Doom Artbox, 72 card set with chase cards based on the movie which was based on the video game of a special ops team sent to a science lab on distant planet to respond to a distress call. They meet "unimaginable horrors". Imagine them with this set. Petersburg Florida horror host with color borders. An extra Bearer autograph card is also available. Who series, most of them made thirty years after the series started airing in England in the s. The one pictured above was a food premium of 36 cards printed sometime in the s.

Although many of the aliens look monstrous, they are actually intelligent characters rather than mindless monsters, making this more of a science fiction series than a monster set. This and the Ty Phoo Tea set below are nevertheless included as a place setter set.

Who Ty Phoo Tea, Another food premium set 12 total included for oddball interest only. Note the octagon shaped corners of the cards. Drac-snax see Monster Legends. Dracula Topps, Dramatic images from the Francis Ford Coppola movie are featured in this nicely execuded set of cards. The last dozen cards are images from the comic book series, also by Topps.

The backs tell about the movie. Dracula Topps Comics, 16 card set, mostly from the Dracula comic book, but back images include photos from film as do a few front images. The backs have the same blood graphics as the regular set. There is a logo that says "Topps Comics" in the bottom left just above the number on each card. The backs are blank. Dune Fleer, cards and 44 stickers make up this beautiful set that profiles the movie that couldn't possibly live up to the book's reputation but is still fun to watch.

The monsters in this tale have minor parts, but the Sand Worms do for dirt was Jaws did for the sea! See card back and sticker back. Dune Panini, ? Smaller stickers make up this series of at least size uncertain.

The sci-fi classic sure is colorful, including the blood and explosions. All the backs say the same thing in multiple languages made in Italy. Dwight Frye See Gift Shop. See reverse. Retail: Scarce. Another Kickstarter series produced by Sidekick Labs. Scheduled for release in summer of They have cardboard hands and jaws that attach, making them three dimensional. They are unnumbered and have no other text other than copyright info on the back.

Ed Wood, Jr. Includes Vampira and Thor and Bela Efectos Especiales Unknown company, Spain, sticker set of motion picture monsters and special effects. They were to be pasted in a album. This was a popular series, much more so than its follow up series La Mansion del Terror. Elvira: Mistress of the Dark Comic Images, 72 color cards of the famous sexy horror host, complete with cleavage.

Autographs and chase cards were also offered. Great classic "Big Daddy" monster hot rod art! They're far out and groovy man! Face Cards: Creatures Byron Winton, A set of 25 black and white illustrations of popular horror film monsters.

There was also a four card sticker set included. Face Cards: Killer Babes Byron Winton, Set of 25 black and white illustrations of beloved horror film female villains. Face Cards: Killer Dudes Byron Winton, A set of 25 black and white illustrations of favorite horror film villains. There were also 4 stickers and a 4 card puzzle sub set. Famous Monsters of Filmland Rosan, 64 black and white set with orange sometimes red borders.

The fronts are photos mostly robbed from the Terror Monster Green set. The backs are ads that Ackerman's mag was always trying to push on subscribers: Masks, skull rings and the lot. Most cards are found with different ads on the back.

If one were to combine all these reverse variations, they would have a card set. Often found as a complete 64 card set. Fangoria Comic Images, 90 card color set featuring favorite covers from Fangoria magazine complete with title. Some of them are pretty gruesome! Chase cards were also offered. See Odd Rods. Although Irwin Allen used monsters in all of those series often using the exact same costume , the first episode of each show tried to be more serious.

In fact, if it weren't for the giants in Land of the Giants, this set wouldn't have any monsters. But it's a fun set just the same. There was also a nine card preview set issued the year before. He winds up joining a group of renegade aliens as they elude an assortment of bizarre and often savage enemies. At least four seasons and twelve different card series were produced. This is more a sci-fi series, but if you have a broad definition of what makes a monster, you may be interested in it or its sister series just the same.

Fiends and Machines Donruss, 66 color card sticker set similar to Odd Rods, but each of the 33 images were made up using two stickers. It has plenty of atmosphere, and is the only film in which Boris ever played a vampire. All in all, Black Sabbath is a good film. It shows the talent that Bava had for taking fairly ordinary situations in life into horriffic ones.

It also gained an excellent Les Baxter soundtrack and Boris Karloff as a host, though the tales were reversed in order and the strong lesbian subtext of one segment and some violence were omitted, but that's good ole' American censorship for you both have since been restored, anyway. In any case, this anthology is a classic of its kind. Snyder was the least satisfying of the bunch for me personally, yet is still above average.

In it, a lascivious, unstable and bisexual young beauty Michele Mercier receives threatening phone calls that seem to be coming from a man who has a personal vendetta against her.

