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2 Oct, 2012

Demo 2017 Untitled - Hydrocele - Hydrography 2012-2017 (CDr)

Demazio of CEPEL, Brazil, discussing management of the carbon balance in freshwater reservoirs, during a session organized by the International Energy Agency on greenhouse gas emissions from hydro reservoirs. IEA organized and led the session, which focused on placing an economic value on the ancillary services provided by multipurpose hydro schemes.

He also gave a talk in the session on climate issues, on the subject of water supply in the context of climate change. In his summary he commented that the continued safe operation of spillways could not be taken for granted, and he stressed the importance of regular monitoring and inspections. Prof Luis Berga, Hon. President of ICOLD, Spain, who chaired the session on upgrading civil structures, and also presented some concluding remarks in the closing plenary session.

As construction processes had become more mechanized over the years, risks on site had increased, he felt. Some of the speakers in the session on research for hydro machinery. This session was as usual one of the busiest, with a total of 14 talks by speakers from the leading manufacturing companies, research laboratories and universities.

Seven case studies were presented, from which valuable lessons could be drawn. Daniel Paschini of EDF, France, making some opening comments during the session he chaired on operation and maintenance. The leading talk in his session gave details of new World Bank initiatives on operation and maintenance; there were also presentations on a new monitoring platform adopted by ENDESA, Spain, as well as several new ideas for inspections and surveillance systems.

Paulo Erbisti of Brazil, who chaired a session on gates and valves. Taherzadeh of Tractebel Engie, France, chairing the session on tunnels. He commented that the talks could be divided into two categories: technologies applied in tunnelling for hydro schemes; and, challenges faced in underground works, at the design phase, as well as during construction.

Irfan Aker of Dolsar Engineering, Turkey, introducing the session which he chaired, on project planning and implementation. Speakers covered a wide range of case studies, including projects in Chile, Myanmar, Malaysia, Angola, Cameroon and Ethiopia. Dr Harald Kreuzer of Switzerland, chairing the session on dam safety. He felt the session had highlighted an interesting dichotomy in considering safety issues between large and small dams.

On the one hand there had been advances in the use of risk assessment for large, well documented dams, he said, while on the other hand there was a tendency to neglect the safety of thousands of small dams, where the risks were considered to be less significant.

The first part of the session focused on talks by four trainee engineers, in their last year at University, who were participating in a summer programme organized by Multiconsult, Norway.

This was followed by an open forum, which led to the conclusion that succession planning and knowledge transfer was not all about training, but was a complex issue involving many issues and stakeholders. Their session presented some case studies from around the world, and covered projects in Africa, Asia and Europe.

John Gummer summarizing the presentations on hydraulic machinery, during the closing plenary session. He commended the speakers for covering a broad range of topics within a limited time, ranging from fish-friendly turbines to revolutionary designs for tidal powerplants. Filariasis causes lymphatic obstruction Testicular Tumor Testicular Torsion. Symptoms Painless Scrotal Swelling Small and soft on arising in the morning Becomes large and tense as the day progresses Large amounts of fluid may interfere with intercourse.

Signs Nontender Scrotal Swelling anterior to Testis and cord Translucent fluid on transillumination Scrotal Swelling is not reducible unlike Inguinal Hernia Overlying scrotal skin may have bluish tint. Differential Diagnosis See Scrotal Swelling. Images: Related links to external sites from Bing. Related Studies. Trip Database TrendMD. WordPress Shortcode. Tbilisi State Medical University Follow. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No.

A friend of mine asked them to write a whole dissertation for him and he said it turned out great! Afterwards I also ordered an essay from them and I was very happy with the work I got too. Gazi Md Zakir Hossain. Conrad Moses. Harish C Hokrani Hokrani. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Hydrocele 1. It may or may not be associated with inguinal hernia. In older boys and men it may be idiopathic but more likely to be secondary to another pathologic process in the scrotum or adjacent structures 3.

Normally, the testicles descend from the developing baby's abdominal cavity into the scrotum. A sac processus vaginalis accompanies each testicle, allowing fluid to surround the testicles. In most cases, each sac closes and the fluid is absorbed. Often, particularly when anchored in a river mouth, observations were made of tidal flow. In those days the tidal-flow current meters were mainly mechanical, consisting of a rev.

The current caused the rod to turn and hence the rate of the tidal flow could be observed. However, on a river like the Surinam River the outgoing tide carries lots of flotsam, varying from half-rotten tree trunks to ladies pants and, of course, this is always blocking or winding around the chain of the current meter. Therefore the Dutch surveyors used a much more simple way to observe the tide. The ship's carpenter was ordered to nail a series of small copper tacks into the foredeck as close as possible to the ships bow.

Another series of copper tacks were nailed into the aft deck close to the stern. Personally overseen by the first lieutenant, the distances between the copper tacks were carefully measured using a long calibrated! The procedure was then as follows.

During the periods the ship was at anchor the duty hand on deck and there were plenty in those days went to the bridge, recorded the ship's heading from the gyro and from there ran to the foredeck and dropped a small wooden stick from a bag neatly prepared by the ship's carpenter, and all sticks of the same size of course overboard. He then dropped to his knees to watch the stick pass the copper tacks, started the stopwatch and ran to the stern - trying desperately to stay ahead of the wooden stick and not to lose it in the dark - and stopped the stopwatch when the wooden stick passed the copper tacks on the aft deck.

The time interval was then later used to calculate the rate of the tidal flow at the time of observation.

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