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2 Oct, 2012

Address Unknown - The Ink Spots - 4 Of A Kind (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Apr 29, There have been over , deaths as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. First, we are mourning the loss of architect Michael McKinnell. They won the commission for Boston City Hall after submitting their brutalist, heroic monument in a contest when Michael McKinnell was just 26 years old. It was always a controversial structure, much of the public found it ugly and too unconventional, but architects and critics tend to love it.

This is the often the case with Brutalism in general and that is the subject of our first story starring Boston City Hall. Another voice who is gone too early was Michael Sorkin.

Sorkin was a designer and the Village Voice architecture critic in the 80s. He brough…. Apr 22, Here in the US, we're not used to needing to cover half of our faces in public, but if you look at the other side of the world, it's a different story. In parts of Asia, wearing a mask in response to the coronavirus pandemic was a totally easy and normal adjustment.

Rebecca Kanthor is a reporter based in Shanghai who has lived in China for the past 17 years, and she tells us why the culture behind masks developed so differently there, and the doctor who started it all. Plus, we look at the manufacturers who pivoted to make products that are in short supply because of the pandemic.

Masking for a Friend We have a book coming out!!! Apr 15, Suddenly, this vulnerable demographic was cast into the spotlight due to the virulent spread of COVID It is clear from the data that this virus is hitting black and poor communities the hardest.

The disease is most dangerous to older and immunocompromised people, two groups to which those experiencing homelessness disproportionately belong. Plus, hotels have long been used as crucial infrastructure during disasters. Unsheltered in Place.

Apr 8, If you have tried to buy toilet paper in the last few weeks, you might have found yourself staring at an empty aisle in the grocery store, wondering where all the toilet paper has gone. Although it may seem like a product that we've always been reliant upon, toilet paper has not actually been around very long, and may not be as essential as we think it is. Instead, it's the product of very good marketing. Plus, we talk about the bane of wastewater utilities everywhere: flushable wipes.

Wipe Out. Apr 1, In times like these, we could all use a little historical perspective. In this new podcast from Radiotopia, Jody Avirgan, political historian Nicole Hemmer, and special guests rescue moments from U. Mar 25, It was the middle of the night on March 27, Earlier that evening, the second-biggest earthquake ever measured at the time had hit Anchorage, Alaska.

Some houses had been turned completely upside down while others had skidded into the sea. But that brief and catastrophic quake was just the beginning of the story. This is the story of one woman who held a community together. This is Chance! Mar 18, On this shelter-in-place edition of 99pi, Roman walks around his house and tells stories about the history and design of various objects Buy Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are and all Beauty Pill records on Bandcamp or wherever you can find it.

Mar 11, The only truly accurate map of the world would be a map the size of the world. So if you want a map to be useful, something you can hold in your hands, you have to start making choices. We have to choose what information we're interested in, and what we're throwing out.

Those choices influence how the person reading the map views the world. Map Quests. Mar 4, The weather can be a simple word or loaded with meaning depending on the context -- a humdrum subject of everyday small talk or a stark climactic reality full of existential associations with serious disasters.

In his book The Weather Machine, author Andrew Blum discusses these extremes and much in between, taking readers back in time to early weather-predicting aspirations and forward with speculation about the future of forecasting, including potentially dark clouds on the horizon.

The Weather Machine. Feb 26, At the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, drivers from all over the country converge each year to show off their chrome and exchange stories, tips and gripes. Listen to more episodes at OvertheRoad. Feb 19, If you have ever caught even one minute of the history channel, you have seen fraktur.

This is ironic because fraktur has a long and strange history that includes the font actually being banned by the Nazis. Feb 12, It tells us something about inspiration, and how creativity spreads, and about whether an idea can ever really belong to just one person. About ten years ago, Ben Sisto was reading the Wikipedia entry for the song when he noticed something strange. This mystery sent Ben down a rabbit hole to uncover the true story.

Feb 5, If you heard that there was a piece of technology that could do away with traffic jams, make cities more equitable, and help us solve climate change, you might think about driverless cars, or hyperloops or any of the other new transportation technologies that get lots of hype these days. But there is a much older, much less sexy piece of machinery that could be the key to making our cities more sustainable, more liveable, and more fair: the humble bus.

Steve Higashide is a transit expert, bus champion, and author of a new book called Better Busses Better Cities. And the central thesis of the book is that buses have the power to remake our cities for the better.

Missing the Bus. Jan 29, It was so loathsome that all remaining copies were buried deep in the desert. Jan 22, It was created by the tech industry for the tech industry, but this strange dark material would also go on to turn the art world on its head.

Their Dark Materials. Jan 15, Journalist Sam Bloch used to live in Los Angeles. And while lots of people move to LA for the sun and the hot temperatures, Bloch noticed a real dark side to this idyllic weather: in many neighborhoods of the city, there's almost no shade.

Shade can literally be a matter of life and death. Los Angeles, like most cities around the world, is heating up. And in dry, arid environments like LA, shade is perhaps the most important factor influencing human comfort. Without shade, the chance of mortality, illness, and heatstroke can go way up. Jan 8, If you ever need a conversation starter, the mini-stories are our gift to you. Mini-Stories 8. Dec 19, Mini-stories are fun, quick hit stories that came up in our research for another episode This week we have stories of mistaken identity, unreachable iconic tour destinations, haunted architecture, and of course, raccoons.

Mini-Stories: Volume 7 Make your mark. Go to radiotopia. Dec 16, Make your mark. Dec 11, As he enlisted people to try it out, Weizenbaum saw similar reactions again and again -- people were entranced by the program. They would reveal very intimate details about their lives. ELIZA was one of the first computer programs that could convincingly simulate human conversation, which Weizenbaum found frankly a bit disturbing.

