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2 Oct, 2012

Annette Stephens Quartet - Circa 75 (Vinyl, LP)

Be sure to check this one out! If Edo G truly gets this album right then this could definitely be a best album of the year consideration. Labels: edo g. Being as Masta Ace is one of my absolute favorite rhymers of all time, the recent news of a brand new eMC album on M3 Records to drop very soon is amazing shit in my book despite "The Show" never being the classic many claimed to me.

Let's just hope they grab some crazy beats and we should all be good. The album is called "The Turning Point" and drops worldwide already May 20 so be on the lookout. Being that it's Ace and M3 I would be very suprised if this doesn't make it to a vinyl release as well. Check out the trailer above and make up your own mind! Skyzoo and Torae, sometimes by far two of the most itneresting emcees out of the "new" NYC area of young spitters, are finally getting together for an official release entitled "Barell Brothers".

Featuring proudction by! Check out the first single, the! Intro 2. Talk Of The Town prod. Oh-No 3. Make You A Believer prod. Jahlil Beats 4. Tunnel Vision prod. Blue Yankee Fitted prod. All In Together f. Black Milk 7. Triangle Offense f. Sha Stimuli prod. Movie Album skit prod. Albee Square Mall f. Livin Proof prod. Praise The Hand Off prod. The Stuyvesants Memorabilia prod. AntMan Wonder Rediscover f. Blu prod. MarcNfinit The Aura prod.

Got It From Here prod. Labels: Illmind , Skyzoo , torae. Lil' Fame - "Don't Get Stomped". Underrated Brooklyn emcee Mic Handz is defintiely on the come up with some hard shit as evident by a couple of recent singles, perhaps the doping one being this Lil' Fame blessed banger produced by Aaron Lyles.

Fame brings his usual rugged grittisism and Mic Handz does a good job of keeping things up over a neck breaking backdrop that should have you rewinding this one.

Premiered by Robbie Unkut , so all thanks to him! Black Milk]. Since the release of the Villa's second more official release, "Trinity" , the SV crew have always sounded particularily ill over production by Black Milk " The Reunion " anyone? But of course now that eLzhi is gone there's no one to hold down the super killer lyrical styles it might have lost some of its magic, but the new single "We On" which sets T3, Young RJ, and guest verses from Frank Nitty and Milk himself over a thumping knock out track by the latter is particularily nastyy any way.

The big homie and highly underrated artist Tokyo Cigar has recently dropped his own take on all the "Illmatic" tributes that are popping up all over the net right now, based on that classic album's 20 year anniversary taking place this month. The fiftheen track project titled "The Other Side of Ill" can be divided into two sections - the first ten tracks follow Tokyo showing his rhyme skills over most of the original beats from the "Illmatic" sessions those that have been realised , the remaining tracks with similiar tracks from the original producers - and sequenced the same way.

Why this is very dope, the real treat for me is tracks 11 to 15 which features Tokyo Cigar remixing four "Illmatic" classics as well as one of my favorite mid-'90's cuts " Shootouts " and the result is astonishing so don't sleep, this cat got beats for days and definitely deserves to blow up! Labels: Mixtape , Nas , Tokyo Cigar. Limited to copies this piece of vinyl features a previously unreleased version of Ultramagnetic MC's " Ain't It Good to You " as heard on s stone cold classic "Critical Beatdown" , mixed by none other than the legendary super engineer Paul C.

The track is sped up a bit faster and adds more of the soulful parts from the break beat. Once again Paul C. July 27, -Dow and Thong Guan introduces sustainable plastic stretch cling films made with renewable feedstock in Asia Pacific. July 13, - Dow launches new high-performance thermal gel for 5G technology that promotes environmental sustainability and efficient assembly. We have found an existing account with credentials.

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Delivery Address. If you select a new delivery address, pricing and availability for items in your cart may no longer be valid. I was drinking. I remember being on the road doing some solo touring and feeling empty. People liked the song for what it was, not for the people who were singing.

MTV dictates to the audience what is hip and cool. Kevin took it the hardest. I wanted to explore the actor side of myself. At the same time, my wife and I wanted to start a family. The reunited fivesome released their next album, In a World Like This, the following year. Not long after, discussions of a Las Vegas residency began. I would compare this show to a Millennium-type show. People are going to lose their minds. And like all marriages, you have to work at it.

He also wed his partner, writer Patrick Leahy, in We spoke with Knight about coming home. That was eight years ago, so excitement would be the word. I loved Allan, and am just completely enamored by Mireille as an actor, so I was really excited to get to play with her. Did you need closure?

I loved playing George so much, but he just tried so hard to be good and do the right thing, and he constantly failed miserably. He really wanted to be a moral person, but he. I saw all of The Catch because Elvy was on it.

