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2 Oct, 2012

Chasing Bugs - Sportsguitar - Happy Already (CD, Album)

Typically that's Youtube, but I also follow the artists I like on twitter and get new songs from them. What feature of Spotify was "not very good" for finding new artists? I don't think Spotify has any good features for finding new artists.

I've used all of the ones you mentioned and generally don't like the playlists. Usually they play songs I already know, and the new ones they introduce I just skip. I get a very small hit rate of new music to listen to from Spotify versus other channels. My Discover Weekly is always filled with great new artists I've never heard of, and there's generally at least songs that I think are great and want to explore the artist further.

Two recommendations 1. Followers and Influencers No idea if this is still around but back in I used to subscribe to Rhapsody the original music streaming service and every artist had a list of who influenced them and who they influenced followers. Those features were huge for me in finding new music.

PopeDotNinja 6 months ago. I hate YouTube Music. YouTube Music imports votes from all of my watched videos, most of which I did not like for their musical content. I get the worst recommendations on YouTube Music. It's like a better Pandora, with the things that makes Spotify great, like Spotify Connect. It's only in the US App Store for dumb reasons, but it works fine elsewhere once you get it downloaded with a US account.

Thanks - also works in Australia. I don't think this is a fair assessment of Spotify. I discover new music all the time through Spotify, here's what I do. I've spent hours discovering new music this way, good luck. Sadly it always includes songs that I have already liked in every radio that I make and it forces me to listen the same song over and over again until I hate it.

I would like radio to suggest music that I haven't liked already It does work better if you use an obscure artist for your recommendations though. Word of mouth from friends is number one. As a DJ, I used to live by this. I wouldn't go hunting on BeatPort, I'd just find what friends were listening to and try to explore from there. Other than that - Spotify and Apple Music both, at this time, have excellent playlists and recommendations - as far as I've found, in my extensive use of both platforms.

Spotify's non-algorithmic New Music Friday, algorithmic Release Radar and Discover Weekly playlists have all been amazing for finding music for me. I really like Bandcamp's articles. They're hyping material on their own platform of course, but you can give it a quick listen on-the-spot, and if you like it, that's a win for you, the artist, and Bandcamp. If you don't like it, you can move on to the next article straightaway.

Moreover it's often stuff that no algorithm would have recommended to you. I mainly use Spotify recommendations. As a someone with highly niche musical preference Mostly anime and some game music Spotify seems to give me most spot-on recommendations. YouTube Music tends to provide me recommendation that's a little too broad for my taste; I see recommendation often cover J-Pop songs.

Might be something to do with the difference in categorization of songs. This might of an somewhat of an outlier case, though. I'm always surprised when people consider Spotify's recommendations poor. I've found them to be excellent and have added hundreds of tracks into my lists that have come purely from things like Artist Radio.

I've had times listening to Discover Weekly where I've hearted track after track. Maybe that style just translates well to Spotify's audience or algorithms? Same, but my genre profile is very diverse, with a lot of niche stuff, as well as more popular.

Somehow Spotify "made for you" playlists manage to not only give me relevant suggestions, but also categorize those suggestions almost perfectly. My biggest gripe in this area is I can't search on similar sounding music. This is an an algorithmicaly solvable problem.

I mean, Shazam and Google recognizes 'em and that's very old news. Now, Sirenia is a metal band and this is anything but. It's basically a not too distant relative of the Moonlight Sonata but I didn't realize this until a kind redditor pointed it out after like years of searching. Problem is, you can't search on artists. There's no other track from Sirenia which sounds like this. One suggestion is to go looking for playlists with the song you like. Also, i can recommend the Track Radio feature of Tidal.

Is there a feature where you can search for a playlist containing more than one song? Could not find anything like that, only requests for such a feature. OP: have you ever tried Spotify's weekly Discover playlist? I can't believe how good it's been for me, and I never took to Pandora or similar recommendation methods.

Discover has opened me up to bands that were always on the perimeter of my tastes but that I never took the plunge to listen to, and I'm amazed at how Spotify even knows to recommend a deep cut that I'll love from an artist I typically hate. Spotify has 9 or 10 years of Premium listening data from me at this point, and for me they are using it well. I have had exactly the opposite experience.