Dec 4, If you wanted your at-risk premature baby to survive, you pretty much had to bring them to an amusement park. These incubator shows cropped up all over America. And they were a main source of healthcare for premature babies for over forty years. The Infantorium Make your mark. Nov 27, In the s, Lester Gaba was designing department store windows and found the old wax mannequins uninspiring.

So he designed a new kind of mannequin that was sleek, simple, but conveyed style and personality. As a marketing stunt, he took one of these mannequins everywhere with him and she became a national obsession. Cynthia and the other Gaba Girls changed the look and feel of retail stores. Mannequin Pixie Dream Girl Make your mark.

Nov 20, Galileo tried to teach us that adding more and more layers to a system intended to avert disaster often makes catastrophe all the more likely. His basic lesson has been ignored in nuclear power plants, financial markets and at the Oscars Nov 13, There are symbols all around us that we take for granted, like the lightning strike icon, which indicates that something is high voltage.

Or a little campfire to indicate that something is flammable. Those icons are pretty obvious, but there are others that aren't so straightforward. Like, why do a triangle and a stick in a circle indicate "peace"? Where does the smiley face actually come from? Or the power symbol? We sent out the 99PI team to dig into the backstory behind some of those images you see every day. Ubiquitous Icons: Peace, Power, and Happiness.

Nov 6, The chili pepper is the pride of New Mexico, but they have a problem with their beloved crop. Picking chili peppers can be especially grueling work even compared to other crops. So most workers are skipping chili harvests in favor of other sources of income. As a result, small family farms have been planting less and less chili every year in favor of other less-labor intensive crops.

So, scientists are trying to find ways to automate the harvest, but picking chilis turned out to be a tough job for a robot. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or RadioPublic. Oct 30, A little-known bit of world history about a rag tag group of sailors stranded for years in the Suez Canal at the center of a war. Great Bitter Lake Association. Oct 23, Even if you've never been to the Guggenheim Museum, you probably recognize it.

From the outside, the building is a light gray spiral, and from the inside, the art is displayed on one long ramp that curves up towards a glass skylight in the ceiling. Not just the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright, and his bold, original vision, but the genius of all the people that made this building function, adapt, and grow over the decades.

Audio Guide to the Imperfections of a Perfect Masterpiece. Oct 16, Before , the easiest way to run the time off the clock in a soccer game was just to pass the ball to the goalkeeper, who could pick the ball up, and hold it for a few seconds before throwing it back into play.

This was considered by some to be unsportsmanlike and bad for spectators. So in , the International Football Association Board, the committee in charge of determining the rules of soccer, made a minor change to the laws of the game. From that season forward, in every league throughout the world, when a player passed the ball back to the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper could no longer use their hands.

Unsure Footing. Oct 9, Today, there are more than a hundred abandoned asylums in the United States that, to many people, probably seem scary and imposing, but not so long ago they weren't seen as scary at all. Many of them were built part of a treatment regimen developed by a singular Philadelphia doctor named Thomas Story Kirkbride. Kirkbride was obsessed with architecture and how it could be harnessed therapeutically to cure people suffering from mental illness.

The Kirkbride Plan. Oct 2, Both for good reasons and for incredibly selfish ones. The Help-Yourself City. Sep 25, Donald Trump took office days ago, and it has been exhausting.

Independent of where you are politically, I think we can all agree that the news cycle coming out of Washington DC has been very intense for anyone who has been paying attention at all. This is where my friend, neighbor and brains behind this operation, Elizabeth Joh, comes in.

And since June of , she has been kind enough to hang out with me and teach me lessons about the US Constitution, that I then record and release as the podcast What Trump Can Tea…. Sep 18, So junk accumulates. You see them everywhere -- broken down, abandoned, left to rust and rot out in the elements. Sep 11, This is the newly updated story of a curvy, kidney-shaped swimming pool born in Northern Europe that had a huge ripple effect on popular culture in Southern California and landscape architecture in Northern California, and then the world.

A documentary in three parts with a brand new update about how this episode resulted in a brand new skate park in a very special city. The Pool and the Stream Redux. Sep 4, Waiting is something that we all do every day, but our experience of waiting, varies radically depending on the context. And it turns out that design can completely change whether a five minute wait feels reasonable or completely unbearable. Transparency is key. Wait Wait Tell Me! Aug 28, Before we turned our phones to silent or vibrate, there was a time when everyone had ringtones -- when the song your phone played really said something about you.

These simple, 15 second melodies were disposable, yet highly personal trinkets. They started with monophonic bleeps and bloops and eventually became actual clips of real songs.

And it was all thanks to a man named Vesku-Matti Paananen. All Rings Considered. Aug 21, There are many walls in Belfast which physically separate Protestant neighborhoods from Catholic ones. Some are fences that you can see through, while others are made of bricks and steel.

Many have clearly been reinforced over time: a cinderblock wall topped with corrugated iron, then topped with razor wire, stretching up towards the sky. They cut across communities like monuments to the conflict, etched into the physical landscape. Peace Lines. Aug 14, During the depths of the Depression in the late s, craftspeople came together for two years to build an enormous scale model of the City of San Francisco. This Works Progress Administration WPA project was conceived as a way of putting artists to work while also creating a planning tool for the city to imagine its future.

The massive work was meant to remain on public view for all to see, but World War II broke out and the 6, piece, hand-carved and painted wooden model was put into storage for almost 80 years. Aug 7, Farmers have known for centuries that putting a hive of honeybees in an orchard results in more blossoms becoming cherries, almonds, apples and the like. Today, bees have become more livestock than wild creatures, little winged cows, that depend on humans for food and shelter.