Final tale is "The Wurdalak," which was based on a Tolstoy. Boris Karloff stars as Gorca, a man turned into a vampire by the curse of Wurdalak, which makes him attack and kill only those he loves namely his extended family, including child. It's astonishing to look at and very suspenseful. All three are colorfully, creatively done, drenched in Bava's trademark rich atmosphere and bring something a little different to the table.

Score: 8 out of 10 only because I'm reserving a point until I get to watch the original Italian version. One of the best horror film anthologies of the 20th Century. An example of Mario Bava's love for the art of painting and the realm of fantasy. Black Sabbath is at its most artful and scary in its original Italian edition. Although not the first Giallo to be made in Italy, its certainly the first Giallo to be done in color.

Also, the first Giallo to have the eroticism and violent outbursts of the Italian novel known as the gialli. Takes place in one area with the exception of a couple of scenes.

This gives the story a touch of the theatre. Michele Mercier as Rosy is absolutely stunning. This taboo subtext was cut and the story was turned into a ghost yarn in the American version.

Gives hints of why Rosy and her friend Mary stopped seeing each other. A murder by strangulation with telephone cord would appear later in A Bay of Blood with the murder of the entomologist. Its also the most romantic of the three tales. About a Russian version of the vampire known as the Wurdalak who drains the blood of loved ones so they too can be Wurdalak. The most personal story of Mario Bava in this anthology.

Boris Kalfoff gives his best performance in a horror film since playing the creature in Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein Based on a novel that was later filmed as a full length movie.

The scene of the ghost child turning into Gorca to hunt Gregor's wife would influence Kill Baby Kill and Shock Mark Damon and Susy Andersen are good in their roles as doomed lovers.

This segment of Black Sabbath would be of significance to later Bava films I. A good short story that is not boring. Its one of the best and perhaps the greatest horror story Mario Bava has ever filmed. In this story, Bava was interested in the idea of a person alone in a dark room. The story is about a nurse who thinks a dead medium patient is after her for stealing a ring. Jacqueline Pierreux is fabulous as the fearful and guilt conscious nurse, Helen Corey. She plays Helen Corey with believability.

The story is ambiguous on whether the ghost is real or is just in Helen Corey's mind. The end suggests that the same events will occur all over again. Filmed by Mario Bava with an expertise in horror and terror.

In the same manner and vein as The Tell Tale Heart. She believes her former lover, who has just escaped from prison, is the man that is calling her. She denounced his crimes some time ago and he was convicted and imprisoned.

She calls her lesbian girlfriend Mary Lidia Alfonsi to stay with her during the night. Soon a secret is disclosed and a tragedy happens in the middle of the night. In the ridiculous American version, Frank is a ghost and not a fugitive, destroying the tension. My vote is seven.

He withdraws the dagger from the man and finds a house close to the place where he found the body. There, he meets a family composed of two brothers, one sister, one sister-in-law and one nephew, and he falls in love at first sight with the beautiful Sdenka Susie Andersen. He realizes that the dead man was a criminal, probably killed by the head of the family Gorca Boris Karloff , and he is advised to leave that place, if Gorca does not arrive until midnight.

The family informs that there is a chance that Gorca might have been transformed in a Wurdulak, a kind of vampire who drains blood from the living persons.

A few seconds after midnight, Gorca comes back home, and the afraid family does not know whether he was transformed or not. The family will discover later what happened in a tragic way. In the American version, there are modifications and the scene that Gorca takes a head from his bag is cut. My vote is nine. She steals the worthy ring from her finger.

The countess comes back from beyond to retrieve her ring, scaring the frightened greedy woman. There are few modifications in the American version. My vote is eight. These three tales are excellent. With the direction of Mario Bava, this film explores themes related to fear, anxiety, greedy and guilty in a splendid scary way. Unfortunately the American version is terrible compared to the Italian version.

Italian produced films were making a lot of money in the early sixties, and hot on the heels of his success with Black Sunday, former cinematographer and horror genius Mario Bava was brought in to direct this compendium of horror tales. The great Boris Karloff adds a further lure to the proceedings, and these two giants were on to a winner before they started filming. This film is like an overview of what Mario Bava is all about.

The climax story, The Drop of Water, is the most horror orientated of the trio and gives a good early showing of the adrenaline that would go on to make the likes of Baron Blood and Bay of Blood the great films that they are. Mario Bava has a lot of fans and many of his films could easily be considered his best, but there is no doubt for me. The best film Bava ever made is Black Sabbath. After a colourful and campy introduction by the great Boris Karloff, we move straight into The Telephone.

The lesbian undertones give it an extra bit of verve especially with the actresses being as tasty as they are! Bava's music is the main event style-wise. The ironic ending seals the story and makes sure that you'll be in high spirits going into tale number two. The Wardulak is the longest, most ambitious and also the weakest part of the trilogy. That's not to say that it's anything less than brilliant; the other two are just stronger.

The Gothic sets and atmosphere are definitely the main draw here, and the way that Bava lights up every scene with his trademark use of lighting and colours is absolutely stunning. Being the most expansive, this is the story that best allows Bava full use of his directing ability and many of the shots could be easily be framed and hung on your wall.