I have been pigeonholed for the past 2 years and counting. The structure of my playlists lately have been 25 songs that I've already heard a thousand times in previous Discover Weeklys or Daily Mixes, then 3 songs I haven't heard in a while from artists I know, then 2 actually interesting tracks.

The heyday of Discover Weekly for me was I've heard that they rely much more on which artists you "follow" rather than your listening behavior and saved songs. But I have no idea if this is true. I'm having trouble explaining it and subsequently have lost faith in the platform. I think this could be due to genre bias. There's a new xanax rapper every 60 seconds but fewer folk metal, and the like, partially due to required number of people and overall effort.

And really, what I am trying to achieve doesn't sound complicated at all: I don't even want to be notified in advance, just being told about new release even with a week delay would be fine. Yet I didn't find any efficient way to achieve it! There must be like artists I know and like in my collection, probably more. Some DJs have literally tens of music projects and go by various handles, which I obviously cannot all remember. Sometimes I find out that some musician I really liked a long time ago before he supposedly retired, has started a new project I didn't know about for years.

So manually monitoring it all even assuming consequenceofsound covers everybody I listen, which I really, really doubt isn't easy by any means. And unlike the author, I don't find it to be a fun hobby, I just want to get notified if my favorite band released a new album this month! What really frustrates me, is that for some comprehensive music DB like discogs, musicbrainz, last. Yet to the day I'm not aware that something like this exists, and I tried to find it for a while now.

It's won't necessarily catch every single thing, but Spotify's automatically-generated weekly "Release Radar" does an excellent job of aggregating new releases for me. I believe it's based on both artists you have explicitly followed on Spotify and also ones you've simply listened to a lot. Wow, thanks, that seems to be it! Edit: doesn't seem to be actually maintained, though.

Very noticeable and quite easy to fix bugs as old as still persist. But I'll surely try it anyway. The data still gets populated, though.

It's all on Github in case you want to submit a patch. EvRev 6 months ago. I go to SoundCloud and start following young producers who have the time to repost what they encounter. It is not based on an algorithm, but rather real people who have the time to explore more new music than I have to listen to. These guys do a great job manually aggregating new music and putting it into mixes. My extremely modern recommendation for those feeling like they have no good sources: have y'all tried reading more blogs?

I still read Stereogum which recently went independent again after being owned by Billboard and Pitchfork. I stay reasonably on top of popular music with them - Stereogum in particular strikes an amazing balance between having good coverage of straight-up pop while still giving coverage to often-ignored genres like hardcore and grime.

Their writers certainly have their blindspots, and they are driven by popular label press releases as much honest discovery, but that's kind of why I read them - I want to stay on top of the zeitgeist. I think if you have specific tastes, you should find sources covering your niches.

I also think that if you live in a major city, you may want to find local coverage - I read Brooklyn Vegan, which is unsurprisingly given the name also mainly focused on mainstream indie, also but covers a lot of smaller artists who are coming through NYC soon. I've managed to see a lot of live music I never would have heard of thanks to them. I am also interested in working on better ways to discover music. I've been working on a small Twitter-like social network for sharing new music on and off for the past few years, somewhat comparable to This Is My Jam.

It doesn't do any fancy algorithms or anything, it just presents music your friends post in a form that's easy to listen back to via Spotify and Apple Music SDKs - would love to have more sources someday, but Soundcloud and Bandcamp don't really have APIs for this, and obviously hosting content is a minefield. I'm watching the comments on this thread closely for inspiration on this - right now I've just been using it with a couple friends and thinking about how it might expand in the future :.

I love to use rateyourmusic for this. It is great for finding related artists and for exploring new genres. Their charts are a good way to find recommendations, especially if you filter by particular genres you like. Also good is to look at lists by users who like something you like. Start with a genre or artist you know, and branch out. Personally I find the best sources to find new music are last. FM is a brilliant collection of radio stations for electronic music and I have discovered many of my favorite bands from DI.

