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2 Oct, 2012

Current - Brain Pilot - Mind Fuel (CD, Album)

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They can also have the parking location and parking time displayed. In the Audi e-tron models, other functions are added: remote control of battery charging and air conditioning and access to vehicle data.

If desired, the user can have the system read out the place, time and description of the meeting. The geofencing alert becomes active if the car leaves or enters a predefined zone. Curfew alert is triggered if the car is driven during an unallowable time of day. Valet alert issues a warning if the car is being misused in valet parking, and the speed alert informs the owner if the car is being driven too fast by a third party.

If the car is stolen, the stolen vehicle locator helps to localize the car by transferring position data to the police. Now the home is being added as well. A prerequisite is a TV set that is equipped with the fourth generation Apple TV, which enables the installation of third-party apps for the first time. From the first moment of ownership, it brings Audi connect services on-board without the driver having to complete an activation procedure. It also permits automatic EU-wide roaming, because the SIM card can automatically be set for a specific country provider if necessary.

This eliminates country-specific roaming fees for customers as well as inconvenient roaming confirmation procedures. The existence of Mitchell's daughter was not publicly known until , when a roommate from Mitchell's art-school days in the s sold the story of the adoption to a tabloid magazine.

Mitchell and her daughter met in When she could not express herself to the person she wanted to talk to, she became attuned to the whole world, and she began to write personally. She said, "I made my dress and bridesmaids' dresses. We had no money I walked down the aisle brandishing my daisies. The marriage and partnership of Joni and Chuck Mitchell dissolved in early , and Joni moved to New York City to follow her musical path as a solo artist.

She performed frequently in coffeehouses and folk clubs and, by this time creating her own material, became well known for her unique songwriting and her innovative guitar style. Folk singer Tom Rush had met Mitchell in Toronto and was impressed with her songwriting ability.

He took "Urge for Going" to the popular folk artist Judy Collins , but she was not interested in the song at the time, so Rush recorded it himself. Collins also covered "Chelsea Morning", another recording that eclipsed Mitchell's own commercial success early on.

While Mitchell was playing one night in the Gaslight South, [44] a club in Coconut Grove , Florida, David Crosby walked in and was immediately struck by her ability and her appeal as an artist. Soon she was being managed by Elliot Roberts , who, after being urged by Buffy Sainte-Marie, had first seen her play in a Greenwich Village coffee house. Eventually she was signed to the Warners-affiliated Reprise label by talent scout Andy Wickham. Mitchell toured steadily to promote the LP. The tour helped create eager anticipation for Mitchell's second LP, Clouds , which was released in April This album contained Mitchell's own versions of some of her songs already recorded and performed by other artists: " Chelsea Morning ", " Both Sides, Now ", and "Tin Angel".

The covers of both LPs, including a self-portrait on Clouds , were designed and painted by Mitchell, a blending of her painting and music that she continued throughout her career. The following month, Reprise released her third album, Ladies of the Canyon. Mitchell's sound was already beginning to expand beyond the confines of acoustic folk music and toward pop and rock, with more overdubs, percussion, and backing vocals, and for the first time, many songs composed on piano, which became a hallmark of Mitchell's style in her most popular era.

The album also included the already-familiar song "The Circle Game" and the environmental anthem " Big Yellow Taxi ", with its now-famous line, "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot. Ladies of the Canyon was an instant smash on FM radio and sold briskly, eventually becoming Mitchell's first gold album selling over a half million copies. She made a decision to stop touring for a year and just write and paint, yet she was still voted "Top Female Performer" for by Melody Maker , a leading UK pop music magazine.

The songs she wrote during the months she took off for travel and life experience appeared on her next album, Blue , released in June Comparing Joni Mitchell's talent to his own, David Crosby said, "By the time she did Blue , she was past me and rushing toward the horizon".

Blue was an almost instant critical and commercial success, peaking in the top 20 in the Billboard Album Charts in September and also hitting the British Top 3. The lushly produced " Carey " was the single at the time, but musically, other parts of Blue departed further from the sounds of Ladies of the Canyon. Her most confessional album, Mitchell later said of Blue , "I have, on occasion, sacrificed myself and my own emotional makeup, We all suffer for our loneliness, but at the time of Blue , our pop stars never admitted these things.