The tale is very reminiscent of the masterpiece Black Sunday, and gives a good impression of what the film might have looked like had it have been in colour. Boris Karloff takes the lead role here as a man trying to destroy a line of vampires like creatures known as Wardulak's. Karloff obviously enjoyed making this film, and his assured and camp performance in this part of the film, along with his intro and outro, really shows that. The conclusion to this story is really well done, and makes sure that this part of the film ends on a high.

My favourite tale is the first one, but The Drop of Water definitely isn't far behind! This tale is pure evil, and allows Bava to show his mastery of the horror genre the best. We follow a young female nurse who steals a ring from one of her patients Like the first tale, this one's effectiveness stems from it's simplicity and this allows Bava to implement his excellent use of lighting and colours.

The sets are brilliantly lit, and the director manages to create a foreboding feel that runs throughout the film. The design of the elderly medium's face is really haunting, and seeing the corpse get it's revenge gives Black Sabbath it's main scare. Watching this tale, it's obvious why Bava is so well respected by cult and genre fans. There aren't many directors that can generate this kind of scare from such a simple plot - and all of The Drop of Water's frights are owed entirely to the director.

On the whole, this is a superior omnibus horror film. All the elements are in place and if you want a great overview of Mario Bava's talents - this is the place to look! And you will live in terror A couple of years later a relatively unknown band from Birmingham, inspired by Mario Bava's Gothic horror anthology, would name their band Black Sabbath and proceed to become one of the most well known and influential bands of the last 30 years.

Black Sabbath starts off wisely with the weakest story in the movie, "The Telephone". There's nothing incredibly exciting going on, and the interior setting doesn't allow Bava to fully exercise his usual flair in visuals and atmosphere, rendering this segment a rather routine affair. Any historical significance the segment might have in the shaping of the giallo is made redundant by the fact that Bava himself would go on to define the genre a few years later with Blood and Black Lace.

Originally, because of an oversight, Ravenscroft was left off of the credits. In , there was a special edition of the show with 20 added minutes that aired on TNT. It was narrated by Phil Hartman instead of Karloff. Facebook Twitter Flipboard uproxx. August 21, by: Cherise Johnson Twitter. The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Animation in the United States in the television era. Children's programming on the American Broadcasting Company in the s. Sid and Marty Krofft. Howdy, Mr.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. CBS Television Distribution. Jimmy and H. Pufnstuf infiltrate Witchiepoo's castle to rescue Judy Frog so that they can get directions to the Magic Path.

The Magic Path is the only way off Living Island. Will Jimmy and Freddy get back home? Pufnstuf use a bird-shaped "Trojan Horse" as a ruse to enter Witchipoo's castle and recover Freddy from Witchiepoo. When shyster Ludicrous Lion convinces Jimmy that he has a super-duper pogo stick for sale that could bounce him home, H.

Pufnstuf and Jimmy conduct a talent show to raise the money. After catching him trying to steal her boat, Witchiepoo puts a spell on Jimmy that turns him into a mechanical boy and commands him to acquire Freddy for her. The Clock People have to find a way to cure Jimmy. When H. Together, they hatch a plot to get Witchiepoo into the movie so that Jimmy can steal her Vroom Broom to escape. Pufnstuf and imprisons him in her dungeon diverting Jimmy from his escape. It's Jimmy's birthday and Pufnstuf and his friends fix a surprise birthday party for him.

Witchiepoo invites herself to Jimmy's party and steals Freddy by rendering the partygoers helpless with laughing gas. Jimmy and Freddy attempt to fly from Living Island in a giant box kite during a kite-flying contest. Witchiepoo hides in a cake to steal Freddy. Blinky, H. Pufnstuf, and Jimmy. Jimmy and Freddy both age 70 years when the Clock Family's time machine malfunctions. Witchiepoo mistakes Jimmy for an old man and falls in love with him.

Freddy gets turned into a mushroom by the touch of Witchiepoo's evil mushrooms. Jimmy disguises himself as a beggar to rescue Freddy from the spell. Disguised as a little girl, Witchiepoo visits Dr. Blinky about a bad tooth. But she breaks into fits of rage when the pain becomes too much forcing the doctor to calm her down via love potion.

Witchiepoo receives a message from headquarters that the Boss Witch is coming to Living Island for an inspection. In a plot to impress the Boss Witch, she ends up kidnapping H. Witchiepoo runs for Mayor of Living Island challenging H.

Sep 19,  · This review is for the Region ONE Box set as above. The good bit first - The quality of all 5 films is excellent. All ratio, good clear B/W picture (except THE CLIMAX in colour which is probably as good as it was in the cinema), good sound, and here's the real joy for those HOH - Excellent Optional English flakowalabemununalarmelniggbal.cos:

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