On Beeing. Jul 31, When confronted with trash piling up on a median in front of their home in Oakland, Dan and Lu Stevenson decided to try something unusual: they would install a statue of the Buddha to watch over the place. Jul 24, Men are often the default subjects of design, which can have a huge impact on big and critical aspects of everyday life.

Caroline Criado Perez is the author of Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men, a book about how data from women is ignored and how this bakes in bias and discrimination in the things we design.

Invisible Women. Jul 17, Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Twine. Jul 10, Sand is so tiny and ubiquitous that it's easy to take for granted. But in his book The World in a Grain, author Vince Beiser traces the history of sand, exploring how it fundamentally shaped the world as we know it. Built on Sand. Jul 3, Reporter Andrew Leland has always loved to read. But as much as Andrew loves print, he has a condition that will eventually change his relationship to it pretty radically.

And this fact has made him deeply curious about how blind people experience literature and the long history of designing a tactile language that sometimes suffered from trying to be too universal. The Universal Page. Jun 26, When Singapore gained its independence they went on a mission to re-house the population from densely-packed thatched roof huts into giant concrete skyscrapers.

Once in a lifetime experience!! See a photo of a shuttle launch in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and download free wallpaper from National Geographic. For example, in the case of audio or audiovisual media, the media information can include one or more of: title, album, track, artist, composer and genre.

These types of media information are specific to particular media items. In addition, the media information can pertain to quality characteristics of the media items.

Still further, the host computer includes a play module The play module is a software module that can be utilized to play certain media items stored in the media store The play module can also display on a display screen or otherwise utilize media information from the media database Typically, the media information of interest corresponds to the media items to be played by the play module The host computer also includes a communication module that couples to a corresponding communication module within the media player A connection or link removeably couples the communication modules and In another embodiment, the connection or link is a wireless channel or connection through a wireless network.

Hence, depending on implementation, the communication modules and may communicate in a wired or wireless manner. The media player also includes a media store that stores media items within the media player Optionally, the media store can also store data, i. The media items being stored to the media store are typically received over the connection or link from the host computer More particularly, the management module sends all or certain of those media items residing on the media store over the connection or link to the media store within the media player Additionally, the corresponding media information for the media items that is also delivered to the media player from the host computer can be stored in a media database In this regard, certain media information from the media database within the host computer can be sent to the media database within the media player over the connection or link Still further, playlists identifying certain of the media items can also be sent by the management module over the connection or link to the media store or the media database within the media player Furthermore, the media player includes a play module that couples to the media store and the media database Hence, in one embodiment, the media player has limited or no capability to manage media items on the media player However, the management module within the host computer can indirectly manage the media items residing on the media player As still another example, if changes i.

In another embodiment, the media player has limited or no capability to manage playlists on the media player However, the management module within the host computer through management of the playlists residing on the host computer can indirectly manage the playlists residing on the media player In this regard, additions, deletions or changes to playlists can be performed on the host computer and then by carried over to the media player when delivered thereto.

As previously noted, synchronization is a form of media management. The ability to automatically initiate synchronization was also previously discussed above and in the related application noted above.

Still further, however, the synchronization between devices can be restricted so as to prevent automatic synchronization when the host computer and media player do not recognize one another. According to one embodiment, when a media player is first connected to a host computer or even more generally when matching identifiers are not present , the user of the media player is queried as to whether the user desires to affiliate, assign or lock the media player to the host computer.

When the user of the media player elects to affiliate, assign or lock the media player with the host computer, then a pseudo-random identifier is obtained and stored in either the media database or a file within both the host computer and the media player. In one implementation, the identifier is an identifier associated with e. In another implementation, the identifier is associated with e. Image based browsers with image functionality typically require several different image formats to support the various display modes of the browser.

For example, the browser may require a full image for the primary position as well as various thumbnail images for the secondary positions, which may help a user browse through a group of images.

This may include partial versions, skewed versions, versions that included reflection, and the like. One method for creating the various images of the image browser window is to download the original image to the portable media device and then to transcode the original image into the required formats on the portable media device when they need to be displayed.

This is sometimes referred to as processing data on-the-fly. While this may work, it is generally believed that this methodology has several drawbacks that make it less appealing to the user. For example, because formatting images is a process intensive task especially on portable media devices that lack the horsepower of their larger hosts , portable media devices tend to operate slowly and consume more power. Hence, formatting images on portable media devices can result in an unsatisfactory user experience.

For one, the user has to wait while the image is being formatted. For another, the battery of the portable media device tends to run out more regularly. In order to reduce or overcome these drawbacks, images can be preformatted on the host before or during the download thereto. When an image is identified for download various preformatted images derived from the original image and possibly the original images are sent to the portable media device. The processing is performed on the host, which can handle these tasks more easily than the portable media player.

The tasks may, for example, include scaling, cropping, rotation, color correction, skewing, reflection, and the like. Once received by the portable media device, the preformatted images are stored for later use. By storing these images, the media device is relieved from having to perform any of the labor intensive tasks associated with image formatting.

That is, the preformatted images relieve the media device of much of the work required to display them. As a result, the device operates faster and without repeated needs for recharging.

In one embodiment, at least some of the preformatted images are thumbnail images. During media device use, the image based browser may request that an image to be displayed.

Instead of processing the original image as in the method described above, the device simply obtains the appropriate preformatted image from media database and presents it to the user on a display. The preformatted images may include a full image for the primary position and several different thumbnail sized images for the secondary positions. However, in some cases, the media device can still be used to perform some processing when image are to be presented e.

In some cases, the media device when connected to a host that expresses or informs the host as to which image formats are desired when an image is downloaded to the media device.

The media device may, for example, send various image profiles corresponding to the different formats to the host device. The image profile generally contains the attributes or keys for each image format. By way of example, the image profiles may describe size, orientation, pixel format, color depth, etc.