Mitchell later remarked, "At that period of my life, I had no personal defenses. I felt like a cellophane wrapper on a pack of cigarettes. I felt like I had absolutely no secrets from the world and I couldn't pretend in my life to be strong. Mitchell decided to return to the live stage after the great success of Blue , and she presented new songs on tour which appeared on her next album, her fifth, For the Roses.

The album was released in October and immediately zoomed up the charts. Court and Spark , released in January , saw Mitchell begin the flirtation with jazz and jazz fusion that marked her experimental period ahead. Court and Spark went to No. The LP made Mitchell a widely popular act for perhaps the only time in her career, on the strength of popular tracks such as the rocker " Raised on Robbery ", which was released right before Christmas , and " Help Me ", which was released in March of the following year, and became Mitchell's only Top 10 single when it peaked at No.

Express as what she called her first real backing group. In February , her tour with the L. Express began, and they received rave notices as they traveled across the United States and Canada during the next two months.

A series of shows at L. In November, Mitchell released that album, Miles of Aisles , a two-record set including all but two songs from the L. Music Center, on March 4, were also included in the set. The live album slowly moved up to No.

Mitchell went into the studio in early to record acoustic demos of some songs that she had written since the Court and Spark tour. A few months later she recorded versions of the tunes with her band. Her musical interests were now diverging from both the folk and the pop scene of the era, toward less structured, more jazz-inspired pieces, with a wider range of instruments.

On "The Jungle Line", she made an early effort at sampling a recording of African musicians, something that became more commonplace among Western rock acts in the s. In early , Mitchell traveled with friends who were driving cross country to Maine. Afterwards, she drove back to California alone and composed several songs during her journey which featured on her next album, 's Hejira.

She stated that "This album was written mostly while I was traveling in the car. That's why there were no piano songs The album climbed to No. Hejira "did not sell as briskly as Mitchell's earlier, more "radio-friendly" albums, [but] its stature in her catalogue has grown over the years". In she said, "I suppose a lot of people could have written a lot of my other songs, but I feel the songs on Hejira could only have come from me.

In mid, Mitchell began work on new recordings that became her first double studio album. Close to completing her contract with Asylum Records, Mitchell felt that this album could be looser in feel than any album she'd done in the past.

She invited Pastorius back, and he brought with him fellow members of jazz fusion pioneers Weather Report , including drummer Don Alias and saxophonist Wayne Shorter. Other songs continued the jazz-rock-folk collisions of Hejira. Mitchell also revived "Jericho", written years earlier a version is found on her live album but never recorded in a studio setting. Don Juan's Reckless Daughter was released in December The album received mixed reviews but still sold relatively well, peaking at No.

The cover of the album created its own controversy: Mitchell was featured in several photographs, including one where she was in blackface, wearing a curly afro wig, a white suit and vest, and dark sunglasses. The character, whom she called Art Nouveau, was based on a pimp who, she says, once complimented her while walking down an LA street — and was a symbol of her turn toward jazz and streetwise lyrics. A few months after the release of Don Juan's Reckless Daughter , Mitchell was contacted by the esteemed jazz composer, bandleader and bassist Charles Mingus , who had heard the orchestrated song "Paprika Plains", and wanted her to work with him.

She began a collaboration with Mingus, who died before the project was completed in She finished the tracks, and the resulting album, Mingus , was released in June , though it was poorly received in the press. The third full-length studio release for the Swedish rock band was self-produced and was mixed by Andrew Scheps. The ninth full-length studio release for the the Scottish alternative rock trio was produced by Rich Costey. User Score: 9. The first full-length release for the Canadian singer-songwriter in eight years was co-produced by Jim Bryson and Ian Fitchuk.

The latest full-length release for the two-time Grammy winner was inspired by socially and politically-aware albums from ss. The latest solo release for the Melvins's Buzz Osborne features Mr. Bungle bassist Trevor Dunn. The debut full-length release for the British indie rock band which despite its name has no female members was produced by Larry Hibbitt. The third full-length release for the Liverpool-based trio was produced by Dave McCracken. The second full-length release for the Canadian singer-songwriter comes after recovering from a brain injury caused by a car accident.

