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2 Oct, 2012

Carls Song

He used Lawrence Fletcher 's robot to replace him for the Father-Daughter picnic competition while Carl was restoring Lawrence's memory. He also helped make the switch between the robotic version and the real Mr.

When Phineas and Ferb create a device to reverse the effects of gravity, Carl goes undercover as a boy, thinking that Phineas and Ferb are in league with Doofenshmirtz. Carl discovers that the boys are just having fun and returns with the news " Undercover Carl ". He also shows the letter made from cut-out magazine letters, and mentions Dr. Doofenshmirtz going to Tokyo with his daughter. However, he passes the whole situation off as a coincidence, and gives Perry the day off " Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You!

While attending Squirrel-Con, Carl finds Agent P's hat, and since Major Monogram is too busy to do anything, Carl goes to find out what happened to Agent P and gets captured by Doofenshmirtz, discovering that Agent P had been brainwashed to become Doofenshmirtz's servant. He inadvertently helps Perry save the day when he tips juice over Perry's suit, causing Perry to go change and see the note to self he had written on his own chest, returning him to his normal mindset " The Remains of the Platypus ".

However, he was momentarily slowed down by Perry's interference before Perry strangely disappeared " Where's Perry? His plans to conquer the Tri-State Area were severely damaged as Perry locked the control panel and only his paw print could unlock it. To this extent, Carl goes on a hunt for the lost platypus and winds up in Africa, cornering Agent P in the unexplored gorge. However, Agent P does not give into evil Carl and engages his robot duplicates in a full scale battle with aide from the African wildlife, a confused Candace, Major Monogram and Doofenshmirtz before Doofenshmirtz uses his newly built -inator to turn Carl back to his normal self.

British Academy of Film and Television Awards. Retrieved 2 October Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Works directed by Ken Loach. Authority control GND : Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Golden Frog. Evening Standard British Film Award , Havana Film Festival , London Critics Circle Film Awards , Maggie has a history of bouncing from one abusive relationship to Sparks fly in Glasgow's south side when a young Asian man enters into a relationship with a Caucasian woman.

This Ken Loach film tells the story of a man devoted to his family and his religion. Proud, though poor, Bob wants his little girl to have a beautiful and costly brand-new dress for her After being fired from her job, Angie teams up with her flatmate to find employment for immigrants. Two thirtysomethings, unemployed former alcoholic Joe and community health worker Sarah, start a romantic relationship in the one of the toughest Glasgow neighbourhoods.

David is an unemployed communist that comes to Spain in during the civil war to enroll the republicans and defend the democracy against the fascists. He makes friends between the soldiers. The story of a private security contractor in Iraq who rejected the official explanation of his friend's death and sets out to discover the truth. Determined to have a normal family life once his mother gets out of prison, a Scottish teenager from a tough background sets out to raise the money for a home.

A singer swaps the political intimidation of working in East Germany for the equally controlling capitalist music industry in the West. A bus driver George Lennox meets Carla, a Nicaraguan exile living a precarious, profoundly sad life in Glasgow. Her back is scarred, her boyfriend missing, her family dispersed; she's suicidal. George takes her to Nicaragua to find out what has happened to them and to help her face her past.

Once home, Carla's nightmarish memories take over, and Carla and George are thrown into the thick of the US war against the Sandinistas. A mystery develops over where Carla's boyfriend is, and the key to his whereabouts may be Carla's friend Bradley, a bitter American aid worker. She finds her family, the Contras attack, and she and the Scot face their choices. Ken Loach is a remarkable storyteller. Notice how subtly Carlyle's George changes from a loveable lout to noble lover; now find a recent Hollywood film that accomplishes something even close.

Moving dramatically from the grey grime of Glasgow to the green pandemonium of Nicaragua in , this film charts a remarkable story of how international politics becomes an international dance of love becomes international politics. The reviewer who argues that the film glorifies the Sandinistas has it all wrong except perhaps in the world of doublespeak where simply to treat the Sandinistas with sympathy is to glorify them.