This particular methodology helps with compatibility issues that typically come up when different media devices having different versions of software and hardware are used, i.

The method may, for example, be performed by media management software. The method includes blocks , and In block , an image download request is received at the host device. The image download request designates images stored on the host device for downloading to the portable media device. The request can be made at the host device or the media device through a user interface.

For example, the user may select a group of images and then select a download button. Alternatively, the request can be made by the media device without user input. In block , an image collection for each requested image is produced at the host device. Each image collection contains the new versions or different formats of the original image. In some cases, the image collection may also contain the original image. For example, the new versions may include a primary image and various secondary images, each of which are typically smaller versions of the primary image and may be reconfigured, skew, reflect, etc.

It should be noted that the file sizes of the new versions are typically much smaller than the file size of the original image. They therefore take up less space in storage than would the corresponding original image. Each new version has a different image profile based on the display needs of the portable media device. The image profiles for particular media devices may be stored in the host device or the image profiles may be given to the host device by the media device.

In the first case, the media device may provide the host device with an Identifier ID , which can be used by the host to determine the image profiles for the requesting media device.

For example, after obtaining the ID, the host may refer to a previously stored table or list that includes all the capabilities of the identified media device. In the later case, the media device may automatically upload this information as part of synchronization or handshaking procedure with the host device. In block , the image collection for each requested image is sent to the portable media device as part of the downloading process. Once received by the portable media device, the image collection is stored in the portable media device for later use.

The image collection may be stored in the memory of the portable media device. In order to efficiently store the images in memory, each of the different image sets may be stored in their own file. Once downloaded and during operation of the media device, a display request may be made on the media device. Thereafter, one or more images are retrieved from memory based on the display request.

The display request indicates the images to be shown on the media player. Once retrieved, the images can be displayed. In a browse mode, the images are displayed as determined by the browser. The method includes blocks , , and In block , image data is stored. The image data includes at least a plurality of image collections.

The image collections contain a plurality of differently formatted images based on an original image and may also include the original image. The image collections are not formed on the portable media device; instead, they are separately generated on a device other than the portable media device. The image collections may for example be generated on a host device that downloads them to the portable media device for storage.

By way of example, the image collections may be provided by the method described in FIG. Alternatively or additionally, the image collections may be downloaded from another portable media device that has already downloaded them from a host.

In block , a display command is received. The display command designates one or more images of the image data to be displayed. The display command may be generated via a user making a selection on the user interface of the media player. In block , at least the designated images are retrieved.

In some cases, only the designated images are retrieved. In other case, more than the designated images are retrieved. For example, although the display command may only designate a single image, other images associated or linked to that image may be additionally retrieved.

In block , the one or more retrieved images are outputted. The retrieved images may be outputted to a display. Upon receiving the retrieved images, the retrieved images are displayed. In some cases, all of the images are displayed, and in other case only a portion of the images are displayed. Examples of transferring images between a host and a portable device as well as displaying images at a portable device can be found in U.

Although the media items or media assets of emphasis in several of the above embodiments were audio items e. For example, the media items can alternatively pertain to videos e. Although the invention was described in several embodiments above with respect to portable electronic devices, the invention is not limited to use on portable electronic devices. Other embodiments of the invention can be used on other electronic devices, which may or may not be portable, such as computers e.

The various aspects, embodiments, implementations or features of the invention can be used separately or in any combination. The invention is preferably implemented by software, but can also be implemented in hardware or a combination of hardware and software. The invention can also be embodied as computer readable code on a computer readable medium. The computer readable medium is any data storage device that can store data which can thereafter be read by a computer system.

Examples of the computer readable medium include read-only memory, random-access memory, CD-ROMs, DVDs, magnetic tape, and optical data storage devices.

The computer readable medium can also be distributed over network-coupled computer systems so that the computer readable code is stored and executed in a distributed fashion.

While this invention has been described in terms of several preferred embodiments, there are alterations, permutations, and equivalents, which fall within the scope of this invention.

It should also be noted that there are many alternative ways of implementing the methods and apparatuses of the present invention. It is therefore intended that the following appended claims be interpreted as including all such alterations, permutations, and equivalents as fall within the true spirit and scope of the present invention.

A portable electronic device, comprising: a display device;. A portable electronic device as recited in claim 1 , wherein said memory device is further capable of storing contact information for each of the contacts,. A portable electronic device as recited in claim 1 , wherein the plurality of the images associated with the contacts being displayed move horizontally across the display device when being transitioned through in accordance with the at least one user input at said user input device.

A portable electronic device as recited in claim 1 , wherein one of the images is primarily displayed, and wherein a plurality of other of the images are displayed in a partially obscured or distorted manner.

A portable electronic device as recited in claim 4 , wherein the plurality of the images associated with the contacts being displayed are photos of the contacts. A portable electronic device as recited in claim 1 , wherein the plurality of the images associated with the contacts being displayed are photos of the contacts.

An electronic device, comprising: a storage device for storing an address book including a contact image and contact data for each of a plurality of contacts;. An electronic device as recited in claim 7 , wherein a set of the contact images are displayed on said touch screen display in a horizontal arrangement, and wherein the contact image within the set of contact images being displayed varies as the user browses through the contact images to locate a particular contact within the plurality of contacts.

An electronic device as recited in claim 7 , wherein the user browses through the contact images using user input via said touch screen display. An electronic device as recited in claim 9 , wherein the user input includes a sliding user input over said touch screen display. An electronic device as recited in claim 9 , wherein in response to receiving the user input, said image browser module transitions through displaying the contact images such that one of the contact images being primarily displayed changes until the particular contact is located.