Been a subscriber for over a decade now. I scrobble all of my tracks on last. A lot of my now favourite artists came from here. WeAreHunted was the best, until Twitter put a bullet in it's head. I think it was reincarnated as wonder. WeAreHunted was mind-blowingly consistent and effective. As long as I "liked" things I enjoyed, I almost never felt the need to skip whatever it presented. The founder is an interesting guy who is currently currently providing VC for a bunch of ideas, one of which is using AI to make music.

Their demos are pretty interesting. It build a little graph of the top-likers of a track, and their top-likes.. You often find yourself far from your bubble of music. Munksgaard 6 months ago. That's pretty cool, I know what I'll be doing today! What are the black dots? If so it would be great if clicking them actually opened up their soundcloud profile.

As another small suggestion, it would be nice with a title on mouseover on both the orange and black dots. Yeah listeners! The source is all there, so knock yourself out :. When trying to search you're immediately returned to the same page again with a blank search bar, seems like it went down or something. It's working fine for me. However, I found out that by "search" it means "input the url of a song you like".

Yeah, what he said.. Sorry for the misleading terminology. Paste a different link :. I'm a huge fan of Apple Music and its playlists. For anyone looking for background music to work to, check out Apple Music's "Pure Focus" playlist.

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Email or phone Password Forgotten account? His lyricists are nominally "conscious," forgoing idle gun talk in favor of meditations on revolution and suffering, but the Bug's insidious frequencies operate subconsciously, like dread itself. Philip Sherburne. All rights reserved. Napster and the Napster logo are registered trademarks of Rhapsody International Inc. JavaScript is disabled in your browser settings.

Get app. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date April 21, Recording Date September, - November, Track Listing. Romeo Goes. Oliver Obert. San Antonio Rose Time Changes Everything Lovin' Is Livin' Oh No That's What You Think Live And Let Live Please Come Back Home The House That Love Built Sweethearts Or Strangers 2.

Your Cheatin' Heart 3. Shame On You 4. I Can't Tell My Heart 5. Better Things Than These 6. You Call Everybody Darling 7. I'm A Poor Boy 8. I Can't Help It 9.

Worried Mind I'll Be Yours You Are My Sunshine The Comancheros You're Breaking My Heart Big River, Big Man Sweet Lovin' Pistol Packin' Papa Little Bitty Heart I Backed Out Tracks of Disc 10 1.

I'm Moving On 2. The Rhumba Boogie 4. Bluebird island 5. I Don't Hurt Anymore 6. The Golden Rocket 8. Unwanted Sign Upon Your Heart 9. Music Makin' Mama From Memphis Marriage Vow The Gal Who Invented Kissin' Baby, I Need Lovin Dusty Skies Big Beaver I'd Do It Again Too In Love Gloria This Train When Your Love Burns Low Panhandle Rag A New Deal Of Love The Little Rosewood Casket.

Young Love 5. Singing the Blues 6. Memories Are Made of This 7. Ballad of a Teenage Queen 8. One by One Devoted to You Lovesick Blues Wings of a Dove Before This Day Ends Send Me the Pillow You Dream on I Dig You Baby Whispering Pines Tracks of Disc 2 1. I Think I Know 2. Tangled Mind 3. For Rent One Empty Heart 4. Sweet Dreams 6. Eyes of Love 7. Gonna Find Me a Bluebird 8. The Tip of My Fingers 9. The Window up Above I'm Beginning to Forget You Dear Mama I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry Left to Right Second Honeymoon Call Me up Another Scarlet Ribbons For Her Hair Long Gone Lonesome Blues 3.

Who Will Buy the Wine 5. Just Call Me Lonesome 6. No Love Have I 7. Love Has Made You Beautiful 8. I Forgot to Remember to Forget 9. So Many Times Anymore A Woman Captured Me Two Fools in Love Each Moment Spent with You Country Girl Beg Your Pardon That's Where I Want to Be Four Walls 2. Above and Beyond 3. I Am That Easy to Forget 5. The Same Two Lips 6. The Same Old Me 7. Whispering Rain 8.

Wishful Thinking 9. Crying My Heart out over You Knoxville Girl Mommy for a Day Kathy Too You Got Everything Do It Now Too Soon to Know Face to the Wall El Paso 2.