I need a huge bout of bronchitis or something that lasts three weeks—not that I wish that on myself—in order to do that. The hospital is not even called Seattle Grace anymore. I know. The backstory is that Shonda Rhimes killed off a bunch of people.

It always happens. Were you more guarded stepping onto new sets? Was that really even you under all that makeup? Yes, they took a life cast. It was a seven-hour process, and I had never done prosthetics before. That was actually the first time I had seen her for many years. Both she and [EP] Betsy Beers were there, and it was incredibly emotional, surprisingly emotional—in a great way—to see and hug them. It leaves me with a very grateful and thankful heart to be invited back. I also just shot When We Rise see sidebar , which is going to air soon.

Looking back, would you have done anything differently? I just nerded out big-time. I loved that reveal. I loved that he was so unrecognizable because of the accident. This is the genius of Shonda: When we finished the show, I shaved my head. To have the last image of him be who he wanted to be was a testament to Shonda.

Theater was what I was raised on. It was great. Every project. I had a choice. Even though it was a little dramatic for a couple of years, every event led to something else. My challenge is to deserve him and to be better—unlike some of the people I play—to work on myself so I can save the crazy for the role! Knight had to strip down to his skivvies for this star-studded Broadway comedy.

It was great to act with him. By Clark Collis. How did you get involved in this revival? I was having the college life I never had because I started [working] so early. It had a TV on top of a box and a mattress on the floor— like a kid, really.

I would read new plays and did a billion readings, and I did some workshops. And how about with Sam Gold? I walked back to my apartment just. Oh God! The deciding factor for me was to be in a room with Sam. You know, directors never get to watch other directors work. Tell us about your two costars. Finn is so talented and energetic. Never has Laura been the heart of the play as much as this. Do you agree? Madison is a wheelchair user in real life. How does that play into her character?

I saw Fun Home four times. In this production, newcomer Madison Ferris brings a heightened degree of physical impairment to Laura, and Tom is assayed by Joe Mantello, an artist equally adept as an actor The Normal Heart, the original Broadway production of Angels in America and director a little musical called Wicked, plus many more.

So how are the rehearsals going? But this is a family that really has to deal with some issues that are incredibly difficult at a time when no one is going to help you, except each other. Sally, what is the most challenging aspect of playing Amanda? Brilliant Mr. Gold has not made it any easier! In what sense? Has he altered the play, or chopped it up? As a matter of fact, this is probably the most accurate production of what Tennessee originally wrote. This is a very tough production.

What was your first experience of Tennessee Williams? Williams in high school. I was always attracted to his language.

Which scene? I mean, my God—we were in high school! The British actor of Nigerian descent was heralded for his performance as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Stardom beckoned. It was time to cash in. But rather than sign up for a big studio blockbuster that would make his African surname pronounced O-yellow-o a household one, Oyelowo chose a slew of starring roles in microbudgeted films directed by women—one of the smallest minority groups in Hollywood.

That was not by accident. I have to do it while I can. The audience deserves to see images of people of color that are commensurate with the reality of life here on planet Earth. Hollywood stars love to talk about championing diversity. But is it holding him back?

I thought Captain America: Civil War was extraordinary. Oyelowo, his wife Jessica, aand d th i ffour children hild their aat the h Q Queen of Katwe p prem d n miere in London.

Answer: one The Butler. How many times has Jamie Foxx been nominated since winning for Ray in ? And of the highest-grossing films worldwide of all time, how many of them centered on a solo leading male or female of color? Not one. Are you going to get La La Land?

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Product subject to change. The films that terrified him as a kid were usually based in relatable, everyday fears, but Peele never found one of the scariest aspects of his own. Williams to meet her wealthy suburban parents Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford. Mom and Dad are nice enough— Dad insists that he would have voted for Obama a third time if he could have—but something is off.

The seed of the idea came to Peele in part because of our 44th president. The approach was specific to him, and drawn in part from his own life.

Without the bloodshed. It was a story that I was kind of uniquely equipped to tell. James Franco has eight movies completed and more developing. The only good thing to be said about this bonkers psychological chiller is that it has a cool, Corman-does-Poe gothic look. No question about it, Verbinski has a great eye. The behind-the-scenes story of beloved bad movie The Room, with Franco as writer-directorstar Tommy Wiseau.

For all its noble intentions, though, the movie struggles to transcend broad outlines: Its characters are strictly symbols, timeworn archetypes of good and evil as threadbare and familiar as the artfully faded calicos and denim on their backs.

Rings embodies a common problem of attempted franchise revivals: indecision about its intentions. The film tries going in a few too many directions at once, and some wires get crossed. Story lines that seem important at first end up going nowhere.