The latest full-length release for the Los Angles-based indie rock band led by John Rossiter was self-produced by the quartet. The third full-length release for the British psychedelic pop band led by Dave Bayley who also produced the album was executive produced by Paul Epworth.

The latest full-length studio release for the British hard rock band was produced by Bob Ezrin. User Score: 7. This is the debut full-length release for the London-based indie rock band led by Catrin Vincent. The four-track album from the Norwegian ensemble was self-produced and created over two weeks in Sweden. The posthumous release for the Ohio singer-songwriter was recorded in The seventh full-length studio release for the country singer-songwriter was produced by Jeff and Jody Stevens.

The fourth full-length release for Atlanta-based chillwave producer Ernest Greene was mixed by Ben H. The second full-length release for the British indie singer-songwriter was produced by Loren Humphrey.

The first album in 17 years for Phil Elverum under the name The Microphones features one track that is nearly 45 minutes long. I picked that Marilyn Manson as the fakest stage name of all to say that this is what show business is, fake. Marilyn Monroe wasn't even her real name, Charles Manson isn't his real name, and now, I'm taking that to be my real name.

But what's real? You can't find the truth, you just pick the lie you like the best. As long as you know everything's a lie, you can't hurt yourself. Billy Zane is someone that I met and is a fellow artist, and sometimes we work together, painting, however pretentious that might sound. It was really quite simple, though. We would just spend time together, hanging out, listening to music, or painting.

We became friends. He was one of the first people I met when I moved to Hollywood. And I think he's a cool actor. Part of me is afraid to get close to people because I'm afraid that they're going to leave. I've always had the same level of excitement about making music, but now it seems so much more important because all of the blame that was put on me for Columbine.

The entire incident, the way the media reacted, the people who were involved, the way I was treated, it hurt me personally because my career is my life.

It made me feel a lot like how I felt growing up because it was a lot of people beating you down and treating you a certain way for something you're not even responsible for. I just really had to re-evaluate what I was gonna do; How am I gonna respond to this, how am I gonna take this? And I wanted to come out swinging with both fists. It is a great feeling to write a song, but to be able to perform it, it takes on a whole different light.

The ability to make small children cry at the grocery store I like better than the fame. But Funkadelic were soon to run aground, and during the 80s and 90s, the Parliafunkadelic sound would more often be heard via samples woven into the beats of the hip-hop generation than from the group themselves. Funkadelic — 10 of the best. Each member of Nirvana was kicked out of the Nevermind release party for starting a food fight.

Jimi created the song "Little Wing" in seconds. Elton John's real name is Reginald Kenneth Dwight. Fleetwood Mac founding member Jeremy Spencer abruptly left the group to join the Children of God cult.

The first full-length release in nearly 10 years for the British rapper features guest appearances from Oscar #Worldpeace, Hak Baker, Dapz on the Map, Donae'O, ELIZA, Greentea Peng, Rob Harvey, IDLES, Kasien, Jimothy Lacoste, Chris Lorenzo, Ms Banks, Jesse James Solomon, and Tame Impala.

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  1. Each of the distinct styles of music which they create is released under names including Trans-4m, Brain Pilot, and Sounds Unlimited. Their diverse interests combine to fuel the creation of a wide range of sounds and moods. Brain Pilot are forging new sounds in 'listening techno'.
  2. Do not confuse with the label Nova Zembla Records Nova Zembla was a sub label of KK Records in Belgium. Initially launched in , releasing material licensed from the pioneering Australian trance label artist's such as Zen Paradox, Lumukanda, Third Eye, and Shaolin Wooden Men, As the label began to establish itself in the European tech-trance seen. new artist's were added.
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  5. Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. (December 31, – October 12, ), known professionally as John Denver, was an American singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, activist, and humanitarian, whose greatest commercial success was as a solo traveling and living in numerous locations while growing up in his military family, Denver began his music career with folk music groups.
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  7. Rock music is a genre of music started in America. It has its roots in s and s rock and roll and rockabilly, which evolved from blues, country music and other influences.

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