Am I That Easy to Forget 4. That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine 5. Puppy Love 6. Heartaches 7. Would You Care 8. A Stranger to Me 9. Once More I Love You More Colour of the Blues Wedding Bells I'm so in Love with You Wasted Words Thanks a Lot Oh Lonesome Me Tracks of Disc 6 1. Guess Things Happen That Way 2. You Better Not Go 3. These Hands 4. Just as Long as You Love Me 5. The Lonely Side of Town 7. Irene Goodnight 8.

Life to Go 9. Clementine Trouble in Mind Lonesome Old House Just Married Go Away with Me Cause I Love You Talk of the School Before I'met You Can I Count on Your Love Girl Left Alone Tracks of Disc 7 1.

Next in Line 3. Blue Boy 4. I Found My Girl in the U. Heartbreak Avenue 6. Curtain in the Window 7. Fraulein 8. My Arms Are a House 9. Dark Moon The Ways of a Woman in Love Geisha Girl Stairway of Love She Knows Why You'll Come Back Why Why Give Myself a Party Falling Back to You According to My Heart For You Alone Tracks of Disc 8 1. Just One Time 2. My Special Angel 3.

Spanish Fireball 4. She Was Only Seventeen 6. Am I Losing You 8. You Win Again 9. Listen to My Heart I'miss You Already Bye Bye Love You're the Nearest Thing to Heaven Midnight I'm Hurtin' Inside From a Jack to a King Stolen Moments You're Makin' a Fool out of Me 2. There's a Fool Such as I 3. Jaqueline 4. Two Shadows on Your Window 5. Jealousy 6. Lonely Island Pearl 7. What About Me 8. Lonely 9. Squaws Along the Yukon I Still Miss Someone Your Name Is Beautiful Is It Wrong That's the Way I Feel Lost to a Geisha Girl Let Me Go Lover 2.

I'll Go on Alone 3. Old Moon 4. Anna Marie 5. Treasure of Love 6. Cold, Cold Heart 7. Train of Love 8. Talk to Me Lonesome Heart 9. I'm in Love Again Far Far Away That Crazy Feeling Pick Me up on Your Way Down Take a Message to Mary Alone with You Yellow Roses You're the Reason I'm in Love. Tracks of Disc 1 1. Green Green Grass of Home 2. Squid Jiggin' Ground 3.

Nov 29,  · Sportsguitar Fade-Cliché 05 Mars. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue.

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  1. Sportsguitar - Happy Already - Music. Skip to main content. Try Prime CDs & Vinyl Go Search EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. Best Sellers Gift Ideas New Releases Whole Foods 4/5(1).
  2. Moving away from the lo-fi sound of the preceding Married, 3 Kids, Sportguitar's third album is their most impressive outing yet; there's a snap and a crackle present on Happy Already that the band's earlier releases lacked, and although Oliver Obert's artless vocals and slack, meandering songs still owe a heavy debt to bands like Pavement and Guided by Voices, tracks like "Romeo Goes," "Mistake" 8/
  3. Feb 21,  · Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Chasing Bugs · Sportsguitar Happy Already ℗ Kitty-Yo Released on: Auto-generated by YouTube.
  4. Happy Already album lyrics by Sportsguitar. Full discography of Sportsguitar. Chasing Bugs lyrics: Oliver Obert Look Shit lyrics: Oliver Obert Mistake lyrics: Free CD & DVD Covers Covers at
  5. Happy Already, an album by Sportsguitar on Spotify. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics flakowalabemununalarmelniggbal.coed on:
  6. ‎The Lucerne, Switzerland-based lo-fi outfit Sportsguitar was formed in by frontman Oliver Obert and multi-instrumentalist Roland Saum, who previously teamed in the band Hypocrisy in Spring. After recording a demo, the duo approached a number of international labels, all of whom passed on releas. Available with an Apple Music subscription.
  7. Explore releases from Bugs at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Bugs at the Discogs Marketplace.
  8. Explore releases from The Bugs at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from The Bugs at the Discogs Marketplace.

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