An electronic device as recited in claim 11 , wherein the contact image being primarily displayed is fully displayed and wherein other of the contact images that are being displayed are displayed in a smaller format. An electronic device as recited in claim 12 , wherein the contact images are photos associated with the respective contacts. An electronic device as recited in claim 11 , wherein the browsing through displaying the images by said image browser module is performed by virtually flipping through one or more of the contact images.

An electronic device as recited in claim 11 , wherein the contact image being primarily displayed is displayed without skewing and wherein other of the contact images that are being displayed are displayed with skewing. An electronic device as recited in claim 11 , wherein only the contact image being primarily displayed is displayed in a full frontal view and wherein other of the content images that are displayed are displayed in an edge view format.

An electronic device as recited in claim 11 , wherein the other of the contact images that are also being displayed are displayed with skewing. An electronic device as recited in claim 7 , wherein said electronic device is a mobile phone. An electronic device as recited in claim 7 , wherein the contact images are photos associated with the respective contacts.

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Digital downloading jukebox system with user-tailored music management, communications, and other tools. Portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for configuring and displaying widgets. Information processing apparatus, display control processing method and display control processing program. AUB2 en. I Was Born Again. A Little Too Lonely. That's No Way to Treat a Girl. Out of a Dream.

Oh, Babe! She's Got to Go. Going Home. From Antonin Dvorak's 'Symphony No. The Same Sweet Wonderful One. Bad Man of Missouri. I Needed Your Love. You're the Boss. Daddy Rollin' Stone. It's All in the Game. One source gives Thompson's birthdate as of August , others , either in Chicago or Centreville, Mississippi. Composition was elemental to Thompson's career, he writing or co-writing numerous titles. He composed 'I'm Tore Down' for release by King in Other songwriting credits at 1 , 2 , 3.

Discos of issues w various credits at 1 , 2. He died in Chicago on August 11 of After You've Gone. Long Gone. Screamin' Boogie. Harlem Rug Cutter. Blues Mambo. Bum Mae. She's Got Great Big Eyes. Carnival Day. Passion Blues. Ain't Gonna Do It. My Ding a Ling. The Monkey. Ghost of a Chance. The Twang Thang. He began his career as a songwriter by in NYC. Praguefrank's has Edwards' Trio recording a string of titles for Top Records at an unidentified location in the summer of Another session or so in latter '48 saw unissued titles excepting 'Huckleberry Heaven' issued ten years later on Regent above.

Praguefrank's doesn't list members of Edwards' Trio until a session on Feb 4 of Along with himself at vocals and piano were Hilton Brooks on guitar and Lucky Criss on bass. Along with 'Help! Titles from that session also ended up on Regent above.

He first charted in with 'All Over Again' at That same year 'It's All in the Game' rose to 1. Feb of saw 'Please Mr. Sun' reach May of witnessed 'I Really Don't Want to Know' at 18, after which Edwards' career went horizontal until his death of a brain aneurism in Virginia in , only 47 years old. Songwriting credits for Edwards' titles at 1 , 2 , 3 , 4.

Discos of issues at 1 , 2. Edwards in visual media. All Over Again. It's All In the Game. A Fool Such As I. Please Love Me Forever. It's Only the Good Times. I've Been There. Love Is All We Need. The Morning Side of the Mountain. My Melancholy Baby.

These Are the Times. Two Years of Torture. Composition: Percy Mayfield. Jack You Ain't Nowhere. Strange Things Happening.

Cookin' In Style. Painful Party. His first record release was in with that brother, Brownie McGhee. It was 2 again in with 'Tennessee Waltz Blues'. Unable to sell records after that, though recording throughout the fifties, he retired from the music profession in , dying in Bronx in August of of lung cancer. McGhee had composed the majority of his titles, writing such as 'Jungle Juice' '53 and 'Six to Eight' ' Songwriting credits at 1 , 2 , 3.

Mayo Williams. Blue Barrelhouse. Composition: Stick McGhee. Let's Do It. During that period soldiers paid her fare to NYC to win a talent contest at the Apollo Theater before she left home at age seventeen with trumpeter, Jimmy Brown, whom she married. As sometimes occurs during critical moments - Ruth broke and a long way from home - that occasioned her better welfare otherwise, she taken up at the Crystal Caverns managed by Blanche Calloway. A deal with Atlantic was put together, she, Jimmy and Calloway heading for NYC in October of for an appearance at the Apollo and recording sessions.

But they didn't make it through Pennsylvania, there an auto accident that put Ruth in the hospital for several months. Atlantic, intent on making a star of Brown, paid her hospital bills and rescheduled sessions in spring of Whatever the case, the Brown whom Ruth married isn't the same Brown as guitarist, Texas Johnny: 1 , 2.

Brown concentrated more on motherhood than music in the sixties, though didn't drop away entirely. Upon revamping her career in the seventies she included acting on television, film and Broadway. In Brown published her memoir, 'Miss Rhythm'.

She continued touring until , dying the next year on November 17 in Las Vegas of surgical complications upon a heart attack and stroke. Production and songwriting credits for titles by Brown at 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5. Brown in visual media. It's Raining. Composition: La Vern Farr.

So Long. Teardrops From My Eyes. Tears Keep Tumbling Down. Wild Wild Young Men. Composition: A. Nugetre Ahmet Ertegun. Oh What a Dream. Composition: Chuck Willis. Jack O' Diamonds. I Don't Know. Sure Nuff. Arrangement: Howard Biggs. Here He Comes. Am I Blue. Ain't Nobody's Business. Composition: Good Day For the Blues.

Charles began losing his sight of glaucoma at age five and was completely blind by age seven. His father died when he was age 10, his mother when he was fifteen. He learned classical and played at school assemblies as a child. Upon his mother's death in , friends of his mother took Charles with them to Jacksonville, Florida, where he began to play professionally at the Ritz Theater for four dollars a night. About that time Charles asked a friend what city was furthest away, which is why he went to Seattle the same year, there to form a friendship with boxer, Sugar Ray Robinson, who was a couple years younger.

