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2 Oct, 2012

Dio (2) - Lock Up The Wolves (CD, Album)

Friday 17 July Saturday 18 July Sunday 19 July Monday 20 July Tuesday 21 July Wednesday 22 July Thursday 23 July Friday 24 July Saturday 25 July Sunday 26 July Monday 27 July Tuesday 28 July Wednesday 29 July Thursday 30 July Friday 31 July Saturday 1 August Sunday 2 August Monday 3 August Tuesday 4 August Wednesday 5 August Thursday 6 August Friday 7 August Saturday 8 August Sunday 9 August Monday 10 August Tuesday 11 August Wednesday 12 August Thursday 13 August Friday 14 August Saturday 15 August Sunday 16 August Monday 17 August Tuesday 18 August Wednesday 19 August Thursday 20 August Friday 21 August The experience launched the young guitarist from obscurity to international fame nearly overnight.

News that the band Dio had replaced departing guitarist Craig Goldy with an unusually young guitar player circulated in hard rock and heavy metal magazines such as Hit Parader , Rip , and Circus months before Robertson's first and only album with the band, Lock Up the Wolves , was released.

As a Dio fan himself, Robertson became aware of Craig Goldy 's departure from Dio after the band's Dream Evil album and subsequent tour. Robertson began an earnest effort to make contact with the band's management, asking for a chance to audition.

His initial effort was unsuccessful. After reaching out to the band's label, Phonogram Records , not long after seeing Dio with Craig Goldy on guitars live at the Monsters of Rock festival at Donington Castle , in the UK, in , Robertson received a generic-in-nature response declining his request for a personal audition.

Robertson persisted and reached out to Dio's official fan club, hoping to reach someone closer to and with stronger personal ties to the band's management. The latter effort proved successful. The band's fan club forwarded Robertson's demo, this time leading to an audition.

A couple of additional tracks in that vain and Dio could well have had the album of the year for Perhaps my expectations were too high as my cravings for faster paced Dio material were left unsatisfied.

In fact, the musicianship and emotion conveyed on the tracks are actually pretty good from start to finish. It would take me a full decade to recover from my disappointment encountered from the purchase of Lock Up The Wolves. They lost all momentum by the next track, "Born on the Sun. Not a good choice for the second song. Even "Hey Angel" 3 would have been a dumb choice for song 2 and it's all kinds of awesome.

Next is one of Dio's all-time best songs. Almost a ballad but not really. It's slow but the tempo isn't annoying, it's appropriate. The lyrics are memorable smile at the animals, they should be the ones in the cages and true. The band did everything right. Then another good one keeps you wanting more. Things fall down for a while after that.

Sounds like "Stand Up and Shout" but not as good. The only thing that I like about "Twisted" is the pre-solo bridge. It comes out of nowhere and then goes back there once the solo starts.

This record shines the brightest when the songs are more creative and loose, as portrayed on each of the best tracks. The lyrics are also a bit more personal and deep compared to the fantasy element that ran rampant on the older material, and the atmosphere is locked together by Jens' subtle keyboard work.

Generally, this album is a bit of a deviation from the typical Dio sound, but it's pulled off spectacularly and even the weaker moments have their own charm. As you might guess, these weaker moments lie in the longer, slower tracks on the album such as "Evil on Queen Street" and the title track, which are nice and bluesy but severely lacking in terms of overall creativity and drive.

I can't help but feel as if parts of the aforementioned tracks and "Between two Hearts" drag on a bit too long, and with minimal creativity or musical expression, relying too much on atmosphere and emotion. This same approach works best on songs like "Hey Angel" and especially "Born on the Sun" which combine this slower, more absorbed feel with catchy licks and soaring vocals to propel them along. However, the tracks lacking this extra mile tend to feel a bit mediocre with their limited expression and musicality.

This is most obvious on the long title track which just sort of meanders about for the majority of its running time with minimal changes and musical sections. All in all though, Lock Up the Wolves brings a heaping helping of quality, especially on the best tracks which would stack up to be some of the best tracks in the entire Dio catalog - especially tracks like "Walk on Water", "Wild One", "Born on the Sun", and my favorite Dio song ever: "Why are They Watching Me".