Indie rock , post-punk revival , garage rock. Dull Tools, What's Your Rupture? Alternative rock , art punk. Glam metal , hard rock , heavy metal. Experimental rock , psychedelic pop. League , AraabMuzik , Hit-Boy. Last of a Dyin' Breed. Southern rock , hard rock. Chapter V. Havoc and Bright Lights. Guy Sigsworth , Joe Chiccarelli. With Us Until You're Dead. Trip hop , alternative rock. Marius Neset and Daniel Herskedal. Neck of the Woods. Metalcore , mathcore.

Good Fight , eOne Music. Indie rock , post-hardcore , progressive rock. Lost in Paradise. Latin , pop rock , alternative rock. The Orb featuring Lee "Scratch" Perry. The Orbserver in the Star House.

Electronica , dub , IDM , trip hop , chill-out. Cooking Vinyl , The End. Welcome to: Our House. Shady , Interscope. Eminem , AraabMuzik , J. League , The Alchemist , Mr. Porter , No I. Experimental , post-rock , post-punk. Salaam Remi , The Runners. Contemporary Christian music , electronic music , pop , rock. Indie rock , noise rock. My Teenage Dream Ended. Pop , outsider music.

Progressive rock , alternative rock. Indie rock , post-punk revival. Psychedelic , experimental rock. Alternative rock , indie rock. Punk rock , melodic hardcore. Southern rock , boogie rock , rock , blues rock. Patrick Carney , Austin Scaggs. The Bloom and the Blight. Roxy , Universal. Andrew Dawson. Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra. Elephant9 with Reine Fiske. Garage rock , garage punk , acid rock. Gothic metal , gothic rock. House , synth-pop , electronic dance music , electropop , electronic.

Alternative rock , soft rock. Danny O'Donoghue , Mark Sheehan. David Byrne and St. Here's What I Believe. Fight or Flight. Post-grunge , alternative rock.

Synth-pop , alternative rock , pop rock. Aftermath of the Lowdown. Max Martin , Dr. Luke , Josh Ramsay. Somethin' 'Bout Kreay.

The Spirit Indestructible. Interscope , Mosley , Mushroom , Warner Bros. Cruel Summer. Casablanca , Mushroom , Warner Bros. Head Down. Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow. Alternative rock , post-hardcore. The Sound of the Life of the Mind. Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color. Hip hop , rap. Progressive rock , experimental rock , progressive metal , new-age. Heavy metal , sludge metal. Indie folk , psychedelic folk. I'm a Bum. Epic , Legacy.

The Truth About Love. Pop rock , dance-pop , dance-rock. Pop-rock , blues. Album Title Goes Here. Progressive house , electro house , glitch , trip hop , ambient.

Mau5trap , Ultra , Parlophone. Punk rock , pop punk , power pop. Island , Glassnote , Gentlemen of the Road. Record Time. Rock , experimental rock. Saved from the Truth.

Power metal , progressive metal. Progressive metal , black metal , Viking metal. Indie , Nuclear Blast. Alternative rock , new prog. Helium 3 , Warner Bros.

Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood. John Cale, Danger Mouse. John Mitchell , Ben Humphreys. T-Bone Burnett , Diana Krall. Quality Street Music. Songs from the Silver Screen. Classical crossover. Syco , Columbia.

Bill Ross , Humberto Gatica. Fader Label , Universal. Transcendental Youth. The Connection. Alternative metal , hard rock , alternative rock. James Michael , John Feldmann , Tylias. Transit of Venus. Born to Sing: No Plan B. Jazz , blues , pop. Don't Panic. Between the Buried and Me. Hide and Seek.

The Afterman: Ascension. Metalcore , post-hardcore , hardcore punk. Paul Stanley , Greg Collins. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Alternative hip hop , indie hip hop. Glad All Over. Anticon , City Slang. Josiah Wolf , Yoni Wolf. Syco , RCA. Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Indie folk , indie rock. A Map of All Our Failures. Rock , alternative. In Fear and Faith. Til the Casket Drops. Pop , soul. Good Kid, M. D City. West Coast hip hop , gangsta rap. Top Dawg , Aftermath , Interscope.

Alternative metal , hard rock , heavy metal. Pop rock , country pop. Jeff Bhasker , Scott Borchetta. Black metal , grindcore , death metal , industrial metal. We Don't Even Live Here. Heavy metal , doom metal. The Abbey Road Sessions. Steve Anderson , Colin Elliot. Electro house , synth-pop. Reynolds, Nicky Romero. Landing on a Hundred. Vibration Vineyard, One Little Indian. Sorry to Bother You. Everything Is Expensive. Pop , jazz , folk. New Horizons. Alternative metal , alternative rock , Christian rock.