He then took the coastline south to Los Angeles where 'Confession Blues' was recorded, that to rise to the No. Charles was in like Flint from that point onward. Fourteen alone rose to Of the sessions which Lord's disco ascribes to Charles, the high majority of them were his own projects. Crawford would support Charles to , Charles also arranging a few titles for Crawford during that time. They would reunite in Montreax, Switzerland, in for a concert with Dizzy Gillespie.

Charles' use of heroin, begun as a teenager in Florida, seems to have had relatively little destructive consequence beyond his third arrest in , after which he sought rehabilitation more to stay out of jail than due to need.

Heroin is a sleepy time substance which people averse to living somnolently may find a nice sleeping aid, but less than addictive as a functional mode. Unlike cocaine, a "go" drug which is often a sign of having prospered, heroin is more oft a sign of things altogether hopelessly broken down for the leaving.

In he performed at Reagan's second inauguration, then at Clinton's first in President Clinton was himself a saxophone player. Among Charles' favorite pursuits beyond music was chess. He played Grand Master, Larry Evans, in , and lost.

Lord's disco has Charles' last recordings in with Poncho Sanchez for the latter's 'Out of Sight! His final performance was in at the dedication of his music studio in Los Angeles, built in , as an historic landmark. Charles died the same year on June 10 of liver disease. Compositional credits to some of Charles' recordings at australiancharts. Early titles by Ray Charles in Blues 4. A sessions discography for Charles at Praguefrank's. Discographies of issues at 1 , 2 , 3.

Lyrics at AZ. References encyclopedic: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4. Interview w Les Tomkins Tribute sites: 1 , 2 , 3. The Ray Charles Foundation: 1 , 2. I Got a Woman. Composition: Ray Charles. Come Back Baby. Lyrics: Ray Charles. What'd I Say. Newport Jazz Festival. Filmed concert. Hit the Road Jack. How Do You Speak to an Angel. Sonotone Bounce. Don't You Worry. I Need Your Lovin'. Taking Care of Business. Let's Party. My Baby Likes to Boogaloo. You Babe. Cheatin' Kind. Tighten Up Your Love Bone. We're Gonna Make It Big.

Sixty Minute Man. Money Honey. Composition: Jesse Stone. The Way I Feel. Composition: Johnny Parker. Love Has Joined Us Together. Treasure of Love. When You're Sincere. Composition: Eve Johnson. Without Love. Composition: Danny Small. Long Lonely Nights. Rock and Cry. Composition: Joyce Heath. A Lover's Question.

The Glory of Love. Composition: Billy Hill. Since You've Been Gone. Have Mercy Baby. Take a Step. Composition: Billy Dawn Smith.

Lover Please. Composition: Bill Swan. Little Bitty Pretty One. Composition: Robert Byrd. One Minute to One. Only You. Please Don't Drive Me Away. Fast Jivin'. Jivin' Around Part 1. Jivin' Around Part 2. Leaps and Bounds.

Theme From Igor. The Tuttle. Composition: H. Scooby Doo. The Dark at the Top of the Stairs. Stormy Weather. Besame Mucho. Gentle on My Mind. Born John Marshall Alexander Jr. After a time in Korea while in the Navy, he joined the band of Adolph Duncan as a pianist. Upon King 's and Bland 's exits from that ensemble he assumed Bland 's spot as vocalist, forming the Beale Streeters. Ace placed seven more titles in the Top Ten to 'Pledging My Love' at 1 and 'Anymore' at 7 in , those posthumously as Ace's career was among the briefest in the music industry: Ace had been fond of guns, delighting in such as shooting at road signs.

But on Christmas Day of he pointed a pistol he didn't think was loaded at his head, goofing around, and pulled the trigger. He was only 25 years of age.

Easy to build too, with fast circuit board construction Kit AA , 11 lbs. Output impedance: 4 through 16 ohm. Damping factor: 50 or better.

Hum and noise: Phono: dB. Tuner: Total harmonic distortion at Full Output :. Ground Terminal: 1. Triple Phono Input Sockets. The result is stereo performance that is thoroughly impressive in every respect.

The amplifier delivers an honest 15 watts per channel and has output impedances from 4 to 16 ohms -more than enough to drive any reasonably efficient speaker system. Frequency response is virtually flat from 12 Hz to 60 kHz. The FM stereo tuner portion boasts 5 uV sensitivity and 27 dB channel separation. The BSR turntable has many performance features Easy to build, a pleasure to listen to Kit AD , 41 lbs.

With its solid walnut sliding tambour door closed the AD is a quietly impressive and it will play with piece of furniture the door either open or closed. Antenna input impedance: ohms, balanced input. Sensitivity: 5 uv. Hum dB from 6 Noise: dB, watt reference. Audio frequency response: Mono: 0 to 20 to 15, Hz.

AM Suppression: dB. Amplifier Section: Continuous power output: 10 watts per channel. Music power output: 15 watts per channel. Tope output impedance: ohms. Auxiliary: dB. Power bandwidth: 5 Hz to 90 kHz. Input Sensitivity: Aux. Channel Separation: 45 dB or better at Hz. Record size: 7 "; 10 ", or 12 ". Wow: Less than 0. Flutter: Less than 0. Coleridge type: Shure model M44 Stylus: 0. Tracking pressure: 1. Plus 7. Net weight: 29 lbs. Heathkit "17" -. Heath engineers took the top rated AA solid -state stereo amplifier, matched it with the precision BSR McDonald Automatic Turntable, and put both these able performers in a handsome walnut cabinet.