Loach rather glorifies the kind of loving devotion that leads George to make a remarkable self-abnegating gesture at the end of the film. Even as I believe that the film is primarily about the love between Carla and George, I am happy for the legions of viewers in the U. Tuesday 7 April Wednesday 8 April Thursday 9 April Friday 10 April Saturday 11 April Sunday 12 April Monday 13 April Tuesday 14 April Wednesday 15 April Friday 17 April Saturday 18 April Sunday 19 April Monday 20 April Tuesday 21 April Wednesday 22 April Thursday 23 April Friday 24 April Saturday 25 April Sunday 26 April Monday 27 April Tuesday 28 April Wednesday 29 April Thursday 30 April Friday 1 May Saturday 2 May Sunday 3 May Monday 4 May Tuesday 5 May Wednesday 6 May Thursday 7 May Friday 8 May Saturday 9 May Sunday 10 May Monday 11 May Tuesday 12 May Wednesday 13 May Thursday 14 May Friday 15 May Saturday 16 May Sunday 17 May Monday 18 May Carl forgets it's mother's day.

C2 had written a story in the newspaper accidentally putting in C2's name , and wins. He wins the prize of going with his mother to a mother and son spa. It's Christmas time and Carl's grandmother is coming for the holidays. Will she discover Carl's secret? Aside from Teletoon in Canada, the series also aired on numerous other channels in over countries. Some, but not all, of the first season was made available by the distributor Portfolio Entertainment on the company's YouTube channel on June 22, More episodes from the first and second seasons were added on September The entire series has been released on Tubi TV.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Happy Holidays—Animated! Archived from the original on Teletoon Canada. Channel Canada. July 8, Archived from the original on October 21, Archived from the original PDF on Toronto : Teletoon. Toon Zone. December 23, Archived from the original on September 17, For Better or For Worse. John Callahan's Quads! Olliver's Adventures Doodlez Clone High 1. Fred's Head Punch!

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5. Dimensionpants Chop Chop Ninja Challenge. Categories : s Canadian animated television series Canadian television series debuts Canadian television series endings s Canadian animated television series Canadian children's animated comedy television series Canadian flash animated television series English-language television shows Teletoon original programming Teen animated television series Animated television series about teenagers Television series about cloning Television shows set in Toronto Television series produced in Toronto.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. From left to right: Carl, Rex, and C2. Portfolio Entertainment. Production website. In response to Skye's nearing birthday, Carl has C2 find a job to make some money for a present. Little does Carl know that C2's new job is being a nude model at an art school.

Things go from bad to worse after Carl finds that Skye's party will take place next to the art school where a nude Carl painting hangs. C2 gets tonsillitis and has to remove them by surgery. This raises suspicion because Carl already had his tonsils removed years ago.

Carl's secret is in risk of getting found out and Carl has to play smart in order to stop it. C2 invites Shane, Carl's cousin and his family to stay at his house. Carl strongly hates Shane, especially because of the magic tricks he tries on Carl. To get rid of him, Carl starts a magical war, but he's not sure if he can win.

The Magic Numbers are a four piece indie band from Ealing, London. The band consists of two brother-and-sister pairs, Romeo Stodart (guitar, lead vocals) and his sister Michele Stodart (bass, vocals), and Sean Gannon (drums) and his sister Angela Gannon (percussion, melodica, vocals), who came together as a band after Romeo and Sean started writing songs together.

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  1. Carla's Song is a British film, directed by Ken Loach and written by Paul Laverty, that deals with the impact of the Contra War in Nicaragua. Plot. Set in , Carla's Song tells the story of love in a time of war. The plot follows the relationship between a Scottish bus driver, George Lennox (Robert Carlyle) and Carla (Oyanka Cabezas), a Music by: George Fenton.
  2. Carl's head logo for his song. Carl also has his own theme called Carl, the once had to disguise himself as an ice cream man because Baljeet and Buford were watching Perry and Perry couldn't get his mission. So when Baljeet and Buford were ordering Carl's ice cream, Perry went through an escape door in the ice cream truck.
  3. May 15,  · Directed by Ken Loach. With Robert Carlyle, Oyanka Cabezas, Scott Glenn, Salvador Espinoza. , love in time of war. A bus driver George Lennox meets Carla, a Nicaraguan exile living a precarious, profoundly sad life in Glasgow. Her back is scarred, her boyfriend missing, her family dispersed; she's suicidal. George takes her to Nicaragua to find out what has happened to them and .
  4. Jan 31,  · Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  5. Carl Lee Perkins (April 9, – January 19, ) was an American singer-songwriter who recorded most notably at the Sun Studio, in Memphis, beginning in Amongst his best-known songs are "Blue Suede Shoes", "Matchbox" and "Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby".According to Charlie Daniels, "Carl Perkins' songs personified the rockabilly era, and Carl Perkins' sound personifies the.
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