Dreams and Nightmares. Psychedelic rock , hard rock , folk rock. Honor Found in Decay. Neurot , Relapse. Alternative , post-hardcore. Stargate , Salaam Remi , No I. Mathcore , experimental rock. Music from Another Dimension! Hard rock , blues rock , heavy metal. E and Too Short. Interspersed with old radio patter, commercial, news clippings and more, it flows like a time capsule. Extensive song annotation by Ugly Things' Will Shade, and stunning artwork round out a most unprecedented release.

Three songs wound up on their debut 45 on Moxie while another two wound up on their Sounds Interesting EP. The remainder are unreleased garage masterpieces! Sung in English by Polo Pereira, who with a slight accent emulates Mick Jagger's early snarl more accurately than anyone else from the time Some say that Los Mockers were the best group that South America produced during the time.

These are the songs of relationships gone bad, bad relationships never ending and, of course, psychedelics-induced visions and paranoia! From deep in the cosmos of Iowa, this psychedelic outfit has created a strange brew of garage, psych, space, sludge and stoner rock.

This eagerly anticipated third volume presents twenty slabs of melodic disgrace from a variety of bad-tempered boy bands when it was cool to be boys in a band!

On this collection, we present the final days of British Garage punk with echoes of freakbeat and psychedelia being laid to rest in this celebratory volume of Rare and obscure British Rock and pop. Fuzz guitars, flutes, tablas and wah-wah pedals are the primary weapons applied by a host of bands that signify the changing times and the aftermath of the psychedelic dream. Prepare to encounter the evocative underbelly of s British rock.

Includes a page booklet with rare color photographs and comprehensive liner notes. Volume Ten of the intrepid series captures a further glimpse of the rumblings from British suburbia with 20 melodic musings from a variety of unsung wonders whose place in the British pop phenomena is now safely secure. Includes page full-color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs.

We've included even a few South-American artists which recorded in Spain at the time. From wild garage-psych to primitive hard-rock and exploito psych, it's all here! You'll find the rarest Spanish groove-psych library record ever two copies known! From groovy disco bangers and charming jazz-funk, sleazy-listening and rock blends, to analogue electronic experiments, pure "aerobic groove" that spells out the melodic action of female starlets like Gloria Guida, Edwige Fenech, Nadia Cassini, Lilli Carati, and all the other heroines in this genre of film whose main task was not only to tease and undress, but to dance on the screen.

Also features a couple tracks more into psych-pop, all pretty well executed. Fully licensed, g vinyl with mastertape sound quality, original gatefold cover artwork. Their repertoire remained essentially folk material - blues, ballads, good time jug band tunes plus a few original numbers and the odd Rolling Stones tune. West coast 's Doors cover band. English band Tomcats visited Spain in and they recorded this rifftastic and fuzzed out version of the classic copla song "A tu vera.

This quartet bends your mind with their sonic boom rythms. Thunder and lightning bring out heavy tunes of doom, insanity into psychedelia and stoner.

Feb 29,  · My collection of Annette 45 R.P.M. records and picture sleeves. Annette Funicello Vinyl Collection 45's YouTube; Mickey Mouse Club Record Collection Lp's - Duration: markess48 1,

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  1. Label: Microsonics - CFS • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Jazz, Rock, Funk / Soul • Style: Easy Listening, Lounge Annette Stephens Quartet - Circa 75 (, Vinyl) | Discogs Explore5/5.
  2. Explore releases from Annette Stephens Quartet at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Annette Stephens Quartet at the Discogs Marketplace. Explore. Discover. Explore All; Trending Releases Annette Stephens Quartet: Circa 75 ‎ (LP) Microsonics: CFS US: .
  3. Jan 23,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of The Best Of Annette on Discogs. Label: Rhino Records (2) - RNDF • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Surf, Vocal/5(4).
  4. Explore releases from the The Custom Fidelity Co., Inc. label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for The Custom Fidelity Co., Inc. releases.
  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Annette on Discogs. Label: Buena Vista Records - BV • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Pop • Style: Vocal. Label: Buena Vista Records - BV • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Pop • Style: Vocal/5(13).
  6. ANNETTE FUNICELLO Vinyl Records and CDs: Annette Funicello Discography Price Guide Recently Listed Email Alerts.
  7. View the profiles of people named Annette Stephens. Join Facebook to connect with Annette Stephens and others you may know. Facebook gives people the.
  8. If you can find a copy, this track release by Silhouette Music, based in Brooklyn, New York and which was first released back at the dawn of the CD Age, is not a bad addition to your collection if you are a fan of this gallant lady (born Annette Joanne Funicello in Utica, New York on October 22, - /5(6).

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