The bluesy take that is added in here is quite unique, and it's pulled off exceptionally. The star of this album in my opinion isn't even Dio himself, but Rowan Robertson, whose phenomenal soloing and ever-changing riff style is seriously note-worthy.

Overall, things come together excellently, and despite some of the weaker tracks, this ends up being a very enjoyable and badass metal album. I'd definitely recommend picking this album up if you haven't done so yet, as this set of interesting and creative songs should definitely come as a pleasant surprise. It's really a shame that this young guitarist never really made more of a name for himself, but his work is at least immortalized on this album.

Even if it doesn't sit among your favorites, this will definitely be a more than worthy addition to your collection. Upon first listen of "Wolves" I was so disappointed I was going to trade it in for credit at my local record shop. Lock Up the Wolves is the fifth studio album by the American heavy metal band Dio , released on May 15, The song "Evil on Queen Street" takes its title from a deli in Toronto which had a sandwich with that name — per Dio on Much Music in All lyrics and melodies by Ronnie James Dio , music as stated.

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Lock Up the Wolves () by Dio. Labels: Warner Bros. Records. Genres: Heavy Metal. Songs: Wild One, Born On The Sun, Hey Angel, Between Two Hearts, Night Music, Lock Up The Wolves.. Members: Ronnie James Dio, Rowan Robertson, Teddy Cook, Simon Wright, Jens Johansson.

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  1. Lock Up the Wolves is the fifth studio album by the American heavy metal band Dio, released on May 15, It displayed a complete change of musician line-up over the previous Dream Evil album, including eighteen-year-old guitarist Rowan Robertson, and Simon Wright on drums who had played with AC/DC from The song "Evil on Queen Street" takes its title from a deli in Toronto which had Genre: Heavy metal.
  2. Sep 16,  · referencing Lock Up The Wolves, CD, Album, PDO, After Holy diver this is My fav Dio songs,great sound and Dio's voice in great plays great flakowalabemununalarmelniggbal.coal cd sounds best to me.I had the vinyl too but prefer the cd version.4/5().
  3. Ultimatly Lock up the wolves is a fantastic album, it's creation not out of vanilla rock with intent on filling vast stadiums (although in the 80's Dio regularly did) is more true dedicated first class metal, i rate this album personally very highly indeed, with pop outtakes such as "shoot shoot" nowhere to be seen, is exactly why iv given this /5().
  4. Dio (2) Lock Up The Wolves ‎ (CD, Album) Reprise Records: CD Canada: Sell This Version: 9 Dio (2) Lock Up The Wolves /5(4).
  5. Dio's record Lock Up the Wolves seems to be a bit underrated by many metal fans for reasons I'm unsure of, but I can say with confidence that this is one of my favorites from the Dio band. This album saw a complete lineup change, including slick 18 (18!) year old guitarist Rowan Robertson and AC/DC drummer Simon Wright.
  6. Ronnie James Dio assembled a new version of Dio for Lock Up the Wolves, to no apparent change in the band's flakowalabemununalarmelniggbal.coheless, the group's status in the metal community was beginning to slip, and the album was the lowest-charting Dio record apart from the live Intermission.6/
  7. Dio - Lock Up the Wolves () Album Photo by Megametal. Format: CD. 2 likes. 41 Dio Album Photos.
  8. Tracklist: 1. "Wild One" 2. "Born on the Sun" 3. "Hey Angel" 4. "Between Two Hearts" 5. "Night Music" 6. "Lock Up the Wolves" 7. "Evil on Queen Street" 8. "W.
  9. Dio – Lock Up The Wolves (Live Box Set) (, 4 CD) Country: UK Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal Quality: mp3, CBR kbps Tracklist: Live In Milwaukee - Part One (Live) 1 Jesus Mary And The Holy Ghost (Live) 2 Strange Highways (Live) 3 Don't Talk To Strangers (Live) 4 Pain (Live) 5 The Mob Rules (Live) 6 Holy Diver (Live).

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