The 17 transistor, 6 diode amplifier delivers 15 watts music power per channel -more than ample to drive any Frequency response is reasonably efficient speaker system. Tuner and auxiliary inputs allow the addition of stereo FM and tape recording later if you wish. It's attractively styled in smoke gray see -through plastic with walnut sides to match the AD Tape output impedance: dB. Hum a noise: Phono: dB.

Power Input K. K impedance: Input bandwidth: 5 Hz to 90 kHz. Record Size: 7 ", 10 ", or 12 ". Cartridge Type: Shure Magnetic. Tracking Pressure: 3 to 5 grams. Dimensions: Overall 21'4" W x 8'. Net Weight:. Real stereo performance from a console requires real stereo components the kind people buy individually to custom-design their own system. The new Heathkit "Component Credenza" as the name implies, is designed around separate components integrated into a single,.

The amplifier portion of this excellent receiver produces a solid 30 watts of IHF music power not department store watts. The AR has been rated as the best value available in a medium power stereo receiver. This fine example of British craftsmanship Includes many features that are commonly found on very expensive turntables. Component -Quality Speaker Sys stems. The new AD cabinet houses two completely independent, ported speaker systems for sound reproduction comparable to that of systems of individual components.

Until now, if you wanted the sound of stereo that only separate components and lost the appealing effect of smartly could give, you bought them styled cabinetry. Now Heath offers an alternative, for those who appreciate both fine sound reproduction and craftsmanship in wood.

The New Heathkit "Component Credenza ". The result is the Heathkit "Component Credenza" sight and sound. AUDIO Magazine had this to say: "Although it's seldom the policy of this department to use superlatives in describing any individual piece of equipment, this is one time when it is possible to say that the unit in question is undoubtedly one of the best values encountered to date.

For where else can one obtain an FM- Stereo receiver at such a price? Frequency response extends to 60, Hz. Channel separation is excellent. The advanced transformerless output circuitry provides lower phase shift and lower distortion. A Balance control allows attenuation of either left or right channels to compensate for room acoustics. An Auxiliary input position on the Source switch enables you to play an external tape recorder, TV set etc.

The Adjustable Anti-Skate Control equalizes uneven side wall pressure in the record grooves for longer record and stylus life and for lower distortion. And the entire AD system can be turned on and off with the control on the A turntable. The entire system will turn off after the last record has been played. The Speaker Systems of the new Heathkit "Component Credenza" are especially designed for use with the electronics. Functioning as two independent speaker systems would in a system designed around components, the AD speaker systems are housed in two tuned port enclosures one at each end of the oak cabinet.

A capacitive crossover network ensures that only frequencies above Hz will be reproduced by the tweeter. Designed in Mediterranean motif and flawlessly executed in rich, dark oak with a full furniture finish, it will make a truly elegant addition to your living room, rec room or den. It is a fine example of cabinetmaking art, created by one of America's leading furniture manufacturers entirely of wood with no plastic or other material used.

The panels of the cabinet are of oak veneer on a solid wood base, and solid oak is used throughout for trim and decorative pieces. Rigidly braced, glued joints and corners, reinforced with wood screws contribute to its sturdy qualities compartment in. A handy front of the automatic turntable will house a number of records and the top glides effortlessly on spring loaded hinges.

For greater operating convenience, the new AD will perform with the top either open or closed. Antenna input impedance: ohm balanced input. Intermediate frequency watt reference, Audio frequency response: IF : Hum and noise: dB, dB from 20 to 15, Hz. Capture ratio: 4 dB. AFC Correction: kHz per volt. Separation: 27 dB at Hz. Tape output:. Tape output impedance: ohm. Hum and noise: Phono millivolt reference , dB without phono cartridge; dB with phono cartridge connected.

Auxiliary, dB. Power bandwidth: 12 Hz to 90 kHz. Input sensitivity: Phono, 4y, millivolts; Auxiliary, millivolts. Input impedance: Phono, 47 k ohm; Auxiliary k ohm. Bass: 15 dB cut and 14 dB boost at 50 Hz. Treble: 13 dB cut and 15 dB boost at 20, Hz. Speakers: Low frequency, 10" high -compliance with 8. Alnico V magnet. Crossover type: Capacitive. Frequency Alnico V magnet. Record size: 7 ", 10" or 12 ". Wow: Less than. Flutter: Less than. Fit Institute of High Fidelity Standards. A built -in Stereo Indicator light tells you when the station is transmitting in stereo.

The front panel Adjustable Phase Control allows you to adjust for best stereo separation and Automatic Frequency Control locks stations in, eliminates annoying drift. The pre -assembled, factory -aligned tuning unit makes assembly easy, and pulls in stations from far and near ,. For best stereo FM performance, attach an external FM antenna to the convenient terminals on the rear panel.

Filtered tape output jacks give you a beat -free taping source. And for stable, low noise operation, the power supply is electronically filtered.

The A plays all four speeds either manually or automatically with the interchangeable center spindles supplied, and comes complete with a famous Shure diamond stylus magnetic cartridge to insure top quality performance from your records. Many of the features of the automatic turntable are usually found only on very expensive units a Cue -Pause control that lets you select different bands, even different grooves of a record -especially handy for taping. And you can stop listening with just a touch of the lever and resume later at the.

Lifting the spring loaded hinged top reveals the neat, convenient control layout everything is easily in reach from a standing position. Note the handy record storage compartment in front. It's got a substantial woofer, midway between 6" and 14" -the proverbial "happy medium" that gives extended bass response with low distortion. The woofer has a 1 lb. Syntox 6 ceramic magnet. You can adjust the high frequency level by a variable control on the back panel.

The AS is compatible with many power ratings.. Assembly is easy; the illustrated manual gives step -by-step direction for mounting the speakers and crossover components and doing the wiring.

What do you get for your money? Good sound in a compact size with an attractive walnut -finished cabinet. Or spend even less and get the same fine system in an unfinished hardwood cabinet. Kit AS U, unfinished, 43 lbs. Impedance: 16 ohms. Recommended amplifier power: 10 to 40 watts.

Enclosure: Infinite baffle, sealed. Crossover: L -C network, Hz. Control: High frequency level. Buy two for superb stereo Kit AS , 22 lbs. Cro frequency: Hz. Power rating: Program material watts. Peak capacity watts. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms Speakers: Low frequency 6. Adjustable high frequency level control. New special design speakers 8" woofer with heavier, ceramic magnet; compression -type, exponential horn tweeter 12, Hz response New ruggedized satin walnut finish of polyester plastic stain, heat, and wear resistant- non -fading color Hz crossover High frequency balance control 25 watt power rating Preassembled cabinet Easy to assemble -just wire crossover network and.

Alnico magnet. Frequency range: 50 to 12, Hz. Crossover frequency: Hz. Power rating: 25 watts. Impedance: 8 ohm. Control: HF Balance. Finish: Walnut, satin finish, polyester plastic. Impedance: 8 ohms. Capacity: 12 watts. Enclosure: Rear vented box. Speaker: 6" x 9" extended range dual cone, 6. Alnico 5 magnet. Cabinet: Factory assem-. Recommended amplifier power: 6 watts.

Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. Cabinet: Type: infinite. Speakers: Tweeter, 3" cone type, 8 ohms,. Syntax No. Crossover: Capacitor. Frequency response: 15, Hz. Impedance: 3 ohm sources. Cord length: 8 ft. Frequency response: 20, Hz. Impedance: 4 to 16 ohm sources.

Cord: Coiled, 10', 4wire, 3- circuit plug. Controls: Dual concentric level control, speaker- headphone selec-. Recommended headphone impedance: 4 ohm or more. Cable length: 20 ft. The Heathkit AS is medium -priced, but its high efficiency and remarkable sound make it suitable for use with even the finest stereo components.

The 40 -watts of program material that it will handle, its high efficiency, and 8 ohm impedance make the AS compatible with practically any amplifier. A high frequency level control on the back of the fine walnut finish cabinet lets you modify the sound to suit just wire the your taste too.

Simple, one -evening assembly Hz LC -type crossover and the level control and mount the two speakers. All components mount from the front of the one -piece cabinet to insure an air tight cabinet seal, and the grille is removable for added convenience.

For excellent stereo reproduction at a reasonable cost, order two of these systems now. Frequency range: 45 Hz to 20 kHz. Crossover: LC type Hz. Power rating: 40 watts program material. Control: High Frequency Level. Cabinet: Damped reflex, tube -ported. Walnut veneer and furniture grade hardwoods, oiled finish.

Net weight: 37 lbs. The Heathkit AS is an extraordinary bookshelf system that will easily outperform anything in its price class by a wide margin, thanks to the custom -designed JBL speakers and famous Heathkit engineering. Clean, lifelike highs come from the 2" JBL direct radiator. The AS will handle up to 50 watts of program material -your assurance of distortion -free listening at any level.

And the three position high frequency level control lets you adjust the highs to your liking. Assembles easily in just an hour or two just wire the high frequency level control and the Hz crossover and mount the two speakers. All components mount from the front of the classic, one -piece pecan finish damped reflex, tube -ported cabinet. For the finest in home stereo reproduction, choose two of these AS systems now.

Frequency range: , Hz. Crossover: LC -type, Hz. Power rating: 50 watts program material. Control: Three -position high frequency level control. Oak veneer and furniture grade hardwoods, pecan finish. Net weight: 42 lbs. Buy two of these surprising performers for stereo. Crossover Frequency: Hz. Power Rating: Program 8. Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms. Speakers: Low frequency material watts.

Peak capacity D. Control: HF balance. Model AS , 15 lbs Power rating: 40 watts.

Vintage Album LP Record The Ink Spots "4 of a Kind" Mid Century Graphics Orange Vinyl luola. From shop luola. 5 out of 5 stars (1,) Etta James, ‘At Last!’ Album Vinyl LP Record Framed and Ready to Hang, Gift, Lp display, Record Frame but you haven't confirmed your address. Register to confirm your address.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Yellow Clear Vinyl Vinyl release of 4 Of A Kind on Discogs. Label: Venise - • Format: Vinyl LP, Album Yellow Clear Vinyl • Country: US • Genre: Pop • Style: Vocal4/5(1).
  2. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about The Ink Spots - 4 Of A Kind at Discogs. Complete your The Ink Spots collection/5(6).
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of 4 Of A Kind on Discogs. Label: Venise - • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Pop • The Ink Spots - 4 Of A Kind (Vinyl /5(3).
  4. The Ink Spots were an American vocal jazz group who gained international fame in the s and s. Their unique musical style presaged the rhythm and blues and rock and roll musical genres, and the subgenre Ink Spots were widely accepted in both the white and black communities, largely due to the ballad style introduced to the group by lead singer Bill Vocal jazz, doo-wop.
  6. Vintage Album LP Record The Ink Spots "4 of a Kind" Mid Century Graphics Orange Vinyl luola. From shop luola. 5 out of 5 Vinyl Album Ink Spots Sing Stardust Vol 3, Original Pressing, LP Album, Mono/High Fidelity, Unspecified Year, One Owner Please enter a valid email address.
  7. Explore releases from the Venise label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Venise releases.
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  9. Release Date: 10/09/ bona fide members of the original Ink Spots sing their hits in remastered stereo/hi-fi the Ink Spots disbanded in , since then many singers have used the name - most with sketchy or no connections whatsoever to the group. What makes this compact disc authentic and important are.

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